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    Other Worlds

    by , 05-17-2011 at 08:29 PM (1170 Views)
    Been awhile, I typed out a load of dreams yesterday but then was signed out. I'm just gonna summarise these dreams and not write in too much detail.

    Awake Non-Lucid Vivid Lucid

    I'm in a dark corridor. The only source of light is a small window to my left. The air feels thick and strange, which makes me RC. My finger refuses to go through my palm, so I breathe through my nose instead.

    Lucid. I open up the window and crouch on the ledge. Below is my school astro. The drop is high and about three stories high. I gulp down my fear and throw myself out. I land without any pain. I run, but can't seem to run fast.

    On the astro there's groups of people and a game is declared. We've to steal the other teams energy. I play for awhile, until it becomes apparent that the game is very dangerous. I start to feel my strength dying away with each touch from the other team.

    I notice a creepy man on the other team watching me. I run towards a small wooden shack in an attempt to evade him. I begin to really panic. Inside there's another window. I can't reach it though, it's too high up. I scramble against the side of the shack, but can't reach. Eventually the man comes and hits me over the head, knocking me out.

    I wake up, feeling drowsy. I'm lying on my side on a hard metal floor, my wrists tied behind my back and my ankles tied. I'm also gagged. The room has a red light cast to it, and there appears to be stairs at the walls and multiple floors, though everything's metal and there's no windows.

    There's a circle on the floor, which I think opens up. I keep note of this in case I need it.

    A girl appears. She's small and blonde. I realise it's Katie, back again. She laughs and says I gave her the perfect oppurtunity. I don't know what she's talking about... Until her features morph into mine. I feel my face change, and I assume I now look like her. I try to shout past the cloth in my mouth, but only manage pathetic moans. Katie winks and walks away.

    As soon as she's out, two doors set into a wall open up and out falls the twins, who I met in the City of Spires. They quickly untie me, and I nod my thanks. An alarm rings, and I realise in astonishment that we're in a space shuttle. Guards storm into the room. One of the twins hit a button and the circle on the floor opens up.

    "C'mon! Jump!" They shout over the roar of the engine. I'm terrified as I stare wide-eyed at Jupiter below. Of course it's Jupiter... Asher said that's where he lives. Fuck... What am I doing here?

    It's so far away. But the twins grab me and then throw all three of us out. I fall so fast that everything blurs and I can't see anything, but the twins direct our path.

    I crash full force through the cieling of a building, landing heavily. The wind is knocked out of me. Eventually I open my eyes and gasp in amazement. I'm lying on a white floating rock. One of many, as the air is littered with them, each various heights and sizes. The room is huge and dome shaped, with white-washed walls.

    I notice Asher and Katie -who still looks like me- on a rock not too far away. Asher turns and glares in complete hatred.

    "It's me! Looks at her, that's not me! She's Katie!" He reluctantly looks at Katie, and at first I don't think he believes me. Then his eyes narrow and he jumps back defensively.

    Katie's head whips toward me and she hisses, baring her teeth. Then with blinding speed she leaps into the air and flies into me. She tears at me with her nails and teeth like an animal, but I push her away and we land on seperate rocks. I look to Asher, but he stands calmly watching. This is my own fight, then.

    I fly up higher, Katie following. I fly and grab her, clinging on, pummelling her with my fists. I fly faster, and soon she starts trying to escape my grasp. I smash her full force through a wall of the dome.

    Catching my breath, I settle onto a rock, shaken. I pass out.

    I wake up again, in a bed. It takes awhile, but eventually I get up. I figure I'm in another space shuttle, from the red light and the metal structure. I find myself back in a room with the opening floor. I find the twins there, sitting staring out the hole and eating.

    They smile, and I grin back in relief. They pull me into a quick group hug, then I gaze back at Jupiter. I see other shuttles splattered around and above it, so I guess this is where the people live. We're closer this time, so I can make out individual buildings, though I can also see the planet as a whole.

    We jump, and they direct me to a stadium filled with people. I float in the centre, wondering what people are doing. It looks like a celebration or a festival.

    Asher swoops up to join me. I smile, but he looks concerned.

    "You shouldn't be here, you didn't get rid of her y'know. This is dangerous." he murmers quietly.

    "Well I wasn't exactly safe on Earth was I." I mutter back. I feel guilty when I see the hurt cross his face.

    An alarm sounds. Fuck. People shout and the same blue guards from the first shuttle fly overhead. Asher grabs my hand, but I feel myself fading.


    "Are you sure you know what to do? You're important you know that?"

    I sit on the edge of a riverbank, chin on my knees. The Leader of the Sea Creatures is beside me. He looks pretty much human, except he has crab legs instead of human ones. Every other member of the group has some for of water creatures features, except me. I'm look entirely human.

    My job is to sneak into the Land Creatures base -our enemies- and destroy their eggs. Eggs are very valuble, as there are few and hard to come by for new members of each group. We have six, we don't know how many they have.

    "I know what to do."

    I was chosen for this job because no human -except me, a rare case- looks just human except Land Creatures. I also have both attack and defend powers. Usually a creature only has one type of power.

    [Dreamskip] I'm in their base, a large room filled with Land Creatures. My skin crawls, and I think I might throw up from nerves. No one gives me a second glance though. I turn invisible and keep a distance from the ones with fur because they can smell the salt on my skin, a feature of a Sea Creature.

    There's a blonde young man shouting instructions to different groups of Land Creatures. He looks just human, no animalistic features. Each person has a band around them, yellow for defence and blue for attack. Shit, I don't have a band, and my energy that's keeping up my invisibility is running out.

    The room empties and I'm left alone. I become visible again and I see a barred door. Grinning, I try to get through. No luck, it needs a keycard.

    "What are you doing?"

    I spin around. The blonde guy is standing, arms crossed. "You don't have a band." He says. Shit. My mind races. There's a keycard attatched to his belt. How can I get that?

    I get closer. "Do I seem like an attack... or a defence?" I say winking, running a hand across his shoulders. He leans closer.

    "I... can't tell. That's... interesting." He leans forwards. I snatch the card and using my high-speed, knee him in the balls and make a run for it.


    I stand, the shovel in my hands. I'm in a small area, the sun beating down on me. Wired fences block us in. Dead grass shoots up in random parts, the rest is gravel. I stare at the sun until my eyes seem to hurt, then look down. I keep digging.

    "This is your fault." I snarl to the guy next to me. He takes offence and argues. "This would never have happened if it weren't for you! YOU made him punish us."

    "You don't understand" he says. "We're free people. He enslaved us. We don't belong here." His eyes are fierce, and I notice something familiar in them, but forget it after a moment. His hair is red and short, he has lots of freckles.
    (The guy from the time I was thrown into the cell. Just didn't recognize him!)

    "We belong to him!" I snarl. But I get back to digging, because the guards stand with guns and we're not supposed to talk.

    The guy throws down his shovel in a rage. "I'm sick of this shit." He hisses. "I'm done with this, we are NOT his property!"

    I shrink back as the guards rush up to him and beat him down with their guns. They grab his arms and drag him bloody over the gravel into a building. He fights back, eyes wild and blood gushing over his face, but no one tries to help him. He's thrown into the building and the doors closed shut tight. For a minute everyone stares, then we mindlessly continue digging, occasionally staring at the sun.


    It's lunchtime. My friends and I wander into Steven's the bakers, chattering amongst ourselves. We line up without trouble.

    A chubby blonde woman appears and asks what we want and I watch in amusement as she quickly forgets what my friends ordered. People start to roll their eyes and mutter. She asks what I'd like.

    "Steak bridie please, and a chocolate fudge muffin."

    She goes to the oven, but stands mortified. "A London bridie you said you wanted?"

    "Uhhh... No, a steak and a chocolate fudge muffin."

    Her head whips around and the counter disappears. The lights grow dark and the room expands. Everyone suddenly becomes bone-skinny, and starts cackeling like witches and dancing around in a frightening manner. I sit down and shut my eyes tight.

    "Everyone!" Booms the woman in her sharp witch voice. I hear shrieks. "Guess... who is the odd one out."

    I shudder, but keep my eyes closed. A finger lands on me. "You." She whispers. A chill runs down my spine at the sound of her voice. "Happen to be the only one, who is asleep."

    I freeze for a moment, not understanding her words.
    Then I do, and wake up.

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    1. pepsibluefan's Avatar
      Wow, that is quiet lengthy dream wise. Glad you got lucid in some of that. Great read.
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