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    by , 04-22-2011 at 10:52 AM (1085 Views)
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    I'm walking down a hill. Everything's very vivid. It's sunny, which is hot on my skin, and I need to narrow my eyes to see properly. I continue trudging down the hill until I get to the bottom.

    I stop. There's a small villiage in front of me. The floor of it is made of small white stones, and there's a lake beyond. There are small boats between the houses. Is this Carvahall?

    I become semi-lucid as I think of Eragon and how it's a book. This must be a dream. I forget to RC and stabillise, but I know for certain I'm dreaming.

    I slowly walk forwards. Carvahall isn't like this in the book. It's a northern villiage where it's cold. There's no lake beyond, but a river, and they're farmers, not fishermen.

    Oh well... It's still nice to be here. I notice that one of the boats has turned into a small plane. I turn it back to a boat because I want to feel like I'm in ancient times.

    I walk up to a passerby and ask the name of the lake. He looks puzzled. "Why, it's Leona Lake of course!" Then picks up a net and walks away. I smile, because Leona Lake is next to Dras-Leona, not Carvahall. It appears my mind has put all of Alagaesia in one place. Looking beyond the lake I can see the Beor Mountains and a forest that is most likely Du Weldenvarden. Where the dwarves and the elves live.

    Hey, maybe Eragon is here! I walk through the villiage until I think I find him. He's heading toward Leona Lake, a frown on his face. He's carrying both a shortsword and a longsword. I sneak up behind him, flip around him and grab both the swords. Then I throw the longsword back at him, hoping for a duel.

    He doesn't look impressed. Apparently he's going across Leona Lake to find a captured friend. It's dark now, and there are loads of stars. I offer to join him. He looks suspicious for a moment, but then agrees.

    I lose my lucidity whilest staring in amazement at the stars. He points to one of the larger ones and says that his friend is in that direction, so we begin to follow the star. Instead of travelling around the lake, we just get in and swim right through. I can't help thinking that this is so bizarre.

    [Dreamskip] We're across the lake and walking up one of the hills that lead to the forest. We find some headstones, but this doesn't feel right. We glance at eachother, and pull out our swords. A moment later, dwarves jump out screaming.

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      That's really awesome! I love those books.
    2. Raspberry's Avatar
      So do I I'm about 2 thirds of the way through re-reading Eldest, so it must have bleeded through. Hell yeah!