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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 04-02-2011 at 11:51 AM (498 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid

    I'm in a plane, but it is an open planned one with no seats. My brother is here too, with several other people. We are being given orders to destroy the "zombie" parasites that are spreading across the world.

    Throughout the speech, we discover one is in our midst. I stay to the sidelines as the others attack her. She teleports around the plane, killing off members of our team. She looks entirely human, but snarls and spits, looking mad and frightening. Eventually, someone cuts her down.

    I discover it is only my brother and I left. He curses, swearing that he will get revenge.

    [Dreamskip] We are in a dank, filthy room. I hear a slow drip of water echoing throughout, and the grey tiled walls and floor stretch out. I don't walk along to discover what is in here. There are pipes everywhere.

    I turn a corner to see that my brother has found one. He's tied it to a counter. "I will get revenge." He hisses through clenched teeth.

    I stand and watch as he grabs the parasite's hand, who appears to be a young man in his mid-twenties, and slowly crushes a finger. The parasite screams and wriggles about, trying to break free. My brother slowly crushes the other fingers, and eventually the rest of his hand. I continue to watch with a blank expression, though inside the screaming chills me.

    After crushing his other hand, my brother reaches up, takes the parasite's head between his hands, and squeezes. Blood runs through his fingers, and when he lets go, there is only a bloody mush left behind. Feeling sick, I turn away and continue along the room.

    My brother catches up to me, panting a little. "There must be a way they can move locations so quickly." I agree. At the end of a room we find a wardrobe. We glance at eachother, and nodding for him to get ready, I swiftly slide open the doors.

    They jam, leaving a gap. I quickly glance in, but there is nothing but junk inside. My brother scoffs, and turns to leave. "Wait." I say. I climb into the cupboard, tripping over the mass of objects inside, and find that the far wall is a mirror. But the mirror is blank. My brother follows me in. We walk into the mirror.

    It takes us to my gran's house. This fills me with apprehension, as I realise they have been in her house, and that they may be the reason she is sick.

    It's early morning, and she is most likely sleeping. My brother holds a finger to his lips, and silently as we can, we look around the room to see if we can find anything. At the back of the tv, we find a sleeping bag. My eyes narrow, and I decide to look upstairs. My brother keeps looking around the living room.

    I slowly go to the spare bedroom. My eyes dart around, trying to spot any hiding parasite's, but finding nothing. I peel back the covers of the bed, and jump back as a bat swings for my hand. Panting a little from shock, I see that there are two mechanical metal bats attatched to the end of the bed. They begin to swing and hit the bed from side to side rhythmically.

    I see that when they detect movement, they are designed to break a person's legs, and keep hitting them until their legs are destroyed, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Steadying myself, I grab a bat as it swings down. Clenching my teeth, I strain as I push the bat the other way until it breaks and stops moving. I do the same to the other.

    Just as I put the covers over it, my gran comes in. She is shocked, but delighted to see me. She goes downstairs to see my brother.

    A certain parasite must have placed something in her room to make her sick. I go through, looking around for any traps. Seeing nothing, I stand on her bed and look onto her wardrobe. There are wrist bands up there, and... a playing card. I grab them, and study them, though nothing appears to be wrong. My grandad comes in, and says that they are his. He talks about a book I should read, and then leaves.

    I go back downstairs with only the playing card. For some reason the card gives me a sense of dread. I look around for my brother, but he has disappeared. I look at the last place I saw him -behind the tv- but he is not there.

    I am about to turn away, when I spot something there. Leaning down, I pick up another card.

    Feeling truely fearful, I think that he is one of them.

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