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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 03-01-2011 at 11:28 PM (362 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid

    I'm walking down a street I take on my route to school. I stroll along, lost in my thoughts. Arron comes out of nowhere and says "Hey, I'll walk with you. Give me a minute while I get something, ok?" I nod, and follow him into his house. I look around. It's open and very white. Suddenly I feel quite awkward, being alone in his house with him, since I know how flirty he can get.

    I relax when someone comes in. It's a friend of Arron's although I swear I've met him before.
    (Never met this guy IRL, just a random DC) "I know you!" I smile. He sees me and grins.

    "Yeah! We spoke at the party a few nights ago! Fancy meeting you here."

    I completely forget about school, and the guys grab some food and we head to Arron's room. I lounge on a stool, and the guy introduces himself as Josh. He's rather hot, and I keep catching his eye. The door opens, and more friends of Arron's come in. I realise suddenly that I've missed three periods of school.

    I find myself in my school's main corridor. It's pretty much empty of people, so I sit down. Rochelle comes in and says we're going on a P.E trip. She doesn't seem concerned that I've missed my mornings lessons. We walk into the PE changing rooms. Everyone has giant suitcases full of clothes, and the room slopes downwards.

    I realise I have nothing to wear, and my moany teacher is shouting at me to hurry up. Mumbling under my breath, I ask someone if I can borrow some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. I rummage through their suitcase and pull on clothes that are far too big.

    The room slopes again sharply and I find myself rolling downwards and hitting the wall. My teacher shouts at me to get a move on but I can't make it up the slope, the flooring has become smooth which makes it difficult to get a grip.

    Eventually I make it up and hurry along with the rest of the girls. My dad turns up, and we watch a very scary rollercoaster pass just above our heads. There's a t.v under it, which we stop to watch. Apparently some people are giving their views on the rollercoaster. I notice one of the girls is Emma Watson. She has very blonde, volumous hair and far too much make-up on.

    The beginning was the best bit, although it was a very mundane dream which pretty much sucked

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