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    Raspberry's Second Life

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    by , 09-05-2010 at 10:20 AM (406 Views)
    Dream fragment, I'm sure there was more but I just can't remember it...

    I'm scrolling through Youtube, and I see a girl with purple hair. The title is "This Is My Life". Then underneath it says "2001 01:13 2009" which I take a second to wonder about, but dismiss.

    I click on the video, a girl appears on the screen. She's sitting on a ledge. One leg is dangling over and she's hugging the other close to her chest. She looks straight at me and says "You are the recepietent of much evil, you just need to channel it." at that point I saw energy pulsing through her, and I knew she was directing it.

    I woke up thinking; "What. The. Fuck...

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    non-lucid , dream fragment