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    Switch - Good and Evil/Stalker/Transformation

    by , 10-20-2010 at 12:50 AM (594 Views)
    September 19th 2010

    Switch - Good and Evil

    Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

    I realise, there's a switch on my right hand. It isn't actually there, but I can feel it with my fingers. It slides, obviously analogue. I wonder what it does?

    There are trees around me, along with what looks like shops. I slide the switch over to the left. Everything brightens, lines are smoother, people smile at me. I slide it to the right. My vision smudges, lines darken, the smiles drop off of their faces as quickly as they came. I set it back to normal.

    I realise I have a job to do, but I can't remember what. There's a wall to my right, too high to climb. I run up it instead, and peer over. The drop below is much further than what I ran. If I fall, I die. But there are ledges, suspended over the space. Large, muscular men guard them. How can I get past?

    I slowly turn the switch to the right, but not all the way. Everything darkens again. As soon as I jump down to the first ledge, one of the men grabs me, snarling, and throws me off. I don't die, I don't even hit the ground. In fact, I'm exactly where I was before, crouching over the edge of the wall. I flick the switch to the left. The men let me jump from ledge to ledge, although some look like they're thinking off throwing me off. I feel like i'm in a videogame.

    When I get to the floor, I don't take very much in. There's a sofa that I walk to, and see my friend sitting there.
    I become slightly lucid, and flick the switch all the way to the left. My friend grabs a sheet of paper and draw a light sketch of wings on it. What does she mean? I fly onto the wall again, and face the forest. I flick the switch all the way to the right.

    Instantly, I wish I hadn't. Every outline is dark and smudged, the world turns grey, there are shadows everywhere. It's as if I've entered a nightmare. The beautiful forest goes up in flames. People are marching out of it, screaming at me, holding weapons. I forget the switch and run.


    For some reason there's a shop under my school. I walk down the dark, damp passageway leading up to it, I really hope it isn't some scary cellar. But luckily, when I get there, it's not. There are clothes everywhere. I remember I needed to buy boots for the winter, and head to the shoe section. After getting rather bored, and getting sick of looking at leather, I quickly go into a changing room to change.

    When I get out, I'm wearing a silky pink, strapless dress that goes down to above the knee. I wear dark pink heels to match. For some reason, I can't walk very well in them
    (which is odd because I can walk fine in heels. Practice makes perfect, right!?) . I budge past the people blocking my way and head out a door opposite the one I came through. I'm in a theatre!

    The seats are slanted as they go up so everyone can see. But at a very steep angle. I'm so high up that if I get out of my seat wrong, imma die. I literally need to curve my legs under me to hop onto the floor from my seat. Somehow, whiles i'm puzzling over this, the show ends.

    [Dream skip - A few minutes] I'm back in my normal clothes (jeans and t-shirt) and i'm walking home. Ethan calls me from behind. Shit. This guy pretty much stalks me
    (I'm being serious guys, LOL ) . I don't say anything. Goddammit, why am I still wearing these heels? I can't get away from him fast enough. He gets pissed off pretty fast and pulls out a bow and a sheath of arrows. Because he's so hardcore...

    I notice he's got a "friend" up ahead who's done the same thing. Now they're trying to shoot me. I kick off the stupid heels and run for it. Somehow I'm faster than usual, but there's still a chance I get hit. Luckily, I don't.


    Note: This one really creeped me out. I woke up with a really awful feeling because it was a late REM stage so it was vivid too. Basically, I watched a really sweet girl turn into this evil blood-thirsty monster. Like nothing you've ever seen before. Go watch the recent Starwars Sith thingy and you'll understand.

    For some reason, I think my room is a pirate ship. And it's the room in my old house, which I haven't been in for three years. I'm in my "ship" when a innocent looking, blonde girl comes in. She's smaller than me, with deep blue eyes and shoulder length hair, with a full fringe. She looks unhappy for some reason. She tells me that she needs to save her mother. That her mum's been taken and she needs to get her back. Her name is Kate. I tell Kate to come back tomorrow, and we'll go get her mother.

    [Dream skip - The next day] I'm in the ship, when Kate swings in (literally, on a piece of rope hanging from the hall outside. Don't ask me why ). She's got black eyeliner on, and has gelled her fringe back. She's enthusiastic, which is good. We get going.

    To move the "ship" we sway from side to side. I watch the ship from third person but can still feel my body. We go down my street and onto the road. Kate shouts at me a couple of times because apparently I'm steering wrong.

    [Dream skip - Unknown] We're close to where Kate's mother is. She's slowly changing. Her hair is now long, and dark auburn in colour. Her eyes are turning a brownish shade. Shadows are lining her eyes. We don't speak. I don't trust her.

    We're walking along a meadow, in the middle of a forest. Suddenly, Kate turns to me. She screams that I've led her to the wrong place. That I'm trying to kill her. Her body keels over, and she starts retching. I think she's going to be sick. Her chest puffs up, and suddenly, hair is coming out her throat. It's still attatched to something inside her. She grabs a knife from her belt and hacks at it furiously. When she's finished, she grins at me, evily. I have the feeling she might try to kill me in the most brutal way possible. Her hair is now shorter, and spikey. Her eyes are red.

    Something rustles in the bushes. She does a backflip and stabs something. She drags him out of the bushes and laughs as she stabs him again and again. I stare in horror. What has happened to her? She's out of control.

    [Dream skip - Unknown] I'm sitting, alone, in my ship/room. I can't get over what a monster Kate is. I still see her red eyes and sharpened teeth. Blood splashed over her, with a mad glint in her eye. I seek knowledge to how this happened. Instantly, a voice in my head tells me to look to the Corners, the Shadows. I do. I look at the shadow and corners of my ship, and hear a voice.

    The voice tells me she is a lost soul. That she always has been, I just didn't see it at first. In my mind, he replays our first meeting. I stand, watching myself and Kate talk. Now I notice the way she stands. Close, uptight, analyzing everything I say. Calculating. But from my first glance, she was just someone who needed help.

    Then as she swings into the ship. I thought she was enthusiastic, now I know all she wanted was blood. She was after everything and anything out there. She probably lied about her mother. She was always the murdering psychopath, I just hadn't seen it. It was all a disguise. I watch as she slowly reveals her true form. I watch her eyes slightly darken everyday, the shadows around them grow more prominant, her teeth sharpen to points.

    Finally, the Shadow leaves me to dwell on these thoughts.

    I look up, and her eyes are set on my. Blood is dripping from her finger tips. I know her secrets, now I have to die.

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