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    01/17/13 Graffiti on the Great Wall of China

    by , 01-18-2013 at 01:10 AM (1884 Views)

    Great Wall Graffiti
    I fly to the moon in my Fire Valkyrie as described in my hypnosis program. I land and wait for the dream to stabilize before focusing on what I want to do. I remember I had been planning on doing one of the tasks of the year from DV. The task, "China (Asia) - Vandalize the Great Wall of China. Defend yourself against authorities using Kung Fu." I have decided to graffiti the Great Wall of China. This is the only plan that comes to mind at this time, so I focus on a portal to get to some part of the Great Wall of China. The portal opens and I go through. On the other side I find I am standing near the base of the Great Wall.

    It is an impressive structure, and there is plenty of room for my graffiti. So I think about what I want to leave there… I decide that since multiple dreamers will be trying to get to the Great Wall, maybe I can leave a message… something simple. I get some spray paint out and create some rather decorative graffiti that reads, "YOU ARE DREAMING!" It takes a surprisingly short time, and I remember the other part of the challenge… to fight off the authorities using martial arts. But no authorities have arrived. I decide to take some more time to wait for them, so I add another message a short distance along the wall. This one reads, "QUESTION REALITY!" in big block letters. Where are the authorities? Isn't someone going to tell me to stop? Bored, I spray the symbol of the Assassins from Assassin's Creed.

    No one comes. I add the words, "NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED." beside the symbol. No one comes. I am now thinking of all the other ways I could be using this lucid dream. Will this even count without the authorities showing up? Maybe I should get a phone, call, and report myself… Then I see there is someone watching me! Yay! Someone to beat up! But they don't look like authorities… and I don't think they really care that I'm putting graffiti all over the Great Wall of China. When I get closer I see they are Templars. Great. Will it count if I beat up a bunch of Templars using martial arts? One of them says I have something they want back, and unless I want to lose something I care about I will return it immediately. I can't remember stealing anything from the Templars, but I want to trigger a fight. So I tell them to come take it from me. They attack me. I find I can fight with the skill of Ziva David off of NCIS, kicking each of their asses as they close in on me to attack.

    One of them is shooting at me, but I remember that I am supposed to use only martial arts… so I go for cover behind a rock and then suddenly jump from behind it to attack the shooter as he gets closer. I kick the gun from his hand and then kick him in the groin, which is clearly very painful. Others are shooting at me, too. But one of them says no shooting, they might hit the device. I don't know what device they mean, but it results in them not using their guns any more. So I kick the rest of their asses in typical Ziva David style, walking away from them as they are on the ground either in pain or unconscious. I don't think I killed anyone, but that is ok… as long as they're hurt… I look back at the graffiti on the Great Wall of China. Still no authorities have arrived. Just Templars. If it counts, great, if not, I'll do it again later. I wake up.
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    1. LiamDreamer's Avatar
      Wow - sounds like you have some quality dreams. If only we could write messages to each other and share dreams, that would be awesome.
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    2. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by LiamDreamer
      Wow - sounds like you have some quality dreams. If only we could write messages to each other and share dreams, that would be awesome.
      I have actually had shared dreams first with my ex boyfriend, then with a couple other people on DV... WakingNomad mostly, Man of Shred, WarriorTiger... confirmed when we posted independently and the two dreams matched, though I haven't had much luck with that lately. I was actually hoping that someone attempting the task of the year might find my messages on the Great Wall of China. Maybe, maybe not, but it would be cool if someone does!
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Nice work! I especially love the graffiti messages you chose. Can't wait to try this Task of the Year myself!
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