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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    10/12/10 Powers Off, Witchblade On

    by , 10-15-2010 at 02:54 AM (599 Views)
    Note: This dream is much more fragmented than the first one of the night, I'm not sure why that is, I'm not even sure how I became lucid in it. So while it isn't entirely connected in my mind, here are the parts I remember… from what I remember it seemed that I was having problems focusing my energy…

    I was in a place I didn't recognize very well, somehow I was lucid, though I felt quite disoriented considering the fact I was lucid… I looked around to see if I could identify the place and I saw I wasn't alone there, there was a woman there with me, she looked familiar, was it Asuka? What was Asuka doing out here on her own? Of course I didn't know exactly where 'here' was, so for I could be certain of I was in MoSh's inner world… or MoSh might be in the area, Asuka might be out with MoSh… or maybe she was infected… So I did a scan of Asuka's energy to see if she might be infected, just to be sure she was ok, and I found out it wasn't Asuka, but before I could recognize who she was, I felt disoriented from looking at her so I pulled back out. I didn't sense any hostility from her, so I thought she might have a connection to why I was there. I went over closer to her to find out what was going on, it seemed the closer I got to her, the more disoriented I felt. I resisted that, tried to stabilize the dream, and it seemed to work some… so I asked the woman what was going on. I wasn't hearing her very clearly, either, it sounded like her voice was coming from a long way away. She said something about a demon attacking a friend of hers, ok, so there was a demon who needed his or her ass kicked. No problem there, or it shouldn't be. I asked here where the demon was, but before she answered my memory faded out and I am missing time there…

    When my memory resumes I was in a different place, I could tell the surroundings were different, but once again I was having problems focusing on anything. I still felt disoriented, and I saw the woman was there with me, but the two of us weren't alone. There was a demon right near me, and that seemed to be an immediate problem, as he was attacking me. Witchblade formed into armor and a sword, so I was able to block his attack, which came in the form of him trying to slice me vertically in half with a massive sword… I blocked it with my Witchblade sword. The demon was about twice as tall as me and much more muscular, but Witchblade compensated by adding to my strength. My feet were digging into the ground as the demon tried to force the sword down through my Witchblade sword, epic fail. I focused on Battery to strike him from above with a bolt of lightning powered by light energy, also an epic fail. Wtf? Why hadn't the spell worked? That didn't make any sense… but what did make sense was that even though Witchblade would not break and my strength would not give out, I was about halfway underground by now… the ground wasn't as strong as I was… I used the strength of Witchblade and the tendrils of Witchblade to flip the demon over my head onto his back, allowing me to get out of the hole I was in.

    Now that I was standing on solid ground again, I was wanting to know why my song spell hadn't worked, it is one of the spells I use most frequently, so could the demon have been prepared for it? Been prepared to block it? Maybe… I was about to move in and attack the demon again when a second demon passed between the first demon and me, slamming into the ground hard enough to make a crater… the woman I had seen earlier followed close behind the demon, seeming to be enjoying herself… which was another sign that she wasn't Asuka, since I have never seen Asuka actually enjoy a fight… She seemed to have that demon well in hand, so I turned my attention back to the demon I was fighting, but I found that again I was getting disoriented, and my memory faded for a bit…

    Next I was being pinned to the ground by the demon I had been fighting, he was trying to run his sword through me, trying to impale me to the ground, but thanks to my Witchblade, his attempt was an epic fail. So now I had the perfect chance to turn the tables, he seemed really frustrated about the shell that had formed around me that seemed to be impenetrable… so I moved my arm so it was pointing at the demon's chest and extended the Witchblade into a sword, which ended up working a lot like a really long and big hidden blade, in that the demon now found himself impaled on my sword rather than the other way around. He had a really shocked look on his face, I don't think he had been expecting any kind of a response from me let alone that sword from nowhere. The demon spat up blood all over me, which was extremely disgusting, I cut Witchblade from the left side of his chest through to his right shoulder, nearly severing his head, and soaking myself with even more blood… gross… then I shoved him off of me and got up. On the ground, the demon twitched a couple more times and then was still.

    The woman I had seen earlier came over towards me, she called me Raven, indicating she knew me, and asked if I was ok. I said after a shower I would be fine, a really long shower… I looked at the grossness dripping off of me and I was wondering how people in games and movies seem to stay so clean most of the time… The woman came closer to me, and I identified that it seemed to be her that was making me disoriented, because as she approached, I once again became disoriented. I heard her voice as if from a long distance, saying someone was ok, but might need healing, she was saying something else that I couldn't understand… And then she changed form into something, I tried to focus on what she had changed into, but I couldn't focus clearly…

    She had said someone needed healing, so I asked who needed healing, and where they were. The woman… in an alternate form that I couldn't clearly see… led me a short distance to where there was another young woman. I could sense some dark energy in her, she didn't seem to really badly infected, but I was wondering if my song spells would work now. I focused on using Touch My Heart on her, and I found that this spell was also an epic fail. What the hell? I used Witchblade to draw dark energy out of the woman and I replaced it with light energy using the white shard on my Witchblade. It looked like that should do the trick since she wasn't really badly infected. I still didn't like the fact my spells were becoming epic fails… I found that to be some cause for alarm, but I didn't have time to consider it before waking up.

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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      you are right when you said that her energy doesn't mix with yours. You noticed the same thing when she contacted you telepathically a few weeks ago when she began looking for me.
    2. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Ah and here is the play by play account I was searching for. I was trying to show you my animal form Raven... and you were not impressed (probably cuz you were confused). I knew we kicked demon ass, I knew there were two, I knew I absolutely enjoyed it. What I don't know is why I can't remember fighting dreams when I'm with you, but I get fragments of it. I get just as disoriented as you do. We should figure this out soon, I don't like not knowing.
    3. Raven Knight's Avatar
      MoSh seems to have a lot of trouble remembering me, too. I don't know why.