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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    12/22/12 Night Whispers

    by , 12-23-2012 at 12:24 AM (443 Views)

    Night Whispers
    I am on a beach like the one described in my hypnosis program that I fall asleep with. I am fully lucid. I am thinking I should find someplace where I am needed. So I trace out a circle in front of me and it becomes a portal. I step through the portal and into someone's bedroom. There is a kid in the bed sleeping, a boy that looks like he is about 15. There are several people standing around him, though they are not waking him up. They are leaning over his bed and whispering things in his ears. When I get close enough I hear that they are talking about death and murder. I ask them what they think they are doing. One of them looks up at me in surprise. I think he is surprised I can see him at all. I tell them to leave the boy alone. The one who looked up at me tells me not to mess with things I don't understand. I tell him we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but stop trying to put negative thoughts into the kid's head. The man says I have been warned, so now I will pay the price. All three of them approach me, I stand my ground. They transform into strange demonic creatures right in front of me. I summon a sword from my Witchblade. The demonic creatures seem to hesitate, I think they are surprised I am going to stand and fight them… then they attack me. I duck down and underneath a nasty looking sword as it is swung to remove my head. I use my sword to run the demon through and pump light energy into the thing. It burns up from the inside out, disappearing in a flash of white light. I barely respond quickly enough to block another attack coming from behind. I duck around and turn, taking out the other two demons quickly with my sword. I look back over at the boy in the bed. He hasn't even been awakened by all of the commotion. I think either he is the deepest sleeper I have ever seen or maybe I have been fighting in the astral plane, which is the only answer that really makes sense. I don't have a chance to check before I wake up.
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