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    Voices in the Night (a short fragment)

    by , 05-05-2017 at 04:51 AM (176 Views)
    2017, 05-04

    Voices in the Night

    I am lying in my own bed, completely unaware that I am dreaming. I am just lying there in the dark, but it feels like there is someone there with me in the dark. I stay still, I don’t really want to let whoever it is know that I am awake. I lie there for a bit longer and I think I am about to fall asleep when I hear a voice. It is a male voice speaking loud and clear, the voice also sounds like it might be mechanical or a recording, or maybe a digitally altered voice. It says the same thing three times in a row. “Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself. Go kill yourself.” I can also feel something in the room moving around in the darkness, I can’t really explain how, but I feel something there. And I become very angry at whoever or whatever is in the room with me. I respond to this anger by letting out a stream of expletives that is way beyond the words I am normally likely to use, focused mostly around the ‘F’ word. “[email protected]% off, you [email protected]%ers! [email protected]% you! Go [email protected]% yourself, you [email protected]%ing piece of [email protected]%! [email protected]% you and the [email protected]%ing horse you rode in on! Did your [email protected]%ing horse come up with this plan? It’s way too complicated for a [email protected]%ing idiot like you!” My cursing continued for a bit longer, repeating the part about telling them to go [email protected]% themselves. I can practically feel a presence of someone standing right beside my bed and moving around me, but then I wake up and all is normal.
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