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    by , 06-25-2017 at 11:24 PM (401 Views)
    I was at an orphanage. It was like I was watching a movie (this happens often. I wasn't one of the players). All the children were Thai. One was adopted. I forget
    if he or she was male or female - maybe that part just doesn't matter.
    Then, that one wanted to see his or her real mom. And then she showed up,
    with white skin that looked wrong, as if the Thai skin was dyed white. She looked
    like a monster. She looked like she was wearing a costume, someone
    else's skin. I interpreted this dream to be a vision for all mankind: those who don't
    believe in Jesus, who love evil and hate good, who have lust or greed, they are wearing
    a costume of evil, and they merely need to shed that second skin, take off that costume,
    and accept Jesus as their Savior and say goodbye to sin forever.

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