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    Log 3171 - WILD Wind and Dark Desert Camel Ride LDs

    by , 01-07-2024 at 08:15 PM (157 Views)
    Created Sunday 07 January 2024

    Got two short LDs today. Kinda flat considering all the insomnia I'd afflicted on myself, but it's something.

    Dream 1 - WILD Wind

    No visuals initially, though I gain some sight over time. WILD transition in bed, noted by the deafening sound of storm winds (actually just the ceiling fan). I perform a breathing reality test. It was inconclusive, but I knew better. Anyway, I try rolling off the bed, but found I couldn't move. So, I imagined that I was actually being struck by gusts, and soon feel such happening. I was turned over towards the wall. My expectation was to just phase through. But, I was simply pressed there. Not very comfortable at all. Gaining mobility, I roll against the wind. It was quite the struggle before I could finally fall off the mattress.

    I drop to the floor, which happened to be made of wood instead of tiles. Anyway, I phase face first through it and into the void. As I descended, I try conjuring a construct to assist me. A voice responded, but nothing else came about. Soon, I fell on my bed, and woke up. Re-entry two minutes later.

    Dream 2 - Dark Desert Camel Ride

    No visuals initially, which again arrived progressively. Re-entry in bed. Instead of rolling, I just walked out of bed towards the closet. The room extended far beyond visible range into a black plane. Along the way, I notice a ~24" screen CRT TV on a wooden stand. On screen was some Youtube video with some (in)famous content creators. Pretty sure it was Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro. I ignored it, and kept moving.

    I noticed the noise of the ceiling fan. To justify this, I imagined I was actually in a windy desert. I had the dream sound the Desert of Death theme from Breath of Fire 3 to set the mood. Despite expectation, I was still surprised to find the hard ground before me becoming rough-grained sand. I was indeed warped to a desert under a starless night. Light shimmered off of an oasis pond half a mile away. The breeze was biting cold.

    I make my way to the oasis. My ambling wavered, and I tripped over myself from exhaustion. I needed some help. I imagined holding the reigns of a camel. With a tug, I turned back, and see such a beast kneeling before me. I climb on the camel's back, and am quite startled when it rises and paces forward. This was a very,very bumpy ride. I had to hold tightly on its neck to keep still. Its light hair was very shaggy and comfortably warm. I enjoyed this now aimless jaunt for a minute. By that point, I lost my hold to the animal, and fell. Upon hitting the ground, I'd returned to bed.

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      Nice lucid! It's always fun to see what the brain will do with music.
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