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    1. Log 3176 - DV Lucid Dream Winter Competition 2024 - Night 6

      by , 01-13-2024 at 09:04 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 12 January 2024

      Got one LD today. Seems my schedule's been made a bit tighter than I anticipated. I'll keep making an effort whenever possible.

      Dream 1 - DV Lucid Dream Winder Competition 2024 - Night 6

      Many forgotten scenes before this one. The visuals were mostly clear. I was floating in space. To my right was a blue Earth-like planet, white clouds swirling over its sole continent.

      By this point, I'd gained awareness. I rocket to the nearby world. Piercing the stratosphere, I see below a vast badlands of smooth beige metamorphic stone. Oddly, the blue sky looked sparsely cloudy from then on.

      Anyway, after many quick miles of travel, I arrive at the foot of a truly vast castle atop a mountain range, its construction slate grey. I went over the outer walls, and levitated into a great keep that occupied most of the site. The interior was dimly lit, and furnished/constructed mostly of glossy wood.

      At a building-sized table a distance away, a huge figure awaited: a gigantic woman, easily 100ft tall, skin light, long dark hair frayed. She was dressed in a violet robe. Her face beamed into a welcoming grin, belied only by a glint of madness in her saucer-shaped eyes. It was no surprise when she made a fierce swipe at me. I weaved around her hand and wrist, and swooped around her head. Then, I flung myself like a dart at her nape. My knee struck true. In that instant, the giant witch crumples over on the table, unconscious. Mission accomplished, I thought.

      I fly out of the castle and hurtle back into space. I realize then that maybe I didn't accomplish a competition goal, as my opponent wasn't explicitly a titan. Sighing in dismay, I find it was too late to do much else, for the dream begins to fade. I go unconscious.
      Tags: competition
    2. Log 3174 - Bathroom Shrink and Unhappy Naughty

      by , 01-11-2024 at 12:29 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 10 January 2024

      Got a brief LD and fragments today. Can't say I'm too happy with these results, let alone comfortable to share some things below. But, the show must go on. I'm gonna have to rest up again before I use more thorough sleep interruptions...

      Scrap Group 1
      KOF game.

      Talking about a Sonic game?

      Dream 1 - Bathroom Shrink and Unhappy Naughty

      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a bathroom similar to one at home, daylight glaring through the window. It was a bit wider, and the countertop was made of glossy wood instead of laminate.

      Then, an unknown person barges in, a woman of average build, skin light colored, her face covered by a heap of messy dark colored hair. Her shirt also light colored, and she'd red plaid pajama pants. She seats herself on the counter, and seems to stare blankly towards the shower.

      My immediate thought was "who the hell is this?" Self reflection soon prompted awareness. I try to get a closer look at the woman's face. No way to do it just by sight. I was about to part her hair, but hesitated; I'd worried I'd get jump-scared by some dream demon, and was in no mood to deal with such. So instead, I shrunk myself down to a few inches for the fun of it. From the floor, I leaped atop the counter alongside the now giant woman. I slap her leg to provoke her, but she remained unresponsive. I jumped back down. It's then the woman reanimates, and sets herself down. Only narrowly did I avoid getting stepped on. She then walks out of the bathroom.

      Shortly after, the giant lady returns. Only now, she's a blonde, eyes wide-set, nose pointed and a bit long, hair naturally straight though still unkempt. I'm asked a mundane question. Something about if I've seen some object or another? Anyway, I give a casual negative response.

      Spoiler for WARNING: Brain-bleach level of naughtiness. Reader beware:

      Scrap Group 2
      In a big, dark colored living room. On retrospect, the layout had strong similarities to my work site. Anyway, my brothers were around. I felt unclean. I look for the bathroom at a doorway to the far left. This happened to be a bedroom. The person there shut the door and locked it. I then looked to a door in the far right.

      Something about a Pokemon game on an old CRT screen computer.

      In an alleyway in a developing Indian town during daytime. Some kind of emergency was occurring. A younger guy from the region, someone whom I was supposedly acquainted, has me follow him to safety. Just then, he's accosted by a bearded man in a turban. The two bicker for a bit. The younger man tells me there's a language barrier between the two. I was told the older man spoke "Tangrit". I pull out a laptop, and try translating via Google some basic sentences like "who are you" and "what is the problem". But, I kept badly mistyping any statements, and took longer still to correcting these. Both men got very impatient.

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    3. Log 3171 - WILD Wind and Dark Desert Camel Ride LDs

      by , 01-07-2024 at 08:15 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 07 January 2024

      Got two short LDs today. Kinda flat considering all the insomnia I'd afflicted on myself, but it's something.

      Dream 1 - WILD Wind

      No visuals initially, though I gain some sight over time. WILD transition in bed, noted by the deafening sound of storm winds (actually just the ceiling fan). I perform a breathing reality test. It was inconclusive, but I knew better. Anyway, I try rolling off the bed, but found I couldn't move. So, I imagined that I was actually being struck by gusts, and soon feel such happening. I was turned over towards the wall. My expectation was to just phase through. But, I was simply pressed there. Not very comfortable at all. Gaining mobility, I roll against the wind. It was quite the struggle before I could finally fall off the mattress.

      I drop to the floor, which happened to be made of wood instead of tiles. Anyway, I phase face first through it and into the void. As I descended, I try conjuring a construct to assist me. A voice responded, but nothing else came about. Soon, I fell on my bed, and woke up. Re-entry two minutes later.

      Dream 2 - Dark Desert Camel Ride

      No visuals initially, which again arrived progressively. Re-entry in bed. Instead of rolling, I just walked out of bed towards the closet. The room extended far beyond visible range into a black plane. Along the way, I notice a ~24" screen CRT TV on a wooden stand. On screen was some Youtube video with some (in)famous content creators. Pretty sure it was Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro. I ignored it, and kept moving.

      I noticed the noise of the ceiling fan. To justify this, I imagined I was actually in a windy desert. I had the dream sound the Desert of Death theme from Breath of Fire 3 to set the mood. Despite expectation, I was still surprised to find the hard ground before me becoming rough-grained sand. I was indeed warped to a desert under a starless night. Light shimmered off of an oasis pond half a mile away. The breeze was biting cold.

      I make my way to the oasis. My ambling wavered, and I tripped over myself from exhaustion. I needed some help. I imagined holding the reigns of a camel. With a tug, I turned back, and see such a beast kneeling before me. I climb on the camel's back, and am quite startled when it rises and paces forward. This was a very,very bumpy ride. I had to hold tightly on its neck to keep still. Its light hair was very shaggy and comfortably warm. I enjoyed this now aimless jaunt for a minute. By that point, I lost my hold to the animal, and fell. Upon hitting the ground, I'd returned to bed.

      Media Reference:

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    4. Log 3162 - Beach Globe Fall, Phase Library, and Construct Contact

      by , 12-30-2023 at 09:05 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 29 December 2023

      Got some LDs and a few scraps today. Time to keep this momentum going.
      Spoiler for Lots O'Words:
    5. Log 3119 - Forgotten False LD, Guilty Upgrade, ...and Sand Bar Beach Awareness Fragments

      by , 11-17-2023 at 02:23 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 16 November 2023

      Got a LD re-entry and some fragments today.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vaguely recall thinking I woke up from a lucid dream. Lacking memory of such, I'm inclined to believe it was false awareness.

      In a very dimly lit space, like a wide basement or something. I pick up a laptop from the floor. I "recalled" buying a new system with one of the latest high-end ARM processor. Got it at a relative bargain at $1k. I watch some videos on multiple windows concurrently. One was clips of Attack on Titan. There were a bunch of purple splash effects for some reason. I spot my bro snooping nearby, much to my annoyance. I minimize the AoT videos and watch the others. These were matches for various Guilty Gear titles, including Strive, Xrd, and XXAC. One had Sol spam Grand Viper. Warp. Another unknown dimly lit place. I'm imitating Grand Viper. I managed to project fire too.

      In the kitchen of an unknown house during night time. My niece was working on a school project. There was this light skinned black dude around. Only on waking up do I notice he was the host of Mental Outlaw. Anyway, he helps Jalani with her homework. Later, my niece and her mother (my sister) go out to get groceries. Timeskip again. The project was near completion. I see it's some kind of macaroni art on a cardstock booklet. Instead of macaroni, it's tortilla chips, both the triangular shaped and round varieties. These were arranged in rather sophisticated floral and butterfly patterns. The booklet, when folded, had cut-out city buildings and a radio tower pop up. I was asked to hold the book as he continued his work. He was making the finishing touch, when suddenly, most of the chips slid off its surface. I guess it wasn't as fixed as it appeared. The guy slams the counter in frustration. I noticed a tube of Elmer's glue in one hand, the other covered in the paste. I tell him my requiring a much stronger glue for a similar project some time back. Too little too late, I thought...

      Spectator mode. This was some kind of Monty Python (or Python-esque) castaway survival comedy show. This took place at a lost island during a clear day. A barely dressed, stubble faced Englishman wanders off to a swampy area. There, he sees a withered tulip. For some reason, he likens this find to the burning bush of the Exodus. He discreetly collects some seeds. A bald, sunburnt old man in a robe calls out to confront him about this. The first man denies finding anything of value. The old man continues to accost him on the matter. They arrive at a beach of profound green, the shore littered with seaweed. Not far into the deep water was an expansive sand bar. Anyway, the younger man makes a claim that he found tulip seeds at a swamp much further away from the previous area. The old man is outraged, and calls him out on the lie. He then chases the other man into the high waves.

      Dreamlet to dream. Dream re-entry into the same island mentioned above. This time, the waves were far calmer, though still congested with plant life. I walk towards the sand bar. I could feel the pressure and coolness of the waves, its briny vapor stinging my throat. Yet, I felt no dampness, as if water failed to stick onto my skin. Once on the bar, I strode on the water out to the greater blue sea. I anticipated some enemy would attack. On cue, a huge saltwater crocodile torpedoed at me from below. I dodged the beast, watching as it jumped over four meters into the air. I leaped after it, and grappled with the animal. I then flew us high up, arriving near the sky almost instantly. To much amusement, the crocodile suddenly changed into a big plush copy of itself. I hurled it far into the horizon. Then, I raised a a pillar of water from below, a cylinder about 1m diameter in depth and standing as high as I was floating. I froze the pillar into an icy pole, and began sliding all the way down. I'd thoughts to phase through, but decided I needed a bigger surface. As I was nearing the water, I thought maybe the sea floor would do? I soon hit the ocean. But, instead of piercing through, I wake up instantly.

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    6. Log 3108 - Turbulent Fall, Calm Shore

      by , 11-07-2023 at 08:34 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 05 November 2023

      It's been far too long since I shared anything on the forums. Time I fix that.

      Scrap Group 1
      In a condo complex during night. There was a group of people around, mostly of college age. There was talk of forming a DnD campaign. Everyone was very interested, though I was concerned it would've been too many players to be enjoyable for long. Judging from the builds people were spitballing, the group were really bad at optimization. At least two wanted to play Monks or awkward Monk multiclass, and one or two unironically thought the Champion was a powerful choice. For some reason, I started climbing up the wall of a three story building. I made it to the roof in mere seconds. Then, I tried to make a leap across to another building. The dream ended then and there. My waking thoughts were then muddled about DnD character optimization for some time.

      Work stuff.

      Dreamlet to dream. FA in bed. I suspected something was amiss. I look down at the mattress. But, instead of just seeing sheets, I find I was looking at a reflection of myself. This mirrored version was wearing black clothes, contrasted by the white ceiling. I was perplexed momentarily, before I asserted that this was indeed a dream state. I hurried up and out, only to walk into the void. The dream collapsed immediately. Re-entry a minute later, using calls to my guide as an anchor.

      Dream 1 - Turbulant Fall, Calm Shore

      The visuals were very dark. re-entry in bed. I call to my guide. As anticipated, E's voice echoed around me, first faintly, then more crescendo into dizzying volume. "This way", she repeated. "Over here". At first, her words seemed to be at the head of my mattress. It then shifted to my left. I roll towards there, and fall to the void. In doing so, the voice ceased.

      I initially descended without much emotion; I've done this many times before. It seemed I was taking way longer than normal to see any change. To pass the time, I started yelling. Some concerns then made me notice my sleeping body, particularly in how I was sleeping on my side. To turn my attention away from this, I began screaming much more passionately, while I used my remaining strength to pivot into an elbow drop. Macho Madness, baby!

      Wind resistance dramatically began to build up. Thinking to practice for the next DV Competition, I try plummeting so fast as to form plasma around me. Instead, I was shunted into a glowing wormhole, an ethereal tunnel swirling in violet and deep blue. I anticipated a warp, while still focusing intently on creating energy. This passage was also taking quite a bit of time. More doubts set in. I let out one final shout of defiance. It's then I noticed it was getting damp.

      I promptly landed elsewhere. As I come to, I see I was ankle-deep in a shore. This was a shallow sea of calm waves, seemingly endless on all sides. The light of dawn glared in my eyes, almost muting all colors into grey; only faint traces of brown, red, yellow, and blue remained. A rush of emotions fluttered within me. Moist poignant was... nostalgia? I don't recall ever having seen anything like this, yet I felt as if I'd wistful memories here. This was accompanied with feelings of joy, melancholy, longing, and a strange foreboding. I had to collect myself quickly, lest I was completely given in.

      For a moment, I was numbed. I needed to focus to steadily start feeling the cool water beneath me. I ambled slowly forward. As I did, I remembered I'd still not controlled an element. Guess water was it this run. Raising my arm, I tried raising a stream in kind towards my palm. To my surprise, I'd instead lifted up a colossal wave. It formed a few city block away, and was of like width. Wouldn't have taken much time to crash upon me. As it neared, I lowered my arm. The wave immediately settled down, and dispersed harmlessly. That's a relief.

      I walked aimlessly for a bit longer. More unease lingered in the back of my mind. This brought feelings of guilt for some reason, as if I was unworthy to have this experience...

      Before I could correct such thoughts, the dream fades. Another re-entry attempt, but it was inconclusive.
      lucid , dream fragment
    7. Log 2783 - Ogress Battle Awareness

      by , 12-14-2022 at 11:54 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 14 December 2022

      Got fragments and a DILD today.

      Scrap Group 1
      At a mall's parking garage. For some reason, I punch through a wall that I thought lead into a maintenance closet. Instead, this unsealed a secret chamber filled with mummies. I conflated all this with Minecraft for some reason.

      Dreamlet to dream. I was in some desert wasteland. I get attacked by some type of magical foe (a witch/evil priest?). I zoom to avoid their attacks. Then, I fly up sky high, and dive down to deliver a mach punch. It missed, but the result created a massive shockwave, leaving behind a great crater. I repeated this maneuver a few more times. The sensation got too (frighteningly) intense to just be a pre-dream state, but I was too caught up in the moment to realize.

      At work.1 Some guy was being a loud-mouthed asshole. I got incensed, enough so that I marched up to him and winded for a punch. Suddenly, that guy morphed into my brother. I got really confused, but only thought to walk away.

      Dream 1 - Ogress Battle Awareness

      Dreamlet to dream. The visuals were blurred. I was trekking up a dusty mountain during daytime. I got bored, and tried imagining an opponent to fight. Just then, a huge figure clambers up from the valley below. This was a semi-nude ogress, a fat, frumpy woman with dark stringy hair and mottled, sun damage skin, standing about 60ft in height. Her appearance fizzled and warped before settling on a more permanent form. Feeling the vibrations of her footsteps convinced me this was a full dream.

      Soon, the scowling, crooked-teethed giantess made blatant her intent to eat me. Good enough justification to fight back. Taking the initiative, I fly past then circle around her, avoiding her wide swipes with ease. She eventually lost track of me during the melee. As she bumbled around, I wind a good distance behind her, then deliver a rocket-speed aerial tackle on the back of her left knee. The troll-woman's stance faltered, though she didn't quite fall over. I rush with some rapid flying kicks on her backside, but this was resisted completely.

      My opponent soon regained her footing. Growling in rage, she gave chase. So I glided away, keeping well away from arm's reach, though I couldn't really shake her off. So, taking the offensive again, I arced back to deliver a flying elbow at her knee. I continued pummeling her joint, and before long, the giant hag fell over prone. Landing beneath her, I winded up for a skyward upper. But, before I could finish off the monster, the dream deteriorated.

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    8. Log 2781 - DreamViews Winter Competition 2022 - Night 11

      by , 12-13-2022 at 09:13 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 12 December 2022

      Got a good DILD and a fragment.

      Scrap Group 1
      Outside a superstore at night time. There was some commotion at the entrance.

      In an unknown apartment suite. This was supposedly an aunt's place. There were a bunch of other people there, visitors for a party and guests staying for the holidays. There were a lot of kids creating quite a bit of mess. At one point, I ate a pretty good pig in a blanket. Later, I saw my aunt and several other women preparing finger sandwiches. They looked amazing, though it would be a while until they were all prepared. I went back to the lounge, where I noticed a huge pile of dirty laundry, mostly damp beachwear. I "recalled" being in such a place earlier that day. Near that, there was a terrible leak in the ceiling. My aunt hurried to try and contain this problem, all while rushing back to the kitchen for more food preparation, and start some laundry. I felt horrible at seeing her so stressed. I got up to try and help with the leak and laundry. Warp. Vague scene of being in a beach. Warp to below.

      Dream 1 - DreamViews Winter Competition 2022 - Night 11

      The visuals were dim. I was the unlit hallway of an apartment building's during night time. Several filled trash bags were in my hands to dump. Soon, the lack of lighting made me very suspicious. I make it to the end of the hallway to look out a window. Below blinked the lights of office towers and huge LED displays. Just how big was this apartment building, anyway? And when did I get here? Asking these questions made me aware.

      Without hesitation, I jumped out the window to swoop down through the city streets. Music starts playing, which I recognized as an instrumental version of Battlecry by Judas Priest. I end up floating through a fancier area in this part of town, a dusk sky now brightening the view. Fresh snow was dusted on the vehicles and building canopies. As I stopped to appreciate the view, it suddenly began to lightly precipitate. This presented an opportunity. Raising my arm dramatically, I called to the dream, yelling "blizzard!" Nothing seemed to happen. Figured this command could take a bit to take effect. I continued along, when the snowfall and wind began to pick up to just the minimum of snowstorm level. Satisfactory, I thought. But then, a thundering gust swept through the streets, bringing with it blinding snow. Only then did I really start to feel the chill, and I could barely even keep afloat from all the wind.

      When I could take no more, I commanded the dream to teleport me away. The storm receded, though it seemed I was in the same place. After waiting patiently for a few seconds, I continued. I soon arrived near a highway. In a blink, a glaciated bridge appeared from nowhere. I fly through it, to find myself in a completely different highway. Now, the surroundings were that of a golden plains under a clear afternoon sky. Trees of unusual make sparsely lined the roads. These generally had the shape of palms, only their bark was of mahogany, while its leaves were bundles of redbud tree seed pods drooping and held together by mysterious means. This ridiculous sight left me in a giggling fit, from which I forcibly recovered, lest I disrupt the dream too much.

      Anyway, I moved on to trying a TOTY. I try teleporting once again, this time to the Dream Base. After a wait, the surroundings change in a blink. I now found myself in a seaside highway. High-rises, gigantic stone braziers, and innumerous other kinds of strange structures protruded from the waters and beyond. But, none of these resembled what I was looking for. I leap to the horizon in search of our base. Along the way, I spot a colossal structure of ancient Greek design, of which depicted a woman in a robe and cloak. Even though this was by far the tallest structure around, it paled in comparison to our Arcology. Still, I thought floating up to its max height would reveal something in the distance. I began ascending around the statue, but things soon got very unstable.

      In an instant, I found myself bounding in deep space. No TOTY this run, it seemed. Oh well, at least I guaranteed the advanced flight task for the comp. I took a moment to gaze at the cosmos, when I noticed starless nebula not too far off (relatively speaking). I zoom into it, and within seconds, arrived inside the (likely unrealistic) space cloud. Experiencing this swirling violet left me in awe.

      Soon, I snapped out of this trance, as I was now reminded of a goal. I called out to my guide construct, D. Steadily, a deep blue glint phased in view, before it manifested into a massive figure. This was indeed the obsidian construct, sized at roughly 200ft. in height. Yet, she wasn't exactly as I'm used to (more, longer, and thicker horns instead of flaming hair; dozens of hands in place of leathery wings). A deep blue light glistened from her black skin, giving her an even darker visage.

      "What do you seek?", echoed her guttural voice within my mind.

      "Absorb the void, please."

      The stoic construct gave no response. Instead, she turned away, and in several large "footsteps", faded deep into the space dust. Before she vanished entirely from view, I darted myself straight within the grasp of one of her many hands. This time, it felt more stone than skin. The fog began dispersing gradually, enough to see more clearly. It's then that D suddenly lifted me to face level. And wow, was that an unsettling view. I thought I've long been desensitized to monstrous and demonic-looking things in my dreams. But that... scowl I witnessed as my construct sucked up stardust... Yeah, it really caught me off- guard.

      Being rattled so, I lost hold of the dream, and woke up immediately.
    9. Log 2780 - Dragon Ball Baseball Fight Sneaking Awareness Boondocks Live Action and Work Christmas

      by , 12-11-2022 at 08:38 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 11 December 2022

      Got a short DILD and a few fragments today.

      Scrap Group 1

      Dragon Ball dream.1 Bulma and Goku enter a suburban house. There, they meet Fortuneteller Baba much earlier than they should've. The witch badgers them into doing some chores. When the kids were done, she rewards them with a blue modem cable. This, Baba claim, would allow them to connect to the internet with any device, even non-computerized ones. Timeskip. The duo go to Master Roshi's house, which was also located in a suburbs. They call for the old hermit, but he wasn't home. They decide to leave him the magic modem cable as a gift for him.

      At a sports stadium watching a baseball game. Mom and Jethro were there. Later, this lean light skinned dark haired guy starts harassing Jethro. The jerk goes nuts, and starts attacking my brother. I intervene, yet somehow, that guy was strong enough to not only hold us both back, but also to lift the two of us off the ground. He tosses us down into the field. It was a long fall before hitting the ground. Warp. I'm back at my seat. None of this commotion ever happened. I get up, and go to the food court/concourse. For some reason, I go all the way around the opposite side of the stadium to find a certain stand. There, I find a gate sealed with a roller door. Curious, I open this up, to find this lead to a seating aisle sealed off to the rest of the public. A security guard (who looked more like a blonde surfer dude in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts ensemble and wearing shades) was standing there, back facing me. He soon turns around, and spots me skulking around. I get spontaneously aware. To score point (and also to avoid unnecessary trouble), I literally rewind the dream, tape scratching sound and all. Events play backwards at dizzying speeds, until I'm halfway down the concourse again, where time is restored. I think of what to do, but after about twelve seconds of pondering things over, the dream collapses.

      Watching a supposed live action Boondocks movie. Zoom in a Compton suburbs during daytime. This place looked an awful lot like the neighborhood in Friday. Anyway, Robert Freeman (played by the late John Witherspoon, who voiced the same character, and also starred in Friday) was watering his lawn. Soon, a car pulls up, dropping off his grandsons , Riley and Huey. They retained their voice from the cartoon series, despite being played by unknown young actors. Also there was Lamilton. He bragged about how the three snuck into a rated R movie. He tries to get the Freeman boys up to other antics, but they were fed up with him, so Lamilton just goes home. Robert overheard what was said, and was quite upset. He pulls out an airhorn, and sounds it right at the ears of his grand sons. He then yells at them for doing what he told them not to. The two argue that they were roped into Lamilton's whims. They also noted how that other kid was batshit insane. Granddad wanted none of it. Just then, a traffic incident occurs. The two drivers, irate with each other, blocked the road, shouted at each other, and honked their horns. Robert complains about all the noise in his neighborhood, and does likewise.

      At work. The Christmas party was underway. This caught me off guard, as I was sure it was happening in two weeks. Someone else told me it was actually occurring at the 11th (impossible, given that it was scheduled for a Monday; the 11th is today, a Sunday). I was sure embarrassment was to ensue, as I had no gift for that Secret Santa nonsense.
      lucid , dream fragment
    10. Log 2778 - DreamViews Winter Competition 2022 - Night 8

      by , 12-09-2022 at 09:37 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 09 December 2022

      Got a DILD and some fragments today. I'll tally up the score as a few inquiries about the competition are clarified.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vaguely recall playing games.

      Something about work. Some former co-workers were around.

      Walking south between 97th and 88th street during a grey day. There was some commotion, compelling me to hide. I see some people picking reeds. Around then, I start feeling itchy. Some man said something about fire ants.

      Dream 1 - DreamViews Winter Competition 2022 - Night 8

      Scene 1 - The Unphasable Jock
      The visuals were dim. I was in an ancient complex, the constructions made of stone, lit braziers sitting atop cast-iron stands providing scant lighting. Soon, I stumble upon a small ramshackle town square type area. Purveyors had set up shop behind makeshift counters made of crates. Most distinct among them was a tall cloaked man wearing a beaked skull for a mask, a wide brimmed hat on his head. Speaking to me in a suspicious whisper, he presses on me a request to join a "gauntlet". Sounded quite interesting, but I decided to hold off for the moment.

      Just then, this huge, fat, light skinned, auburn haired guy wearing jeans and a striped shirt looms over me. Sizing me up, he snatches papers I happened to have in hand. He glances over a few things, and makes mockery of what I'd supposedly written. Two of his cronies, some short goony looking guys, laugh along with him. I was as baffled as I was annoyed at such a stereotypical jock attitude. I demanded he give back my belongings, but he paid no heed, and seated himself on stone benches to peruse some more. Frustrated, I projected shadowy energy near him, which I erected into a huge drill as a scare tactic. Once again, the jock dismissed my gesture.

      Spontaneously, I get aware. Thinking of tasks, I draw a dollop of the conjured shadow on my hand. The inky dark speck began slithering around each of my limbs. Through intent, I announced this was no mere shadow, but was in fact the shapechanging spirit, Eddie (from Guilty Gear). Sure enough, the glob expanded, then shaped itself into the Forbidden Beast's usual form, that of a crawling, black gargoyle-shark thing just over knee-high. Looked kinda weird to see him from top-down, especially his fins, which looked much thinner and sharper than I'd imagine. Anyway, I command Eddie to spook that nearby jerk. The creature expanded its jaws and distended its arms and claws as it growled. However, even this wasn't enough to phase that mouth-breathing jock, who merely waved me off in annoyance. Whatever. Don't care anymore.

      I then went back to the skull-masked man, and agreed to participate in his gauntlet. He nods silently. Soon, I felt an imminent warp. I allowed such to occur.

      Scene 2- Shadow Gauntlet
      Similar visuals. In a blink, I was immediately teleported to the courtyard of a different fortress, this one of Gothic design, a starless night sky the only source of illumination. Lines of tall walls crated maze-like hallways at all sides. Eddie didn't show up with me.

      I round a corner, when suddenly, a monster charges at me. This appeared as a fanged lizardman, its bulging shoulders contorting it into a shambling hunchback. Acting quick, I, once again, projected a large shadowy drill to interpose between us. The beastman dodges, if was still nicked, by the attack. When it stumbled at close range, I conjured Eddie. The spirit rose with its claws outstretched on an elongated arm, striking my opponent true. I followed up with a palm upper of my own, a blow mighty enough to launch the lizardman several meters into the air. I leaped to chase it higher, where I grabbed it by its head, then slammed it down face-first into the stone pavement. I continued by grabbing its leg, and bashing it around some more. Next, I had Eddie form into a puddle to trap my enemy. I was gonna continue wailing on it, but found there was no need, as it was already quite dead.

      I continue towards a gate, when the dream started blacking out. Soon, I woke up.

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    11. Log 2776 - DreamViews Winter Competition 2022 - Night 6

      by , 12-09-2022 at 03:20 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 07 December 2022

      Got an LD and some fragments today. It took a hell of a long WBTB, but I think it was worth it.

      Scrap Group 1
      FA upstairs. I was strained and exhausted from my obsessive attempts at LDs. I make continual attempts at rolling to the floor, without success. There were moments where I suddenly felt something, whereupon I "awakened" abruptly.

      Dream 1 - DreamViews Winter Competition 2022 - Night 6

      Scene 1 - Rubber Walls
      The visuals were slightly blurred. FA in an unknown bed. Instead of a bedroom, I was in a vast living room of a huge one-story house, the ceiling high, floor orange tiles, and furnishings spread far apart. Supposedly, this was my brother Victor's new place. Mom and my niece Linda were around, and I also saw my cousin Sarah and her daughter in the area. There was a lot of chattering, frustrating my attempts at getting back to "sleep" for a chance at LDs. Eventually, I caved, and got up.

      I asked Victor about the local area. He told me about a shopping center nearby, much closer than compared to his "old" home. My brother also mentioned a particular site there (can't recall what). Interested, I think to check the place out. I try remembering where my belongings were. This leads to a nagging feeling that I'd forgotten something important. I pondered this over, and despite the sense of urgency, continued doing so for minutes on end. My thoughts stumble to the topic of dreams, and thus, leads me to do a casual breathing reality test. This proved inconclusive. But, this didn't matter, as my suspicions quickly developed to awareness.

      With the competition in mind, I leap backwards to phase through a window leading to the house's backyard. I recalled I needed to actually see myself going through a surface. So, I try charging through a frosted glass wall haphazardly placed between a patio and the greater yard. Upon reaching close, a force kept me running a place. I make a desperate leap to the wall, when the glass suddenly took on a molten, rubbery, almost gooey consistency. Trudging the inch, I spin forward, risking my getting enveloped by this oozing glass. To much relief, I finally make it through.

      I find myself in a huge backyard spanning many acres, its palisade wood fence nearing the day's horizon. Wasn't much to see, though, just a bunch of trimmed grass. Only a screen roof shed broke the monotony. I made my way there, when the dream begins to deteriorate. I concentrate on my breathing to stabilize the dream, and await a warp.

      Scene 2 - Aqua Mania Ball
      Similar visuals. I was inside that house again. Linda was nearby, dressed in white clothing. She looked considerably younger than she should be. My niece complains of boredom. So, I start tossing her around. On a lark, I chuck her much further than should be possible, throwing her almost to the 5 meter tall ceiling, then hurling her safely atop a lazy chair about 10 meters out. Dream or otherwise, I wasn't comfortable about the thought of endangering her, so I stopped that to do other things.

      I set out a side door. As per my three-step task, I begin to fly. I float through a floral hedge wall and under a stone gate, then over a suburbs. Soon, I arrive at a highway ramp spanning over a calm bay, sparse clouds at the distance in a cool dawn sky. Swooping down for a closer look of the road, I realize this ramp was actually an overtly long bridge. Anyway, I recalled I needed to fly fast to get points. So, I pick up speed, going about 200mph, easy, well above the pace of the few vehicles racing through the area. For extra ambience, I had the dream play suiting music. Soon, the intro theme from Sonic Mania began sounding. Since I'm not too familiar with this song, my mind began filling in the blanks. The music bridged into a jazz metal piece, of which I'm quite sure I've never heard. A lengthy kick-ass guitar solo that captivated me for minutes on end. Good times!

      Snapping out of my trance, I move on to task three: element manipulation. I charge energy at my hand, and fire it as a ki-blast down to the waters. For extra thoroughness (not sure if 'ki' counts as an element for the sake of this competition), I began drawing the liquid into the ki. I then gathered both matter and energy above my raised palm, an exorbitant glowing mass, hovering over me as an orb a city block in diameter. I fired the combined water-ki ball down to the greater bay. The waters separates, then orbits around the ball in numerous streams, before spraying around as jets in all directions. When the sphere made contact with the waves below, the bridge and other surroundings suddenly became a sea. A vortex formed beneath me, which slowly spiraled upwards, and before long, I was surrounded. I suspected the dream was collapsing. So, I awaited another warp.

      I woke up briefly. Dream re-entry seconds later.

      Scene 3 - Hugging Summon
      The visuals were slightly blurrier. I was in the aforementioned house once again. Soon, I try a personal task. For this sake, I attempt to summon D. I hug empty air in front of me, when, to my pleasant surprise, the obsidian construct steadily blinked in view. She wasn't manifested quite to spec (bald instead of blue flame hair; no leather wings or horns; only shoulder height instead of gigantic in stature). Oh well, being present is more than good enough for me. Her skin was also warmer than human's, unusual, but also quite comforting. Anyway, I ask for help in more tasks. The construct assents without question.

      With the groundwork underway, I float us both to an opened hatch-style window above the front door. I squeeze us outside, when the sun glared to blinding intensity. Soon, I woke up.

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    12. Log 2724 - Atomic Apartment Fight LD

      by , 10-17-2022 at 06:15 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 16 October 2022

      Had a fun LD this morning.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something about being in an electronics store.

      At home during dusk. It occurred to me I was very late to work. I got super upset.

      Dream 1 - Atomic Apartment Fight LD

      The visuals were a bit dim. I was riding around in urban streets, brick apartments on each side, downtown office towers at the horizon of a dusk sky. Both my brothers were there, as was possibly another familiar person. Soon, I noticed some interesting clouds in the distance, numerous and swirling with many faded colors. This sight almost makes me aware. As a reality test, I talk nonsense about taking images to 3D print them out into reality. One of my bros responds with more inanity, affirming the dream state.

      Anyway, I waited for the vehicle to stop. As soon as it did, I ran to the nearest apartment building. I went through dark hallways, and up a series of likewise poorly lit stairs. I then made it into a concrete hallway, the dusk's light peeking in from an un-walled opening in the distance. As I made my way there, a menacing battle theme began playing. I stop, darting around warily.

      Just then, I spot movement in the darkness. The shadow drew close enough to be discerned. This was a huge cockroach, easily the size of a Labrador. I poised myself for a fight, while having the dream sound the battle theme from Breath of Fire 3 for added atmosphere. Taking the initiative, I fired atomic rays of faint green-yellow color, dangerous enough to harm living things without risk of accidentally starting a fire. I aimed carefully, but the creature darted around too erratically to easily hit. It zipped all around the walls and ceiling, losing no momentum as it approached. The giant insect got too close for comfort. The thought of it jumping on my face filled me with dread. Desperately, I swiped around, until finally, the beam struck true. I put more force behind the blast, pinning it down. That monster flailed in pain, until finally, it was reduced into a smoldered husk. A triumphant fanfare (the victory theme from the above-mentioned game) sounded. For extra flair, I levitated the desiccated corpse above and behind me, where I had it burst into dazzling sparks as I posed dramatically. Stylish!

      With that settled, I continue onward. Now, a remixed version of Magma Man's theme from Megaman 9 was playing. Anyway, I was rounding the corner, when another figure interposed. This was some skinny, mohawked shirtless punk, and he didn't seem too happy. The scoundrel, unsurprisingly, charges right at me. I evade his swipes, then retaliate with an energy-enhanced upward palm strike. This attack KO's him instantly.

      I finally arrive outside. Now, I see I'm atop a narrow concrete wall, barely enough width to make a walkway. Below me was a yard, which the wall fenced, as well as a few empty lots. This path lead to another part of the building. So, continue I following along. But, soon enough, more assailants appeared. Most of these just seemed like gangly, wimpy teens. That they were so overconfident and aggressive seemed contrived even at this moment. Anyway, as each approached, I deflected their attacks with tiresome ease, and took them out one by one with single super-powered taps. One of these kids ended up tumbling over. Whoops. Oh well...

      I eventually made it to the third corner, where some other simpering punk tried their hand. But, when I countered, the walls suddenly began toppling over. Did I overdo it? I clung for dear life as the platforms crumbled around me. When I come to, I'm knee deep in concrete rubble. I brush myself off, and look for another way up.

      There was now a worried crowd gathered in these lots. No doubt local residents evacuating their homes. I spotted a young mother (light skinned, dark hair) with a crying baby in her arms. Feeling guilty about causing this mess, I thought the least I could do was calm the child down. So, I projected relaxing rays to sooth them. In an instant, the baby went to placid sleep. Felt pretty good resolving part of this dream without violence. But, comforting or not, it'd only just occurred to me then that atomic radiation was probably not the safest means to do this...

      I then started feelings my real-life eyes opening up. Try as I might, I couldn't stop that from happening. I woke up promptly.

      Scrap Group 2
      Spectator mode. Scene of people waiting for a plane to take off. There's an announcement that there will be delays.

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    13. Log 2701 - TOTY 2022 - DIY Instant Garden

      by , 09-23-2022 at 08:58 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 23 September 2022

      Woof. Quite a big gap since the last time I posted. Well, better get to it then.

      Spoiler for Lots o' text:

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    14. Log 2472 - TOTY 2022 - Lighting The Argent

      by , 02-05-2022 at 08:53 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 05 February 2022

      First LD of the month, which just so happens to be a successful TOTY as well.

      Dream 1 - TOTY 2022 - Lighting The Argent

      Scene 1 - Void Drop Start Again
      The visuals were dim and very blurred. WILD transition in bed. I wasn't quite sure about this at first, as my attempts at imagined movement/detachment felt hollow. Indeed, when I rolled off the bed, I warped right back. This kept repeating, until finally, I found myself descending into the void. A yell of excitement escaped my lungs from how unexpectedly intense this experience was. Warp.

      Scene 2 - Lighting The Beacon
      The visuals were brighter, if still slightly blurred. I was in the hallway of what seemed an office building. I turn to the nearest room, where I find it was the main office for a high school. A fairly long queue was ahead. For a moment, I got caught up with this plot. Recalling the TOTY snapped me out of it. And so, I called out to the receptionist, a light haired middle aged woman.

      "Hey, do you know where The Arcology is?", I asked, not realizing my mistake (I personally call "The Dream Embassy" "The Arcology", though for the sake of this task, it wasn't my intent to ask that).

      "Sure. It's nearby, but..." But I rushed out before she could finish.

      I go all the way down the hallway to a back door, colored light green, a lever handle instead of a knob. I try opening it, but it wouldn't budge. Just then, the door's latch lock, and the door itself, somehow opens up on its own. Was someone at the other side, I thought? I was about to step out, but the door slammed shut again. It took 15 seconds more of effort, before I could finally step outside.

      Glaring light blinded me momentarily. When my vision adjusted, I found a concrete wall interposing. It was massive, over seven stories tall, and was topped with barbed wire. Really made the place look more like a prison than a school... Anyway, I begin levitating up. It was a clumsy ascent, especially given the narrow space, but it didn't take long to free myself from such confines.

      Now, I was flying high in a clear dawn sky. It would've been so easy to lose myself here, but I had a task to complete. Down below seemed to be a town built on rocky hills. I followed its roads, when it abruptly ended at cliffs. Beyond that was the calm waters of a teal sea, part of which was trapped in a bay-side city many miles wide, the silhouettes of towers visible in the horizon.

      At a peninsula just beyond the town lay a most interesting site: a very wide yard. Stone-carved constructions were strewn about, including low walls, benches, and statues most abstract. Many of these features were of ancient design, yet showed no signs of wear. The rest of the architecture quite surreal. Most tellingly, there was no outward signs of modern technology, nor of greenery.

      This was it. This was the Arcology, or at least, a part of it. Quickly, I land in a stone garden. I walk beneath a strange balcony formed of spiral arches, following its pathway towards the center of the space. There stood an engraved wall, much like a memorial wall, though I could read nothing of it. In front of that was a statue atop a tall pedestal, one of the tallest structures in this site. This statue depicted a stone framework of a globe, held in place by stone bands. This didn't seem to depict earth, as none of its landmasses seemed familiar.

      In all honestly, the site looked a bit more quaint than I expected. I look past its borders, when I come to a shocking realization: there was no visible borders. All its constructions encompassed the landscape well past anywhere within eyesight. In fact, as I looked closer, the above mentioned city was actually also part of this locale, as noted by its similarly designed buildings. I could barely take in the vastness of it all. Simply incredible.

      I appreciate the view as long as I could. When satisfied, I allowed the dream to begin deteriorating. But, I then recalled I wasn't quite done yet! I called out to the dream, asking repeatedly to return to The Arcology. Or rather, the Dream Embassy, as I finally corrected myself. A minute of uncertainty passes, but eventually, I returned just under the globe statue, almost exactly where I was.

      There, I begin the next phase of my goal: to light a beacon for all dreamers to see. Charging energy between my palms, I form an orb of light, powering it until its about 3ft in diameter. I then make an overhead throw to launch it at the top of the statue. With a burst, the white light erupts into a beam that pierces the heavens. Against expectation, this ray, rather than remain in state, blinks repeatedly. With each flicker, the light would swirl and arc into aurora-like ribbons, before racing into places unknown. What's more, some of these arced lights found themselves on the surface, zipping and dancing around like ghosts.

      I was left mesmerized by the view. Before I knew it, I woke up.

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    15. Log 2427 - Task of the Year 2021 Task V

      by , 12-23-2021 at 06:20 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 22 December 2021

      Got quite a haul today.

      Spoiler for A lot of words; implied NSFW:

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