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    1. Log 1118 - Clogged Toilet and Imperfect Brutal Transition Scraps

      by , 05-22-2018 at 03:03 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 21 May 2018

      There was a lot to note, if mostly non-LD stuff. But, restlessness caused me to lose grasp of most of them.

      Scrap Group 1
      Got up to use the bathroom. The toilet was foolishly crammed with random junk, including magazine pages and torn pieces of plastic packaging. Even so, I still tried flushing this mess down, with predictable results. Still, I noticed an odd vacuuming noise along with the currents, almost tipping me off to the dream, had I not woken up.

      Dreamlet. I was imagining a walkthrough of Brutal Doom, watching Doomguy rip apart a Cacodemon with his bare hands. But, I eventually noticed some sensation of my actually doing such. Started rubbing hands to fully anchor myself. Pity the dream collapsed about 15 seconds later.
    2. Log 1056 - Winded Siren Scrap

      by , 03-22-2018 at 01:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Yeesh, I could barely sleep this time around. At least there's a short LD to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      At home. I go downstairs, and become aware. Unfortunately, this hardly lasts for more than a few seconds. I then falsely awaken to several states of REM Atonia. One was a cocaphony of emergency sirens, which slowly reverberated into a techno beat.
    3. Log 439 - PS3 Retrieval Mission

      by , 07-13-2016 at 03:17 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 12 July 2016

      Eh... Had a cluster of drama bomb dreams within the last week, not anything I should bore you with. There were also plenty of seconds long DILDs as well that aren't worth mentioning. Today, I recalled about five dreams, all taking place after dawn. However, at the moment, I only remember one of these more thoroughly.

      Dream 1 - PS3 Retrieval Mission

      The visuals were mostly clear. I was in a highschool, meandering around by some outdoor benches near a patio. Amongst the students there, I identified a younger version of my sister, Laura, and my brother, Timothy.

      Apparently, I'd left a PS3 somewhere by the patios. I ignore it for a while as I wander off. When I return, the console (unsurprisingly) was gone, making me very upset. Timothy finds out, and we blame each other for the mess.

      Somehow, I realized I could rewind time with the Undo command (explicitly ctrl + z in dream). I backtrack to just before I left, but even at that point, the console was long gone. Still, I noticed a few unsavory figures under the patio, all these some bad eggs under suspension. Of them was a guy with an oversized black backpack, the only one among them with any carrying equipment. Definitely my mark.

      They're ordered inside a nearby building. I sneak behind after them. This takes me to a surprisingly heavily guarded checkpoint, some assault rifle-toting personnel screening everyone from behind chest high, embrasured walls. I try creeping through, but was spotted, and was fired at in turn. I roll down and duck, whereas others were caught in the crossfire. A panicked rewind later, I try again, only this time, I will myself to become invisible, and sneak in without notice. This transparency was short lived, so I had to hurry onwards.

      Next, I arrive at a narrow but elaborate fortified laboratory, its walls plated with metals, and blinking lights and lit screens of various sizes providing some visibility. On a widened opening in the back-right corner was a lounge, complete with several rows of cushioned chairs, a large screened TV, and a game console. Ahead to the left were some counters, a jumble of wires and several laptops and desktop PCs on top. Two male scientists were chattering behind there, one with gray hair and one with black.

      I walk in casually, which instantly alerted the scientists, one of which trigger an alarm. Yep, smooth move... Again, I backtracked, and I wait until they're sufficiently distracted. When that happens, I try and sneak by invisibly, but one noticed my blinking out of sight. Oddly, he was more amazed than surprised. Still, I thought it safer to rewind. I try yet again, this time fading earlier, requiring my rushing by. Such noise made them suspicious. What's more, I blinked back in at an inconvenient time, and could barely hide behind some chairs. They investigate, and, luckily, find nothing. The two shrug, and go back to their business.

      Someone else enters, a dark skinned paraplegic male student with glasses. He was somehow familiar to me. Anyway, I sneak to the lounge as the scientists greeted him, just barely keeping out of their sight. Just then, the student goes to the lounge and plays some games. He instantly notices me, but, for whatever reason, says nothing.

      After that, I head to the exit he arrived from. Past a small, steel bridge was large structure clearly constructed of soft material (like styrofoam), its rounded walls made to appear as camo fortifications. A children's fun room, I thought. Soon, a number of younger kids burst out, each no older than ten years old. I try turning invisible, but couldn't. So, I climb on the roof to keep hidden. Several kids spotted and pointed at me, but distracted themselves afterwards.

      Things get unclear. I sneak back to the lounge, and acknowledge forgetting why I was even there. Several more tries at invisibility don't succeed, so I had to figure out how to escape.

      Not sure what else happened until the dream ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      A Mortal Kombat related dream. This involved a convoluted plot by Dark Raiden. He leads Earthrealmers into a trap to delay them. Time travel is involved, and a past form of Raiden arrives to help.

      Then, a dream set in Victorian London, mostly occurring on a balcony in a public building. Two clean shaven gentlemen talk of going through several amazing adventures for the sake of ice cream. They've apparently travelled through many alternate dimensions, but have since longed for their true home. When they left, younger versions of themselves arrive. The two have a brief interaction with a young noble lady. She bade they not speak with her for their protection. Too late. A constable arrives, and arrests the men for not having time travel permits. The men weren't even aware they'd been in a time warp. One bemoaned not being able to taste English ice cream.

      Downstairs at home. From a mirror, I find out my facial and head hair has become white. Start using my laptop. For whatever reason, I eat tufts of my beard, getting sharp strands of hair caught between my teeth.

      I talk to Benjamin about my beating a Mechazor deck in Duelyst. He wasn't impressed, and further snide comments of his annoy me.

      Something nasty happens at home, possibly even caused by me. Probably had to do with big bugs.
    4. Log 353 - Be The Flame

      by , 04-17-2016 at 03:46 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 17 April 2016

      I could identify having many dreams today, but failed to remember most of these. One in particular was repeated numerous times throughout the night.

      Dream 1 - Be The Flame

      The visuals were somewhat dim. I found I was in the form of a candle's light, glowing red, feeling an odd sensation of constant warmth, near weightlessness, and near amorphousness. Dark smoke clouded the area above as I burned through the wick. Further below was the white candle itself. Everything past that was but pure darkness.

      From the start, I knew of the dream state... somewhat. My dream form proclaimed as much, but I never fully understood the implications. Whatever the case, "I" had apparently recently accomplished all of my primary dream goals, all these supposedly represented as the smoke rising above me. There was nothing left for me to do, I thought. Nothing else, but to be the flame. It was a peaceful and happy experience.

      This went on for a while until I awaken a few minutes later. I then have repeated instances of this dream, at least four or five of them, varying between being completely unaware, or having my dream form attesting to being in a dream once again.

      Scrap Group 1
      Two dreams of wandering in a school, I think? One of these had me interacting with a blonde girl in her early-mid twenties. We've apparently met up via a lucid dream forum (a made up one, I believe). As we conversed on that topic, the girl gave a surprise peck on my lips, leaving me stammering, my cheeks glowing from both appreciation and embarrassment. Some of her hair got caught in my lips, which I pulled out. She intterupts me a few more times with more short kisses.

      One dream where something overtly gory happened. A guy getting his head bit off by a monster, or something?

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