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    Visions in the Dark

    Lost in England

    by , 11-17-2011 at 04:59 PM (388 Views)
    I'm in England in a busy downtown disctrict. I have no idea how I got there but I know that I must get to the airport so I can get home. I wander the street for a long time but I cannot find my way out of the downtown area and seem to be going in circles. A red double decker bus comes along and I get on it, thinking it will take me to the airport, but instead it goes toa huge shopping mall and drops everyone off.

    I go into the shopping mall and wander around a bit. I pass a two storey McDonald's resturant that is closed and dark. There is a museum in the center of the mall that is showing ancient chinese art. Some of the art are sculptures of giant leaves done in jade and a green crystal stone, though some of the leaves are missing peices like parts of them have corroded or rusted off like it was made of metal.

    When I leave the museum I am in the basement floor of the mall and for some reason I am in my pajamas. I am feeling hungry and head for the food court, which is on the far side of the basement floor of the mall. Many of the fast food resturants are places I have never heard of serving food I have either never seen before or do not like. There is a Burger King and a Diary Queen, but they are closed for some reason.

    I order a hot drink from one of the resturants (coffee I think?) and as I am waiting for it to be prepared I see my dad and my eldest brother appear in line for the same resturant. I am happy to see them and hope that they will take me home. At first they don't respond to me, then later say that they are not here for me and we get into an argument about something.

    I cannot remember how this dream ends, but I woke up feeling so upset that I was nauseated.

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