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    Visions in the Dark

    My three eggs

    by , 07-31-2010 at 01:00 AM (563 Views)
    The beginning of the dream is long and concerns a secret military base in a valley in an unnamed country, though I have forgotten most of it. I am my Chinese dream incarnate Chun-li. The military base contains a medical ward that has an odd layout. One end of the infirmiry is located by a lake at the far end of the valley, while another part of it is located up river in a square building in the central region of the valley.

    I (as Chun-li) am a scientifically engineered super soldier and have been hybernating in a deep sleep for many years. The army commanders decide to wake me up for some reason and send me from one end of the medical facility to the other, but even though I just woke up and I am not at full physical strength, they make me walk up the river to the other building.

    Along the way I pass a gnarley, leafless tree that has three blue sacs sitting in three different crooks of the tree. The sacs are about soccor ball sized and transparent, when I look inside each of them I can see blue embryos and upon seeing them I know they are "my eggs" and that they are a combination of my cloned cells and my ovarian egg cells combined to create more super soldiers like me. They are alive and thriving but I wonder why they have been placed in a tree and are not in a scientific lab.

    I continue on my way to the square building and see a group of soldiers digging away at the base of a cliff on the other side of the river. They look farmiliar to me but I cannot place their names, and they do not notice my prescence. When I arrive at my destination I am immediately placed in bed and given a private room to rest in. I am fading in and out of consciousness for several hours as a variety of people, including doctors, scientists and old army buddies come in to check on me.

    Some doctors and scientists come in one day and put me to sleep with anestesia. Even though my body is unconscious my mind can hear them talking. They are discussing my eggs in the tree down the river and arguing whether it would be best for their development to stay in the tree or to transplant the eggs back into my body now that I was out of deep hybernation. The doctors seem to be arguing that it would be better for the eggs to be returned to my body while the scientists were saying that the eggs would become stronger by being in the tree.

    At the conclusion of the argument, the blue eggs, which were now golf-ball sized, were placed back into my body to develop, but the dream ended before the anestesia wore off and I could wake up.

    I drew a picture (click for larger image):

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