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    DHL FIGHT! Genghis Khan! ★★★★☆

    by , 12-16-2016 at 10:47 AM (1199 Views)
    I am in my room, I fly up into the air and head for Mongolia. As I am flying I decide to Zoom teleport instead of flying and get there really quickly. I land at near someone that looks like it could be the great Khan himself. I have a FA to my house, kind of, more like just a quick flash back to it and I am standing near my bed. I close my eyes and fall back to the ground, instead of mirroring out the other side where I want, I get stuck in the ground and appear right behind him.
    “Is it you? Or is it just a clone?” I ask. He is startled and turns around, pulling a sword out. Startled, this is definitely the clone, the dreamer I know wouldn’t be very easy to startle. Fire flies out of nowhere from his direction. I have no way to deal with this unless I use powers! I jump behind a tree. Summoning my sword from my hand. I need to pick a stat to counter this fire. He doesn’t seem to have a limited amount of fire, completely unlimited fire, maybe unlimited breath? I dunno… I realize that my sword has been set into the ground and a hole has been created, not like the acid eating away at it, but like a teleportation ring, I wonder where it sends me. I jump in and realize that it just goes where I want it to in a 50 meter radius, but since I hadn’t decided a place, it just shot me 50 feet up in the air… I can’t survive a fall like this unless I use a stat or a non normal ability… stat… Arms max everything! I summon my sword, realizing that the ground teleport actually is my sword when it hits the ground and after use, it unsummons my sword. I use max precision and max strength to toss the sword into the ground and land in it. My momentum carries with me, so I have to choose the right place to teleport. I pick a tree around and choose that to teleport out of at him, I should be slowed down enough by the time I hit the ground with the angle. I land in the teleport and out the tree, but my angle was a bit too high. Instead of hitting the ground right before I get to him, I am heading right at him. He turns and sees me, I summon my sword and we clash swords, I push him back with the extra strength. Each time our swords clash, mine is much stronger, he learns quickly how to redirect it, and starts throwing fire at me, I realize that with his fire in this close range, I can’t hope to win. I toss my sword on the ground and jump down, appearing right behind him. I punch him in the back and he goes flying. As he flies away, he turns towards me and lets a huge wave of fire, enough to kill me if I don’t dodge. I take off away from him and my hand pushes off a boulder and I fly way faster than the fire, towards… nothing?! I realize that I am heading towards a black emptiness and I fall down into the void and back around to the other side (imagine falling out of orbit). Apparently we are on a small 50 meter by 100 meter floating platform, a plain with a few trees on one side and something that looks like mustafar on the other side, only 2 meters high (50 x 100 x 2).
    I summon my sword. Mustafar could kill me, I just use it to teleport to the other side. Not much momentum, so I just come out of the other side a little ways away from Khan. I throw my sword at him. He gets his sword hand rattled, I do a quick summon and teleport to him, summoning my sword again. I know this seems tedious, so from now on, I think I will just leave it out, it flows as a quick clap clap, or just a clap if I need it. He raises his sword, but with the already off balanceness, I grasp his sword and take it from him.Chopping his head off. 7 copies of him pop up all around me and I swing both swords, chopping all the heads. Doesn’t seem to be working, but he might just be healing or something like that. I notice that they are dissipating and throw my sword down at the ground one last time, I push myself through with my arms, giving me tons of momentum, and appear right behind the last clone. He dissapears and I hear a wave of fire. I notice that all the trees are burning and something is burning through the whole area. I also notice that the huge thing we are on is now floating around a world, not just void. I found this interesting, but the fire is coming from every direction and I fall to the ground and punch through the ground, falling through to the mustafar side, when I almost land, I put the two swords together and raise them up high. I swing down with all my might (maxed out speed and strength) and just the wave of energy cuts the thing we are on in half. I am temporarily suspended between them, but then I start drifting towards one of the sides. I see Khan coming at me, his neck has healed mostly. I get on all fours and use my arms to send me across to the other side. When Khan jumps across he sends a huge amount of fire that way too. I use my sword (which I realize now is the only sword I am holding since the other one broke from the use of it (Maybe it was an ability I used of it to extend and cut that thing in half, but I don’t know). I set my sword down and leave a teleporter under me, waiting for the last moment. The fire reaches me and is almost consuming me, but then it fades, thanks to my arms shielding me and the Khan wrapped in fire, is trying to deliver a finishing blow. I am getting badly burnt in all places but my arms, and my eyes can no longer see. I wait until the khans fire first comes at me and I block with one hand and grab the portal with the other. The block throws him off balance and when I teleport through, I come right behind him and punch through the fire shield and reach his heart with an arm stab. The fire subsides (I can feel) I consider this battle won, so I heal myself and see where I am. I am stuck between the three pulls of gravity, so I reach my hands out and let fire spew from them, completely incinerating the two things, then I crush them into bits with some TK energy and there is nothing left of them. I float down to the world. It is constantly changing and shifting. I think it is because the idea of so many dreamers shaping such little dreamscape. I put my hand on the world and imagine it 10 times bigger, I can’t tell a difference, but the one city I was near is actually seven different cities far apart and changing much less. I also think about some old newspapers from Zödra, 1 million. The population of the world. That is all. I don’t think it was there before with my ideas of Zödra, but it is now. Lots less people, more places. This should keep the dream world from destroying itself. I might have to add more people later, but meh, a max of 1 million should be good. It might dwindle with all the killing that is likely to ensue with all the people realizing that it is a dream, but I can always add more later. I step into the closest city and no one seems to notice me, everyone flying and no one working anywhere. I need to make sure that we cement the currency, don’t know how to do that yet. Alarm goes off.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Its amazing how detailed you are with your fights. You also managed to win so congrats.xD Sounds like he ruffed you up a bit with the fire though.
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      haha, yeah, it hurt pretty bad. I try to make sure my abilities are either equal or less than my opponents, so that i can win with tactics and all.

      i am trying to be more detailed when i actually DJ here, so that it is more important to me, since i am trying to tell a narrative and it should be more interesting to others too.

      thanks for reading!
    3. Nefets's Avatar
      what did you mean by " This should keep the dream world from destroying itself. I might have to add more people later, but meh, a max of 1 million should be good. It might dwindle with all the killing that is likely to ensue with all the people realizing that it is a dream, but I can always add more later. " ?
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    4. Sensei's Avatar
      what did you mean by " This should keep the dream world from destroying itself. I might have to add more people later, but meh, a max of 1 million should be good. It might dwindle with all the killing that is likely to ensue with all the people realizing that it is a dream, but I can always add more later. " ?
      Zödra is the dream world that I have created. I have recently (within the last week) made it so that everyone in the world knows that it is a dream and can use dream control powers. This caused a great deal of insanity in my dreaming life, so I made sure that we all had enough space and room in the world so that they don't destroy each other while I am gone. I don't want the whole world destroyed because of some loony DC fight gone awry. I should probably put some wards on the earth itself so that it can't be destroyed.
    5. Nefets's Avatar
      So its like shared dreaming?
      Sensei likes this.
    6. Sensei's Avatar
      It is and it isnt. it is like it, but i am the only person involved.