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    Fire!!! Non Lucid

    by , 11-13-2012 at 05:55 AM (600 Views)
    Lately I have been having a lot of layer zero dreams (dreams where things happen that talk about dreaming, but you don't become lucid)
    Last night I actually had a dream that I was told my dad was an oneironaut, which I thought was pretty cool. My dad and I are pretty good friends, but he probably is against lucid dreaming like my mom is.

    Anyways, since most of my dreams have either been layer zero, or putting me in a video game, I have been having a great time about dreaming anyways. This is one where I actually used more fire than I ever have had in a lucid dream before, so it was pretty fun.


    I was in the training ground from Bleach, the one under Urahara's shop, I knew that i was inside, but it looked like it was outside. I was practicing some fire movements, and I pulled back my hand and imagined the fire getting extremely vibrant, and almost burning my hand. I then released it, and it shot out like black Getsuga Tenshou, leaving a crater (exactly like Getsuga does) in it's wake.

    I was a little frustrated that I had used up so much energy, since I was actually just warming up before a fight. She was going to be here soon. I needed to get that energy back. I somehow zoomed out away from me, and rewound the video, from afar, zooming in, and watching it slowly, it looked more like Amataresu from Naruto. (because yes, Amaterasu is used in more than one anime because of its meaning) as it went back into my hands, giving me back my energy, and I was back in my body. She arrived, and as I looked up to her and was about to fight her, I woke up.

    This is a picture of Amaterasu destroying fire.
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    1. Kaenthem's Avatar
      Great dream man! congratulations
      I've always wanted to have a Bleach related LD. Actually it's one of my lucid dreaming goals right now. I was thinking of trying to creat a zanpaktu and try and communicate with it. sinse it's a dream (inner world) anyway. and I always wanted to do a Amaterasu too. You just did every thing that I wanted to do in one dream.