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    Getting a really sturdy grasp of my sword ★★★★☆

    by , 10-23-2016 at 12:28 PM (775 Views)
    After an hour of meditation, I hit my WILD. I am in the void, but I am really close to a place behind me. I can feel my hands rubbing together. I walk next to a fountain. I turn it to ice. I jump on it and it breaks. I fall through and am flying above where I was just at, just like I was in my visualizations. I fly down to the fountain again and pull out my sword. It isn't my sword. I toss it on the ground. I put my hands together and magic circles appear, as I pull my white katana out. Been wanting to try that. I put the tip on my hand and slide it back in, it disappears into its magic sheath in the suspended dimension on my hand. I do this five times just to get the feel and get the idea saved in my head. Then I put it away and want Jason, he should be able to help me. I feel him behind me. I turn around and he isn't looking at me.
    "Take me there"
    He seems mad, maybe Zödra has gotten worse because of me or he thinks I have grown weak. Better show him I am not weak. I pause time as he walks away and grab his head. Then I slam it into the doorway and it bounces off. I reverse time and do it again. This time I pause and build up power. I release and throw him into the doorway again. It breaks and his head pauses there due to time still not being on. I turn it on and he jumps out of it and stares at me. He smiles and says
    "This way." He steps into the house.
    "It is in this big estate?" I ask him, walking into an Elizabethan styled mansion.
    "It is anywhere we are." He opens the door and it is the same room we were just in. Except there are a couple of differences, sofa is a bit newer, recliner replaced with a computer chair. I realize that it is like the shadow walk to Amber, all we have to do it going in one direction, entering the same room over and over and it will keep changing until it is the room I want to use my key in. After 5 times of walking into the same room and changing small things, a computer and all sorts of levers were on the wall, making it close to the control panel I need.

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