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    Got my Silver Key ★★★★★

    by , 10-19-2016 at 04:45 AM (1296 Views)

    I am trying to get the key from inside the crypt in the hills behind Arkham, kinda complicated for a normal lucid, but with how my WILDs have been lately, I should be good. I am listening to the audio book "through the gate of the silver key" to help me out. I am flying over the hills in my imagination, but then the dream actually starts and I look down and see a forest. Not the right place, I imagine the hills appearing in the distance, but then a beach appears followed by an ocean. I fly under the water thinking that the hills might have been covered by the ocean, but I just see a normal ocean floor. I get a little scared being down there. I fly out of the water and plan to see the hills after that, but I am distracted by the sound of something coming out of the water behind me. It is like a giant blue octopus with a sky blue body and dark blue under the arms, flying through the air like it would swim through water and gaining on me. I hold my hand up like I have a blade and make a fire energy whip thing. I slash at the octopus and it is sliced all the way through and is missing about a third of its body as it falls to the ocean. I turn around and fly under the water again. I can breathe under there, that is pretty fun. I make 5 more fire energy whip swords and have them rotating around me while I swim. I fly out of the water and there is no end of ocean in sight. I close my eyes and imagine the hills. They aren't appearing through my closed eyes, so I imagine them again and just open my eyes. haha. hills. I land on the ground and cannot find the two trees. I fly up again and look on the horizon, not there. I keep spinning and see nothing. I decide to try a behind the back summon from far away. Oh yeah they were this way! I think and fly backwards. I turn around and land right at the trees. There is supposed to be a crypt in between them. There is a hobbit hole .

    similar to this, but kind of randomized colors, red door, window painted blue so I can't see in, the wall is green
    I decide that it must be built over it, but instead of going inside, I decide to dig out the house. I grab at the grass above the door and it starts pulling back easily. About 5 inches in, the wood ends and I can just see blackness behind. I guess I could have opened the door, but it could teleport me away or something. I tk the whole wood panel out and it is just black darkness. It doesn't look like it belongs. doesn't look dark, but more like the lack of anything existing there. I jump in.
    Instantly I am teleported to the void it seems, or maybe just sucked in. I look around, because I was kind of expecting it to be dark here anyways. This is still where I was planning on finding the key. Floating above me, the silver key seemed to shine its own light. The connection to deeper dreams and other dimensions, the silver key. I grab it, and at this time I start to feel my body a little more and can hear the book again, or maybe just understand it again. I notice that what is happening in the book is also happening around me, I had fallen asleep at a time where the protagonist was in the place I was trying to get to, and I had entered a long time after him. The timing actually doesn't make much sense when I think about it. But here is what I was hearing during the dream
    For this Shape was nothing less than that which all the world has feared since Lomar rose out of the sea and the Winged Ones came to earth to teach the Elder Lore to man. It was indeed the frightful Guide and Guardian of the Gate—’Umr at-Tawil, the ancient one, which the scribe rendereth the Prolonged of Life.
    The Guide knew, as he knew all things, of Carter’s quest and coming, and that this seeker of dreams and secrets stood before him unafraid. There was no horror or malignity in what he radiated, and Carter wondered for a moment whether the mad Arab’s terrific blasphemous hints, and extracts from the Book of Thoth, might not have come from envy and a baffled wish to do what was now about to be done. Or perhaps the Guide reserved his horror and malignity for those who feared. As the radiations continued, Carter mentally interpreted them in the form of words.
    “I am indeed that Most Ancient One,” said the Guide, “of whom you know. We have awaited you—the Ancient Ones and I. You are welcome, even though long delayed. You have the Key, and have unlocked the First Gate. Now the Ultimate Gate is ready for your trial. If you fear, you need not advance. You may still go back unharmed the way you came. But if you choose to advance . . .”
    I could see The Guide, he was tall, but covered in shadows, so I couldn't discern his face. I didn't really want to proceed, I just wanted the key. I think I was trying to make it too much like the book, so when it became more like the book than I wanted, I stopped listening and decided to teleport out. I double checked that I had the key, but then I heard the book again.

    We salute you, Most Ancient One, and you, Randolph Carter, whose daring has made you one of us.”
    Carter saw now that one of the pedestals was vacant, and a gesture of the Most Ancient One told him it was reserved for him. He saw also another pedestal, taller than the rest, and at the centre of the oddly curved line (neither semicircle nor ellipse, parabola nor hyperbola) which they formed. This, he guessed, was the Guide’s own throne. Moving and rising in a manner hardly definable, Carter took his seat; and as he did so he saw that the Guide had likewise seated himself.
    The pedestal I saw was made of shining gold, and had jewels encrusted in it, as it talked about the rest of the things, I only paid attention to my pedestal and floated towards it on accident and found myself seated. I didn't see any of the other pedestals that it was talking about until after, and there were two of the other ones looking at me, strange, grey wrinkly faces that didn't seem aged, but didn't seem young either. They didn't seem to hold any emotion either, just watching me. I needed to get the key out of here before I lose it to the book I haven't yet read or just drop it in this floating emptiness. I look down and I am not wearing a shirt, and my shorts have no pockets. Something to remember the key by. I look at the key and examine it. It is sharp. I stab it into my stomach and it gets stuck at the hilt. Barely any pressure, that won't be easy to remember. I stab myself again and again until there is pain and until I can fit the key all the way in my stomach. I can feel both my body and my dream body, so I go back to my waking body to make sure I don't lose my key.

    Just found this:

    Maybe I was closer to it at the beginning than I thought. haha.

    Check out H.P. Lovecraft Dream Cycle for the Silver Key references and actually the majority of the things from the dream.

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    1. oneironautics's Avatar
      Happened to read your goal yesterday about finding a silver key and thought what a nice goal wonder what door you will enter,, Dreamt i found a huge Key or maybe i was really tiny was sort old metallic looking maybe needed to be polished if it was silver and had a red jewel on it :-) .. Just curious why did you decided to go to your waking body with the key , would you forget it or lose it?

      Sweet Dreams
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Well, on the rules of Zödra, then the key is persistent as soon as I get it, but I like to do a long quest for something and then use it in the next dream. So I like to put things where I can easily find them next time. I also knew I didn't have much time.

      Glad you liked it! Hopefully you find something cool to do with your key. I have a pretty big goal with this key, since it is the key from the Dream Cycle by HP Lovecraft (adding that at the end of the DJ entry). The silver key has some cool abilities.
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    3. oneironautics's Avatar
      well i'm sure it has something to do with your Dream Yoga articles , (super helpful btw) was reading and am super excited about throwing fireballs etc. but probably will have to wait until i have been lucid at least 10 times,, but at least there is a key when i am ready to use it, maybe it will be the right size so i can lift it :-)
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    4. Sensei's Avatar
      haha, I am always glad to hear someone read my stuff. Let me know if you ever have any questions!
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