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    Ghost Concert. ★★☆☆☆

    by , 10-27-2012 at 11:28 AM (444 Views)
    I am going through on a computer and this weird lady that is supposed to be my mother is showing me things. She pulls up something that is supposed to be my future baby, and I am looking down at it and ask "is this real?" she replies "no, this is a dream."
    I look around, trying to stabilize first. I am somehow in my parents house even though the dream started out in a different random open house and I want to just fly out the window, but it didn't work because of the glass. Screw it, I'll go out the door." i go out to the hallway, walk down the stairs, around the corner and realize that the dream is fading. I start looking at all my surroundings and shaking my extremities. It is dark outside, but it gets brighter, it looks like it is a full moon outside. I open the door to go outside, but then I start switching to a semi-lucid state. I tell myself that I can't leave the door open to my parents house, so I stand outside and "wake myself up." I walk back in the house and go to the top of the stairs and "fall back to sleep" I am now transported outside.
    There is a guy outside that wants to hear my band play, he is showing his friends how the guitar at his neighbors house plays itself at certain times of night. I let the guitar stay on the ground and I rock for about 10 minutes. I realize that I don't have to follow with the dream anymore after about 2 minutes, but the other 8 I am in a lucid state and just enjoying my own dream concert that only I can hear
    The whole dream lasted 15 minutes (That is how long I told myself that I had been in there right before I woke up)

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