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    Settings Change/taking out sister ★★★★☆

    by , 10-27-2016 at 05:48 AM (1191 Views)
    I am in Florida… stabilizing... wait. Okay. I need to get back to my body. That is a long way. I fly quickly into space. I fly to Japan and I realize that I don't know how to get to my house without a sign. I see Osaka written on Japan and I fly to it, then head over the mountain and see my apartment. I fly in through the ceiling (I try not to think about it much since I am not good at flying through solid objects) and see my body. I need my key, I reach for my stomach and he wakes up. I turn invisible. I can't find it this way, so I am going to have to cut it open. He flails about, doesn't seem to know that it is a dream. I grab his head and throw him against the wall. I sharpen my hand and slice open his stomach, something metal falls out and I pick it up, it is a weird looking metal object, but obviously not my key. I use TK to keep him against the wall and he is no longer able to move his arms and legs thanks to my tk. I reach in and feel all the organs, but then I feel the key. He isn't screaming, but he is frantically looking for something to fight, what a beast. lol. I fly upwards and make myself smaller. I jump into his head. A big circular room, filled with machinery, I knew it would be here, and I got my key. I see a big sign that says "settings" and I look for more signs. I stumbled around reading for a while, so I will just skip to the things I used the key for. I changed the settings for dream beginnings from Random to false awakening I thought about switching it to lucid, but I didn't want to chance it not working and have to redo it to just false awakening. There are a bunch of cool settings, but I didn't change anything except Dream Recall I changed to High Priority. Each time I change a setting, the whole room shakes and my head starts hurting immensely, both reassuring signs. I jumped out of my body and back into the body that I had taken the key from. We woke up. False awakening. haha. I jump up and down on the bed, excited that I made it a FA like I wanted. I need to do this a couple times to cement it. I wake up. FA. I do this 10 times. I then decide that I want to do some more things. I have dream recall set to high priority, so I shouldn't have to worry about how long the LD is.

    I think about finding my girl doppelganger, but last time I saw her, she warned me of a threat I have yet to take care of, so we will take care of that. I imagine a door behind my bed and turn around, it is right there. I step through. I am at the exact place that I fought my evil sister at last, I was using Vixen's body though. I put up a three part barrier, one impassable, one to destroy any dream abilities and one to freeze time. They are all hollow cubes that are only a meter thick at 20 meters, 15 meters, and 5 meters away from me. Julia is much faster than me, at least how I am now. I don't really feel like fighting, just finishing this. She appears i the last barrier, staring at me, frozen in time, the time stop is almost cheating since no other character has been shown to possess this yet. I step aside and unfreeze her mouth and ears. She still can't move her eyes to see me now that I have moved.
    "You won't be able to break this, simply because you don't have time to. Answer me, why are you here?"
    "I am your sister, this is just a game."
    "That is a lie, I know that much." I tell her and put my hands together, pulling out my sword, preparing to end this.
    "I was sent by the government to keep tabs on the Zödra fighters! It is just an assignment! Don't kill me!"
    "That is also a lie, I know that your plan has always been to kill me." I am sick of this. I show her my sword "I am going to chop off your head, a fitting end. Can you think of a reason as to why I shouldn't?"
    She laughs "That won't be enough to stop someone that knows the truth."
    "Do you know what the ability of my sword is?"
    She seems a little more scared.
    "Neither do I."
    I chop her head off with one clean cut and she starts laughing again.
    "I can regen from here and wipe you out!" her head starts regenerating a body, but as it starts, a second effect takes place, her blood and bones and everything that touched the sword starts boiling and fizzing and going upwards, from her neck up to her head as well as neck down on her body. I release the time barrier so that her body is completely eaten up. I reach into her pocket and grab her ID, I wanted a document saying that I was in Zödra, but it was all in Japanese. I summon a small eyeglass that is supposed to translate and look through it. It is kind of blurry, but it ends up saying a bunch of nonsense words like "Brlao" and no sign of Zödra. Weird. I wake up

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