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    1. Random lucid fragment

      by , 10-29-2010 at 04:08 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 22, 2010

      Fragment (DILD?)
      I remember Rachael wanting to talk at my site. She came up to my desk and I was astounded - she looked like a complete stranger (in retrospect, she looked a lot like an ex's mum). I realized this wasn't Rachael, and managed to convince the dream to change her into the real Rachael. My thought process was much like, "That's not the way Rachael looks! How does Rachael look? *Search memory, come up with image* That's what Rachael looks like. *Dream obliges; I watch the DC change into the real Rachael* Okay, continue."
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    2. Bang! 4 lucids in one night :)

      by , 10-22-2010 at 02:04 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 18, 2010

      Took G/C (1 pill) around 6am + 3 melissa pills (the lemon balm/l-theanine combo). Back to bed with a MILD mantra (this is a dream/nose pinch visual). Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of notes between these dreams, so I really only remember the lucid bits.

      I also forgot to meditate on any goals, so my LD's came out pretty randomly.

      Trying to find my DG's (MILD)
      I realized I was dreaming and walked away from whatever was happening. I remember running out the door and noticing I was naked, but I didn't care. I asked the dream, "Please take me to where Danny and Sterling are!" and flew. I remember seeing all black, but then a white light swirled around. Then everything went white. I wondered if I accidentally killed myself. I stopped to let everything stabilize, but then someone "woke" me up.

      Back in bed, I was in SP. It cleared, and Roger was standing over me. He told me I needed to come hear this. I was about to find something fantastic, this had better be good :sad1: I followed him out into a room and saw a person with anime eyes. One eye was blue and one was red.

      There was a girl at a table. She asked me if I wanted some juice, but I told her I would have some wine. This surprised her, but she got it for me. She addressed the room, saying she had information on finding Danny and Sterling. I woke up.

      Walking down a street (DILD)
      I was crossing a street on a winter day, walking my dog (the one that passed away, IRL). I got the inkling that it may be a dream, and I was about to shrug it off when I stopped myself. I actually didn't think about my dog, but I thought, "Well, if it's a dream, let's jump up and sit on this tree branch." I jumped up and reached the tree branch, feeling pretty satisfied with myself.

      Fireballs (DILD)
      Once I became lucid, I wasn't entirely sure what to do. I remembered a previous dream where I was trying to throw fireballs, but I couldn't create them. So, it's decided. I'm going to make some fireballs. I held out my hand, and pretended I could feel heat across my palm. It took a bit, but soon enough I saw a lovely little ball of fire form off my hand. A perfect sphere hovering just above it. I giggled happily and tossed it. I set something on fire, but I can't quite remember what. Some shrubbery, perhaps.

      I realized though, that I'm going to need to conjure fireballs a lot faster than that, if I'm going to use them in battles. So I practiced conjuring and tossing fireballs. Unfortunately, I have extremely bad aim :sad1: I happened to be standing in a food court and I kept tossing them at people and hitting walls and such. But, they were conjuring a bit faster, so yayyyy!

      Sailor Moon (Possibly a WILD, with a very short transition)
      I was chatting with my former neighbour (a clairvoyant) about the first lucid dream that I had tonight, about being "woke up" in sleep paralysis. I realized how different I am now than when she knew me. Back then, I didn't get lucid very often, and I wasn't aware of the spiritual implications this could have. It saddened me, too, that it's hard to talk about with people in my waking life. And that the real person doesn't know I get lucid a few times a month, now.

      However, in the front yard, there came a man, shrouded in black. He started up an attack, which I went to fend off. I decided to use my new fireballs. I threw a few, but my aim really, really sucks :sob: I decided to just hold my arm out where I wanted the ball to go, but then nothing would come out. Okay... what about psi-balls? Nothing. I sighed in defeat (of the lack of abilities, not of the fight). I shouted out the transformation phrase for Sailor Moon and transformed. I whipped out the moon stick, and the man freaked. I used the Moon Healing Escalation on him, and took care of him.

      I noticed a cat... Luna! She turned into an older woman (guessing about mid-50's in age). I became really saddened though. She might be a real dreamer, but I won't know her in waking life. I may never know her. But in the dream, we are allies. I left without speaking to her. She tried to stop me, but I ignored her.

      Later, at "home," she came bounding through the door, in cat form again. My mum asked me to get rid of her (not in a bad way, but we're all allergic to cats in the house). I told Luna as much, but then noticed she had some wounds. I cleaned her, then brought her to mum. I said I can't abandon an injured animal, so she'll stay in my room. Mum said it was fine.

      I brought Luna to my room, and tucked her under the blankets. I asked her if she could breathe, and she nodded.

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    3. Just pay your eye doctor with...

      by , 10-18-2010 at 08:58 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 15, 2010

      Just pay your optometrist in meth (DILD)
      The furthest back that I can recall, I was making a whack of purchases that I knew I shouldn't be making because I'm tight on hours this month. But regardless, I was buying, and I was paying outright - not using the good old credit card (it was conveniently missing from my wallet when I checked for it).

      I decided to go glasses frame shopping (something I need to do IWL, soon), because now seemed like a great time to be making expensive purchases

      I went around to a few different stores, trying on frames. I wanted something specific. Thick frames with a red tint to them. I wasn't finding anything, and they all looked rather horrible on me.

      I went to this one last place, where its so expensive that the staff actually makes an effort to remember your name. And they knew me, so I guess I've been there, before. I told them I'm just frames-shopping, because my prescription is out of date. They set up an optometrist appointment for me.

      Then, I was sitting in a room with a DC-friend, admiring his dark green, shoulder-length hair. He had some plastic bags and a bottle of pills and told me I could just pay my optometrist in meth. I thought he was joking, and asked, "Hah, but you're not serious, right? That's not really meth!"

      "No, it is," he assured me, oblivious to the ludicrousness of the idea. He probably does some himself.

      "We can't give my optometrist meth!!" I exclaimed.

      So we gave it to someone else. Some rich adversary living in the imposing mansion on the top of the hill (kinda like Mr. Burns' accommodations in the Simpsons). The dream switched to the adversary's point of view, and he's holding the bag, talking to his accomplice. He knows what it is, and devices a plot to use it back on us. Invite us over for dinner and ground it up into our food.

      Back to me, and I was aware of his plan. But I was also alone now, riding a bike down a forest path, away from the mansion. It also occurred to me that Mamoru (I randomly decided to call the DC that, I guess) was still back at the mansion. "He's probably been taken prisoner, I need to go back and save him!" I stopped at the bottom of the path and looked up towards the mansion, and the arduous up-hill path to get back up there. "Good thing this is just a dream, so I can just fly back up there." (Got to love those "I only became lucid so I wouldn't have to walk back up a hill" realizations!)

      I transformed, and pushed off the ground. I was in the Eternal Sailor Moon form, which has wings, so flying wasn't an issue at all. I saw guards patrolling the grounds. This one chick, all in blue (a sorcerer of some sort) saw me, and flew up to me. She tried to bind me, using my own sailor uniform : I un-transformed, so she lost her advantage, re-transformed quickly, and blasted her with one of my weapons (the eternal tier, but I didn't use a power-name. Just as well, the power names got long and ridiculous sounding in Sailor Stars). I located the room Mamo-chan should be in, and went through the window...
      woke up.
    4. Dream Battle

      by , 10-13-2010 at 01:15 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Dream Battle (Dream-WILD)
      I remember vaguely starting the dream out being in class again with Alice, and she had to leave early to get back to London. I assumed she meant London, England in the dream; but it wasn't until just now, recording this, that she probably meant London, Ontario (she lives there IRL).

      The dream skipped and I'm running away from a dude. I went inside a house and locked the door. I knew he'd get in, but at least this would buy me some time to find a place to hide. I hoped it'd would be good enough. I chose a closet which had some tall boxes in them, and scrunched down behind them. I rang 911. Just the same as my last dream where I phoned 911, no one answered. In fact, I got a voice mail saying to leave my name and distress issue, and they'll get back to me I hung up. This service sucks. I'm probably going to die because they can't get their heads out of their asses. I shut my phone off and hid it so the light wouldn't betray my hiding spot, but I got found anyways.

      Accepting my fate, the guy wrenched me out of my hiding spot, and I "woke up."

      False awakening. Nose pinch, could breathe. I believed it this time, but pinched again to be sure. Breathed. Kick ass! I remembered I wanted to dream-WILD in my next FA, so I set to it, but I forgot to have a scene in mind, so I got dragged back into the previous dream. "Wait! I didn't want back in this one! Oh well, at least I'm lucid now," I thought.

      Buddy was back there too and resumed his attack on me. I shielded and jumped out the window, flying. He was instantly like "WTF?!"

      "Yeah, I can fly!" I shouted at him. "I can do more than that, too!" and I started attempting to throw fireballs down on his location. They ended up just being psi-balls, but hey... they were causing explosions, so I continued my assault.

      Suddenly, dude was flying too though, and copying my attacks. "What the hell?!"

      "Every attack you use on me, I will absorb it!" he laughed.

      Oh... he's one of those types. Fine. I straightened myself out and willed myself upwards, into the sky. I heard Danny's voice ask me, "Isn't that a beautiful colour of blue?" I agreed with him, it was. But it was darkening, and I didn't want to go into space today. I was suddenly back on the ground, and I was extremely disoriented.

      The guy followed me, and I tried to push off into the air again, but I couldn't. I wondered if the flight took my abilities away? It's probably this disorientation. So, I started running. And he followed. "Hey, it's no fair attacking me when I've lost all my abilities!" I shouted. The running made me feel better, though. I could fly again, but I don't remember if we fought more. I remember being face to face with him and trying to make him explode, but no such luck.

      He had me cornered in an alley. Sensing that I was out of attacks, I decided to try one last thing. "Aishiteru," I said, quietly.

      "What?" he asked, completely off guard.

      "Aishiteru... I love you," I said. I opened my arms to hug him. This was actually meant to be a trick, I was going to try to lull him into a false sense of security so a DC-ally could get him... I already could see my ally waiting for my signal.

      "I love you too," he said. Wait, what?! That's not supposed to happen... Well... I can't kill him now, that'd be wrong.

      The next bit is private, but all I will say is there were DC's grouping around.... I force-fielded the end of the alley so no one could get in. However, for some reason, a Scottish bag-pipe marching band went right through it... ??? And the DC turned into Jack. Not a bad way to end a dream, I suppose.
      I woke 3 minutes before the 90-minute cycle alarm sounded.
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    5. Sinking Ship

      by , 10-13-2010 at 01:13 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Sinking ship (DILD)
      I'm on a ship. It's like the Titanic, but not quite. It's old like it, really. I'm a crew member, I seem to be like the Captain's right-hand woman. I have a precognitive thought that the ship is going to sink soon. Sure enough, the walls buckle, and I see the outline of pipes bulging through the wall. They burst, and the room starts filling with water. I have another precognitive warning that we are about to be plunged underwater.

      "We're about to go under!!" I yell to the bridge. "On the count of 4, hold your breath for as long as you can!" I count to 4 and hold my breathe. I feel the water around me. My chest hurts and my eyes are closed. I don't think I can stay like this. I tentatively drew in a breath. I can breathe? Why can I breathe? I opened my eyes, and saw that I was floating in mid-air, under the water. The water was funneling around me, like an upside-down whirlpool. The sinking ship created that same affect you get when you place a cup in water, upside down. There remains some trapped air that the water can't displace. Watching this scene, I recall recognizing it as a dream, but I also recall the strong urge to see this dream through to the end.

      The ship got "tossed" back out of the water. It's still sinking, but more slowly. On the bridge, a male crew member gave birth to a baby. We didn't even have time to cut the cord, we had to get them both to safety. I gave him two towels to bundle his son up in, and we stuck him in a wheelchair and he got himself to the upper deck.

      The Captain and I discussed how to deploy the lifeboats. I didn't want a tragic repeat of what happened with the Titanic lifeboats, so I gave the command to overfill them. I remember once again thinking about wanting to see this dream through to the end. What will the Captain and I do? Go down with the ship?
      Dream ended, with that thought, unfortunately

      False awakening (not connected to the previous dream). Jack told me he always dreams in a certain theme (as in, he chooses a theme to dream about). I tell him I can do it too, as I fall back to sleep.
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    6. Odd lucid

      by , 10-13-2010 at 01:11 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 7, 2010

      Odd lucid (DILD)
      I remember vaguely something about my mum being involved in the first bit of the dream, but how she was involved eludes me.

      I remember being in a video game like world (sort of resembled World Of Warcraft). I remember recognizing this video game world for what it is, dreaming about being in a video game like world. I decided, since I was in a video game, that I wanted to see if there was a scottish-based zone. I pushed off the ground and began flying around the world, trying to find something that resembled Scotland. I "woke up."

      False awakening. Lucidity level dropped. I recalled the dream, and laughed to myself that I had said that I was lucid, but I wasn't really lucid. I giggled to myself that if I say the words lucid in a dream, I really should do a reality check next time... and almost didn't do one now. But then I thought, well, I'm thinking about lucidity, I should do one, whether I think I'm awake. I pinched my nose, and could breathe. I fell for it, and thought I wasn't pinching very well, so I tried twice more. On the 3rd time, it was blocked enough to be acceptable proof that I'm awake

      However, regardless of what my dream brain decided was acceptable proof, I still believe I maintained some semblance of dreaming because the next thing I did was push off the ground to float to my next destination. Although, the dream had become a bit unstable. Visually, everything got a bit muddy, and it was harder to float. I focused on making myself feel weightless, but then the sensation took over a little bit too much, and I got that "air pocket" feeling again. I decided to relax and just let the flight do what it wanted. I'm just along for the ride. Woke up for real.
    7. (3/1/1) October 2, 2010

      by , 10-02-2010 at 10:33 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 2, 2010

      Asleep somewhere between 3:30-4:00am

      I vaguely recall visiting this waterpark by myself, earlier in the dream, but the solid recollection starts with mum and I visiting together. Earlier, I remember being able to just walk into the change rooms, but it was busy today. We lined up, and it was mum's turn to go in.... the one that was free had a large gap between the end of the door and the wall. Mum was uncomfortable with this, but I told her to hurry up, there's a line up. She slid the lock mechanism across to secure the door... it was surprisingly quite long.

      Gloomy school
      I saw Mike outside, and he wanted to hang out. I told him I have class right now. He mentioned he does too, but he's out at 4:30. I'm out at 5:00 if he doesn't mind waiting. We agree to meet after school. I decided to take a short cut entrance to get to my classes, since I was late.

      The school was very dark and gloomy. It was gothic in structure and colouring. To get to this door I wanted to use, I had to creep along the second floor edging of the building. I reached the door and noticed it was small-ish. Undeterred, I opened it to find another door. This went on for about 3 more doors. When it finally opened, it was no bigger than a mail slot. Only paper can fit through here, how am I supposed to!

      I remember going back across the edging to use a proper door, but the dream faded at this point.

      Field fragment
      I'm running through a field and I notice many different colours of spiders sitting on the grass. I hope they don't jump on me as I continue running.

      WBTB at 11:00am-ish. Natural wake up. Hadn't meant to do one, though, so, it was really just a washroom trip, but I thought about the previous dreams, and that I should've noticed the mail slot door and the changing room door as dream signs. Back to bed, I decided to use the first couple of WILDing steps to put me out. When I started feeling that heavy SP feeling, I rolled over and thought "This is a dream" as I passed out.

      Cute pet! - Lucid - 3/5
      I had this pet cat that kept bumping me on the nose to wake me up. But, instead of getting up, I cuddled with it and went back to sleep. I remember being in a group of people, and talking with mu, but this part is kind of fuzzy. But during this point I had gradually become lucid. I left the group with mu and I wanted to show him the gloomy school from a previous dream, cos I bet it'd be haunted. We flew to what looked like the scene from my previous dream, but the school was just a hill-mound.

      "That doesn't look quite right," I told mu. "It should be here, it was dark."

      I tried to see the building in my mind's eye, and the hill started to morph into the school. It still didn't really work, and I gave up. I decided to teleport to somewhere else by closing my eyes and snapping my fingers, but I don't recommend doing this without a destination in mind.
      The dream "ended."

      False awakening. My nose got bumped by my non-existent cat, again. I remembered this happening before, and decided to RC (nose pinch) I could breathe! Remembering that getting out of bed tends to wake me up (remembered this conversation from chat last night), I decided to teleport out of my bed, instead ( I wasn't supposed to teleport, I was supposed to WILD!). I closed my eyes and snapped my fingers again (again, no destination). Oops... I could still feel myself floating, half in the dream, half awake. I tried to imagine myself floating outside my window, which kind of worked, but then Jack woke up, which caused me to wake up.

      The Truck
      I'm outside, talking with some DC friends, in a field. There's a bike path running through the field, and farther off in the distance are cars. But I still let Buttons, my dog, off her leash, because she was good at coming back when called (IRL, she never was, lol). Buttons was across the path, visiting with a group of people there, when this massive truck swerved onto the bike path, and barreled straight at me. It then changed direction, and was heading for my dog. Paralyzed, I couldn't move. But it swerved again, missing Buttons by inches and drove off. I picked up my dog and held her close as the dream ended.
    8. G/C night

      by , 09-29-2010 at 08:52 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 29, 2010


      Asleep by 1:00am.

      WBTB at 4:00am. Took 8/400 G/C and this sleep aid called Melissa, which is 900mg lemon balm, 180mg l-theanine and a combo of B-vitamins. Ate a small 100-calorie bag of baked Cheetos to help swallow everything. Back to bed.

      My recall is kind of low, because I didn't experience much in the way of dreams. Everything tipped off with an INRALD. I was laying in bed, listening to Jack breathing next to me (which made me think I was awake). I also thought I heard my dad thumping around upstairs, getting ready for work. Regardless, I heard ringing in my ears... the volume would sometimes jump. I relaxed and saw a swirly void behind my eye lids. When I focused on it the first time, I felt my body whoosh into a full on SP transition. The noises got louder and my entire body felt like it was buzzing. It subsided, but the swirly was still there, so I focused on it again, and the same experience happened again.

      Tentatively, I wondered if I was asleep, but kind of lost myself, and drifted off a bit. I felt a book at my feet. I don't remember falling asleep with a book on my bed, but I guess I did? I pushed the book off my bed, gently, so it wouldn't slam to the floor. I realized my head felt kind of voidy, so I decided to reality check by biting my tongue. My tongue didn't feel any sharp piercing where it should (since I use that pointier tooth that sits next to the first molar)... I tried biting a few times, and it was the same. I knew now that I was asleep, but I decided to nose pinch. First time, I could breathe, second time, I could breathe. Sweet, alright. Now to move. The SP was still kind of strong, so I started moving with my ankles first, but unfortunately, it woke me up

      I tried to fall back to sleep, but couldn't, as my dad actually was getting ready for work at this point

      About 6:20 I decided to move to the couch for a bit, and by 6:40 I was waking up more, so I took a half-mg of melatonin and passed out at some point.

      I had a series of false awakenings again. Each one, I tried to catch by biting my tongue, but each time it hurt like it should have, so I missed them all But at the same time, I knew that it was a false awakening, throughout the whole thing... it may have just been low-level lucidity. It's kind of confusing.

      I had a dream that Jack was cleaning up our apartment. I noticed our bedroom door was closed. I opened it, and there were boxes piled about shoulder-height to me (I'm 5'2"). I went to our kitchen, and everything had been cleaned out. Except there were leaves covering the floor (probably because I was watching Glee last night, and one of the music scenes had leaves all over the floor).

      Another dream, Joe's sister, Becky was at my house for some reason. I don't remember much about that.

      I remember being at work, and trying to follow my family. I was trying to leave through the loading dock door. Each time, I would open it partially, and attempt to duck under the door as it was closing, but before I could even set the door in close motion, it would fall shut on its own. I finally got out, and I noticed some dodgy teens in the alley. I started jogging, and they didn't want anything to do with me.

      Overall, I don't think I'll do 8/400 again. The night wasn't too much different than the first time I did 4/200, but this time, I woke up with a massive headache and I feel a bit nauseous.
    9. Expedition/Post office/Swimming Pool/School battleground

      by , 09-24-2010 at 08:22 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 24, 2010

      Asleep by 1:30-ish

      I was at this camp of Na'vi like people, and also with two other humans (DC's). There was an inner camp surrounded by an outer camp that was filled with water. The colours were amazing. A beautiful blue for the water, and the oranges and pink one would normally find at sunset filled the entire landscape. We didn't have too much to do with the Na'vi, other than they were tolerant enough of us to stay with them. But specifically, they were more tolerant, and even somewhat helpful towards me than my companions. I wondered why, and false memory reminded me that when I slept, in the water, a light tendril connected itself to the back of my head (at the base of my head and neck) and had done something. But it meant that I was "chosen."

      We needed food, so it was decided I would go out and get us some fish from the pre-camp. I was looking for blue-scaled fish. However, the water also housed pink-scaled fish, which tried to attack aggressively when I went into the water. I waded in and out a few times, then the scene dissolved.

      My companions and I are facing off with this crow. We're in a desert. We edged closer to it, and it didn't fly away or back off. In fact, it's eyes had a look of daring, like, "One step closer and I'll attack you!"

      One of my companions informed me that in the desert, the crows are more desperate for food, and thus are a lot more bold than the city crows we're used to. Our group split up (I vaguely recall hearing that mu was in the other group). There were two paths to take: a top path and a bottom path. Mu's group took the bottom half, and mine took the top. We were in a mine shaft, jumped into a mine car, and rode it like a rollercoaster!

      Short WBTB at 6am. Long enough for washroom; sat on the couch reviewing some goals and starting up my MILD mantra to bring back to bed with me ("This is a dream," followed with a visual of hand-checking). Back to bed.

      Post office/Dispatch - Lucid - 4/5
      I start off working in an office. My replacement comes in to take over the Dispatch part of the job so I'm free to do the post office side. I'm feeling guilty though, because I've been slacking off, and hadn't done the check ins for the last two hours, and he will hear them (IRL, the check ins are on voice mail, and it holds up to 20 messages, so he'd hear the 8pm's, 7pm's, 6pm's etc, and however far back until that 20 is reached. If I was on the ball and doing them, I would delete them as I listened to each check in message). I hung around the office, in the back, and tried to phone the check in line and delete the 6 and 7pm messages before he could get through the 8pm ones... He saw me hanging around, though, and got suspicious AND upset that I hadn't moved onto my next job. I was stuck.

      I remember sitting at a desk, and date-stamping things... I was getting a lot of excess ink on my stamp, and started writing with my stamp on the bottom of parcel waybills and documents.

      My boss finds me, and he seems edgy and upset. However he needs to show me and my co-worker some new procedures (I guess we were the senior staff). He and my co-worker are slightly ahead of me, and as I get up from my desk, I realize I'm topless. Feeling a bit awkward, but trying to be nonchalant ("It's normal, walking around work without a top on, duh!") I follow them. Then it clicks in my head, "Waiiiiiit a moment! I'm topless at a job? Good chance I'm dreaming." I stop and consider the situation. "Really? Wow, yes, really!" And I'm finally fully conscious too. But I decide to follow the scene, instead of forcing control.

      We go into the office and my boss gives me this weird look (I'm still covering my chest), but continues on with his spiel. He's using funnels and pouring liquid from one funnel to another. His explanation makes no sense to me. I look at the window, and I consider going through it. He notices me looking at the window, and pulls the blind, which makes me giggle, inwardly.

      Suddenly, we're in a cab. I'm still topless, and I decided not to fix it, cos it's reminding me that I'm dreaming. We're driving through a neighbourhood and I figure this is a good place to be let off to accomplish my goal of summoning Quinn (I got this idea from Akono to pretend that Quinn will show up at the front door, since I'm having troubles summoning him). However, the cabby ignores my desire to get out, and we keep driving. We reach the end of the road, and turn around, only the cab leaves without me. "There's still houses around, I can work with this," I said. Any will do. I find this one house and approach the front door. The house morphs as I approach it, though, and it's now on stilts. As I reach the door, I realize there's snow on the ground, and I'm wearing a hoodie and my winter jacket ("Thanks, dream."). I open the door and the house is merely a tree house. "This won't work," I thought to myself.

      I turned around and tried to find another house. I'm walking across a snowy field and I approach a swing set. There's only one swing, and a girl with bright lime green pants is happily swinging away. There's a line up of kids behind her, waiting their turns. The dream dissolves. I tried to chain back in, however, it was gone.

      I mantra'd again, and I could feel myself getting swirly and being pulled away from consciousness a few times, but losing it and snapping back a few times. I eased up on the mantra and lost consciousness at some point.

      The odd swimming pool
      I remember first, working at some retail type job. I was getting along really well with this girl who kind of looked familiar. Then, I learned that she and I used to work together at Linen's n Things. She told me the staff there had a nickname for me when I left. They called me "The weak one." This really depressed me, because I was honestly miserable when I worked there, and left the job because of it. I remember rummaging through drawers, looking for something, but all I could find were hairbands, elastics and other hair accessories.

      Scene change and I was in my backyard (of an old house, or maybe a non-existent one, I don't really remember). I see a swimming pool that was no more than 3 feet in diameter, covered with a tarp. I pushed on the tarp to see if it would hold, so I could lie on it like a water-bed. It gave way from the sides, and water leaked onto the top. This won't do.

      I was suddenly surprised by the arrival of this short-haired girl. She spoke in a deadpan voice. I can't quite remember what she said, but I didn't fully trust her sanity, and here I am, standing next to a swimming pool with her. Suddenly, three girls jump into the pool and everyone's laughing and cheerful and happy. They ask me to join, and I'm suddenly in a bathing suit, so I do.

      Somewhere in here, I had a false awakening. I even remembered to pinch my nose too, and couldn't breathe. I looked at my watch and it said 10:10. My alarm was set for 10:30, so I drifted, while waiting for it to go off.

      The school battleground
      There were two teams of about 15-20 people, and we were stationing ourselves around the school trying to capture bases. I found one "base" (a classroom) completely deserted, so I crept into it and hid behind some desks. I see three guys from the other team enter the room and they see me. Suddenly, it seems like the whole class piles into the base, and they decide not to "kill" me (via rock, paper, scissors battle). The teacher/leader of this group declares mid-game victory, because they currently hold all the bases. He tells me to get out of here (and calls me a "snot," too! :sob: ). I get a head start and then his team will hunt me down. I was resourceful, though, and got away by running down this circular staircase and swinging myself around the corners. I found my group and I told them their plan. They are leaving about 3 people behind at each base, and doing a zerg with the majority of their group (anyone familiar with Warcraft's Eye of the Storm battleground may recognize this). We agree to attempt the same strategy and the dream ends.

      Woke up again, nose pinch, can't breathe. I was surprised at the length of the dream for only having 20 minutes, and checked my watch. 9:52?? I nose pinched again. Awake.
      Tags: quinn
      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    10. Lucid frag/beatles dream/lame G/C experience

      by , 09-23-2010 at 12:58 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 22, 2010

      G/C night. 4/200 taken with a liquid shot of L-theanine, 200mg. Also followed by a small stick of marble cheese because I always need to eat food with pills. The shot was really gross, btw Melatonin taken 1-hour before bed.


      Excited fragments - Lucid - 4/5
      I was having random burst of images and general excitement at the impending G/C. I don't remember much about this other than it being so awesome to watch that I wondered even needing the G/C tonight.

      Interrupted by Jack coming to bed. I did my best not to check the time, but he was restless and keeping me up. I wondered if he'd still be awake by 3:30? Tried to let it go, and he finally settled down.

      Odd mish-mash - Partial Lucid - 1/5
      Starts out in this psych house. It’s literally a psych house. There are psychologists roaming around booking hour long appointments with patients who are all milling around waiting. I think I must be scheduling them, and one of the doctors gets frustrated with me, because I keep getting his name wrong.

      The Beatles (younger, yay!) just kind of appear out of nowhere. Shit happens. Some of it was random, like Paul and I writing notes to each other... and I summoned one of Jack's cousins. Some of it didn't really turn out how I wanted it too... >.>

      We rejoin the rest of the guys. “It’s time to leave,” I announce.

      “We just got here!” George protests.

      We’re outside and I ask George if they want to explore around the house, as it looks a little…ramshackle!

      We went around to the back, and it gets fuzzy. Dream changes at some point, and the guys are gone. I lose lucidity getting whirled into a new scene.

      I'm now at a children’s party, and some MM members are there, too. We have this pretty awesome bear costume that takes a lot of maneuvering to get in and out of. I get in it and test out some movements. You can even wiggle your own toes, and it wiggles the bear toes! I go to a circle of kids. They’re totally delighted, and I say, “Are you not scared?”


      “Well, maybe I haven’t ROARED enough!!” I didn’t really want to scare them though, cos they were kind of young, so I found this kid who was the spitting image of my oldest nephew (when he was still a toddler) and roared into his tummy and tickled him.

      I passed off the suit to Snowy. The party was dissolving into another scene, as I hear mental recount Snowy arriving late to the party (he was humoured by it). She came in the rain and demanded clean clothes. And was given a bear costume.

      In the new scene, I notice Joe is now living with mum, Jack and I. He’s finally come out of his room (false memories told me he’d been hiding away) to socialize. I remember him removing a personal journal from an end table so no one could read it.

      I also recall hearing mental telling us something about how Joe is doing really well in spite of the schizophrenia (he does have it), and that we should praise and not judge him.

      WBTB from 3:30-4:30am. Popped the G/C and L-theanine now...

      Ended up popping a 0.5mg melatonin at 5am cos I was feeling sleepy or relaxed at all... :Oo:

      Umm... so that was uneventful...

      I settled in for a WILD... vibrations, came and I was feeling kind of swirly and pleasant... Then, I decided to WILD from my side, cos that's how it worked last time. I passed in and out of sleep with nothing exciting happening. No music, no string of FA's... just me and some scenes I can't recall now. I was feeling too hot, so I pushed off my blankets. More sleep. Woke up at some point really cold, brought the blankets back... Over all, just really sucked.

      I was in a war, as a foot soldier. Things were exploding around me everywhere, the ground was shaking, and all that. Then, I was looking from the eyes of a villager the soldiers were trying to save. They were running in to get us, only, they would reach a certain point, expand abnormally large and then collapse and die.

      Cutlery fragment
      Sorting out spoons, knives and forks for washing. Hurrah! Also, from this scene, is attached this feeling of borrowing something. Like I was borrowing the house from someone, or a vehicle, or something...
    11. Caught an INRALD/Flying

      by , 09-17-2010 at 08:53 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 17, 2010

      Asleep by about 2am...

      Caught an INRALD, somehow - Lucid - 1/5
      I remember tossing and turning in bed, and randomly wondered about whether I was in an INRALD. Not too sure what set me off on that. I just remember thinking, "I could be dreaming this, right now."

      I vaguely recall getting out of bed. I can't remember if this was a dream, or RL. Some unconsciousness happened.

      Flying - Lucid - 1/5
      I remember flying in another short, chaotic dream, which made me lucid. Walms was involved again, somehow. Memory is really blurry.

      WBTB at 5:45am. Unintentional. Cold meds wore off. Back to bed by 6:20 (couch actually. Jack's movement was making me nauseous).

      Nothing to recall! My night feels like it was backwards. I recalled dreams in the first 3 hours of sleep, and nothing in the last 4 hours... Not even an INRALD to catch. I was void zoning for 4 hours.

      Feels like I haven't slept a wink
    12. Series of false awakenings/Lucid fragment/Odd rain showers

      by , 09-14-2010 at 05:48 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 14, 2010

      G/C night. First time. What a craaaaazy night!

      Asleep by midnight.

      First cycle dream! (I usually don't remember these ones )
      I'm working my old 7-11 job again. Both my brothers showed up together to buy junkfood. I got off work early and joined them.

      WBTB at 3:30am. Took the G/C. Back to bed, but merely drifted for about an hour. Then, the G/C kicked in. I decided that I should pop the 0.5 melatonin recommended, so I spit one of my 3mg's into 4. It wasn't very even, so I took one of the smaller quarters. Back to bed, and still drifted. Went to the couch shortly thereafter and must've unintentionally WILD'ed, because I had no recollection of passing out. I was dreaming about sleeping in the same position when this series happened... (these dreams are all in one, btw. I kept "waking up" into a new FA).

      Call from Dad
      False awakening. I got a call from my dad (who works nights), who wanted to chat about something that happened at work. In my sleepy haze, I accidentally hung up on him. I tried to look up his name in my contacts list, but could barely read anything (I blamed this on my terrible eyesight - which is really bad - but even I have a point where I can hold something and read it clearly). I dialed what appeared to be dad's number, but instead, I got this awful sound on my phone. I can't describe it, but... it was AS terrible as that ending bit of "Nights in White Satin."

      This woke Jack up, who wondered, "Why are you on the couch, and why is your phone making that noise?"

      "I dunno, it sounds like demons moaning, and I can't make it stop!" I complained. (Yes, I think the ending bit of "Nights in White Satin" sounds like demons moaning... )

      "Just turn the volume down on your phone and come back to bed," he suggests. I do so, and "wake up."

      HH sounds - Lucid - 1/5
      False awakening. I'm back on the couch again, with my blinders on. I had decided the best course of action to try to sleep through the G/C would be to WILD, since I usually pass out anyways So, I get these sounds of voices. Young voices, like children. I can't make out what they're saying, but it sounds like a noisy classroom. I try to envision it, and it's a little murky. Then gone.

      It's very quickly replaced with the sound of a song. It's a Beatles song I'm creating in my head. It would fit in well with the revolver album, as it sounds very big band, like "Got to Get You Into My Life." I'm all pleased with myself that I can conjure up the tune AND the harmonies for John and Paul so well (but not lyrics! I can't make out what they're singing), and I consider trying to record it when I get up and sending it to Paul with a note, "Dude, I dreamed this!" But then I realized that any recording I could possibly make would sound like crap

      I "woke up" from this scene.

      Collapsed! - Lucid - 1/5
      False awakening. Jack discovers me sleeping on the couch and sits on me, trying to antagonize me. I moan that I haven't slept all night, so he tells me he's getting up for the day, so I should get back in bed and sleep. He gets off me, and I think to myself, "I already had a false awakening of Jack finding me on the couch. Better reality check to make sure." I pinch my nose and breathe. I try pinching it differently, and I can still breathe. "I must not be doing this right... hey... how can you pinch your nose wrong?! This must be another dream. I should try something else."

      I get up off the couch and jump in the air to levitate... and crash hard to the ground. The fall doesn't hurt, but I'm sprawled out, belly-down, on the floor and I can't move. I stare at the carpet fibers until Jack discovers me on the floor.

      He drags me to the bed by my arms, and I'm still belly-down, but now staring at the fibers of my bed sheets. I'm completely unable to move for myself. "It's gotta be the sleep paralysis," I thought to myself.

      I woke up, nose-pinched and found that I had finally woke up for real.

      I was awake for an hour again, so I took another quarter of melatonin again to pass out.

      Lucid fragment - Lucid - 2/5
      I'm flying across the ocean, through the clouds. I decide to spawn my wings because I haven't done that for a while, and I continue on flying.

      Odd rain-showers
      I'm at school with a group of DC's. This incredibly obnoxious kid comes in, and I can't remember what he says, but when he leaves, I say to my friends, "I hate people like him."

      Now we're outside, mostly just chatting. I notice the clouds are getting thicker and darker. It starts to lightly rain, and I stare into the sky and sing "Wonderwall," by Oasis (although, by singing it, I can hear the song playing full out, in the dream). As the song goes on, I notice that there's a hole forming in the clouds, which allows for this brilliant beam of sunlight to pour through. I interrupt my friends' conversation to point out the clouds. We watch them move across the sky and another hole opens to reveal another beautiful stream of sunshine.

      The clouds move off and the storm is over, which makes me sad. And wakes me up.
    13. Almost completed Beatles goal

      by , 09-13-2010 at 08:01 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 13, 2010

      Asleep by 1am.

      Decided to try an experiment, today. Awake at 5am. Tried a new idea during my WBTB... playing the mathematics gamex100 on brain age to help wake up my prefrontal cortex Was actually a really good idea! I settled in for my WILD and had better focus than I have in weeks. SP was pretty uncomfortable this morning, coupled with the knowledge that I knew my BF would be interrupting my attempt today (long story)... I ended up passing out at some point, I think around the 6am point. I was woke up by my end of WBTB alarm. I'm actually thinking I should kill that alarm, but it's usually so I can move back from the couch to the bed. But it's a potential lucid I keep interrupting.

      Almost-completed Beatles goal - Lucid - 1/5
      This was all 60's-era setting. About 1965, actually.
      I was on a stage with a bunch of instruments set up. This stage was a bit unusual, as it wasn't raised, or surrounded by raised seats. In fact, it was all one level, and there was a space of maybe 10 feet between us and the first row of audience. I noticed a stagehand had two stop signs (like the cross-walk hand-held ones), which he laid on the ground in a ^ shape. I "knew" it was Paul's spot to stand on the stage.

      At that moment, Paul came out from back stage, with his bass on him already. "Hey Paul!" I beckoned him over. I wanted to test whether he knew about going past the stop signs, or not. "Come stand over here, this is where you're supposed to be!"

      Paul comes over and he's got one foot over the stop signs. "Noooo!" I said. "Don't go past them, it's dangerous! Look at how close the audience is!" I said, and positioned him back by his shoulders.

      "Oh, yeah, I suppose you're right!" he said.

      John came out, so Paul says quietly, "Let's see if John fucks up with it!" Then louder, "Hey John, come over here!"

      John does, indeed, mess it up, resulting in me laughing at him and saying, "Noooo!" again, but in a silly voice. John's a bit more whatever! about the whole thing and sticks his tongue out at me.

      George comes out and the same thing repeats. As I'm pushing George back, I think to myself, "Wow, even if this is just a dream, I'm acting pretty retarded, I should stop!"

      I need to go across to the other side of the stage (we're on stage left, my keyboard is on stage right). Paul is supposed to play on stage right. As we pass each other, we stop and kiss briefly before carrying on.

      When I get to my keyboard, though, there's a major catastrophe! There's a pool of water underneath my keyboard, and the stagehands are doing nothing to clean it! I find a mop (didn't have to look far ) and start trying to get the water up.

      Paul sees me, and comes over. "Why are you mopping it yourself?!" he demands.

      "Because no one else is, and I'm not going to electrocute myself by playing in a puddle of water!"

      We get some help, but the water is turning into sludge. Sighing, I decided maybe I should just move the keyboard to a new place on the stage. I pick it up, turn around and...

      I'm in a different room, facing Jack and listening to the Beatles on my mp3 player "Noooo! What the fuck!" I silently ask myself.

      "What are you playing?" Jack asks.

      "Just some Beatles," I say quietly. "Only, I was just going to turn the sound off, and mash the keys, pretending like I could play, because I can't actually play any songs yet," I say and do some fancy key-mashing that could totally pass for legit.
      I wake up.

      Talking to my dad and he has a full head of mop-top inspired hair, only he's his age in present time.
    14. Pet rat/With a bad sort

      by , 09-12-2010 at 07:00 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 12, 2010

      Asleep by 1:30am.

      WBTB at 4:30am. I was drifting in and out of sleep throughout most of this. Trying an experiment. It failed, but produced a funny result... Every 10 minutes, my snooze alarm was ringing and pushing me back to awareness.

      Pet rat
      I was sitting in front of my rabbit's cage, but my rabbit wasn't in there. Instead, it was the adorable Arizona rat (type of breed) with beige hair. It was coming up to the side of the cage and bumping noses with me like my rabbit does. I would stick my fingers through the cage, and it would hold my fingers with its forepaws. It really wanted to be held, and suddenly, the cage was different. The cage bit was now wire with very open squares... big enough that I could pull the rat through them with a bit of maneuvering. I put my hands through the cage, and the rat let me hold him as I guided him through a square hole. Suddenly, my cell alarm (in the dream) started ringing. I had to put the rat down, and then I mashed my phone's buttons to snooze it again. But it wasn't working... odd...

      It woke me up and I was still trying to mash the snooze button. I realized then that I had been snoozing for an entire hour, and it wasn't going to let me anymore. I had to turn it off and reset the alarm.

      Tried to WILD for an hour, not a very good attempt. My dad was bumbling around upstairs and I didn't have my ear plugs in.

      Back to bed and had troubles falling asleep. Back to the couch and passed out.

      With a bad sort - Lucid - 2/5
      I'm a character in this dream. A very rich girl, maybe no more than 18. We're set in around the 1910's judging by the clothes everyone is wearing. We're in a warehouse, and it's dimly lit and musty. A group of men working for me (about 5 maybe) have this woman sat at a table, and they are holding her there. I'm questioning her about a money transaction. A bit of false memory tells me she may have worked for me once... like a hand maid or something.

      I recall looking over a paper transaction notice (which, ironically was printed in computer print) and saw that she wasn't lying, the transaction had gone through.

      "It's too bad we still have to kill you," I tell the woman.

      "Why?!" she freaks out. "I've done what you asked!" She is completely frightened and starts sobbing.

      "I don't need you running to the cops," I say, coldly.

      "Please, I won't! Please spare me! I don't want to die!" she pleads.

      I feel a pull in my heart. I still need to kill her, but the poor thing, she's so frightened. "We won't make it painful!" I promised. "It'll just be like falling asleep, only you won't wake up..."

      I trailed off and contemplated my last words. Just like falling asleep... I clued in I was dreaming, but only vaguely. I wondered how to change this scene. Maybe Danny could save the day?

      My dream vision flashes over to Danny, who is lounging on a deck chaise, reading a magazine. "In a minute," he says, and waves me off.

      My dream vision flashes back over to the woman, and one of my crooks (a crooked doctor) is holding the woman's eyes open with these tiny, thin hooks. "Wait, what are you doing?" I ask. The woman is shrieking, crying and pleading. "You're scaring her more, it wasn't supposed to be like this."

      "We're going to take her sight first," the doctor explains. He hooks open her other eye and I wake myself up.

      Back to bed again.

      Drinking a cup of coffee and discovered the cream is spoiled.

      Watching this girl explain to her parents that her nose job was going to be a good thing for her.

      Jack and I arriving at this BBQ at a friend's place, only to find that we're too late and people are leaving. Another guest says all the food is devoured.
      Tags: danny
      dream fragment , lucid , non-lucid
    15. At a camp/Another false awakening

      by , 09-08-2010 at 02:18 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 6, 2010

      At a camp - 4/5
      I'm staying in some group cabins at a camp. Another lady comes into my room. She helps me clean up the garbages and some clothes-folding as we chat. She has a light British accent.

      "I think the camp might be haunted," she says to me.

      "Well, I heard that it was built over a native burial ground," I say. "That usually guarantees a haunting."

      We leave the room and there's a party happening in the common area. It's now night time. I chat with my new friend some more, and I could've done all night, but we realized we should socialize with the other people too, so we promised to chat more later.

      I saw a girl go outside to the deck, so I followed her out there. We both lounged on these deck chairs that could be manipulated like lazy-boy chairs. Another girl came out, and the three of us chatted. Then the other two brought out nail clippers and started working on their toenails huh I was a little put off by this, so I went back inside.

      The next morning, I'm standing outside with a group. I'm looking at the gravel and I think, "What if this was a dream right now?" I immediately recognize the dreamy feeling and had a quiet "Oh!" moment. I stare at my hands (which looked normal) to ensure that the dream remained around me. I thought about finding Darren (I miss him), so when someone asked me my attention, I replied, "No, I'm going to stick around for a bit."

      I walk back towards the cabins, and momentarily gazed out over the lake, mountains and trees. "I really want to fly out over that," I thought. "I want to find Darren though." Suddenly the dream faded out.

      False awakening. I chained back in to the sounds of a stream. I then saw the stream and thought, "Oh cool, that worked out well!" Then it faded out again. I could still hear the stream, crickets and fishing lines in my head, but I couldn't get an image. I let it go, and chained into a new scene.

      I was standing in a house. "Great, now let's try to find Darren," I thought. I realize I'm still wearing my pajamas, so I snap my fingers and change my clothes. I'm about to walk out through the front door when I see a guy just loitering, waiting. "That's unnerving," I thought. So I went through the house, out the back, and pushed off the ground to fly.

      "Take me to Darren's house please!" I shouted and intentionally spun. The spinning kept going and went black and I wondered if I ruined the dream this way. When it stopped, I was still in the air, over a new community. Hmm.

      Once again, sensing this was wasting my lucidity, I decided to find my old school and conjure up my brother. Unfortunately, my dream wouldn't let me come down (it was like I kept catching air pockets) and I woke for real.

      Decided, upon awakening, that perhaps I should be asking Danny for his help in finding people. He's the only one I can ask for that appears.

      Another false awakening
      Can't remember what the real time was, but the FA time was 6:20am. Happy it was still so early in the morning, I fell back to sleep. I possibly had another LD here, but I can't recall it. During this FA, I remember wanting to try WILDing again. I remember feeling like someone (probably Danny) was pulling on my arm and rubbing it, trying to get my dream body working. And me thinking I was just imagining this feeling . I also recall there being a point where I had some paralysis bleedthrough into a dream, but I'm having troubles remembering more.
      Tags: danny
      lucid , false awakening
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