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    03/13/12 2 DILDS and a WILD

    by , 03-14-2012 at 09:14 PM (388 Views)
    I am a little frustrated because I had pshyced myself up, planning on a great night of LDing. While I had 3 distict LDs they were very short.
    LD25 since 02/19/12: DILD I was walking and a big fox came running out from no where. I did my levitate RC and it worked. I became lucid and tried to look around. I decided to try and get a white room effect like in The Matrix training area. I turned away from the scene but did not expect any new scenery. It worked, I was in a blank white feild of space except the remainss of the last scene in one part of it. I lost all recall at that point.
    LD26: DILD Swirling shapes were floating about and I realized it must be a dream. I became lucid and tried to look around, just more crazy shapes, I tried to look at my hands to stablize. They came in and out of view, and I woke up before I could stablize.
    LD27: I did a WILD attempt after about 6 hours sleep. I was at it a while when a vivid scene of looking up stream from close to water level at a river appeared. I realized it was real LD imagery and that I was lucid. I studied the images for clarity and realism. It all looked great. I realized I had no dream body. I thought about forming one butfirst I tried to look around. New scenes of rivers would form. At that point I lost recall.
    Dur: All 3 were less than 2 minutes.

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