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    07-03-13 WILD Almost completed TOTM

    by , 07-04-2013 at 10:44 PM (426 Views)
    As I did my WILD I had planned on the punch a president TOTM as I have to find some new goals and it seemed worth trying. While awake I decided on the latest Bush. I succeeded in the WILD and had fairly high clarity of mind. For some reason I was not happy with my first attempt in which I just summoned an image of a man that may or may not have been any person in particular. I punch the image and it all had a Batman comic kind of feel, you know, Kapow. The visual had been depressing and I feel it would be a huge stretch to count it. I intended on it being Bush, but it never resolved into a clear image of him, and in no way felt real.
    I for some reason decided to try again with Ford. I remember trying to pull up waking knowledge of whether Ford was still alive. At the time I was frustrated as I kind of thought Ford died about two years ago, but just could not figure out if that was factual. However, as I type this I realize I do not know the facts while fully awake (is Ford dead?) so why be hard on myself in the dream?
    I wanted to build this up into an actual dream sequence with lots of feeling, visuals and other DCs. I created a back story. I was going to be a college student or something and there would be a charity exposition match. I teleported to a very nicely rendered classroom and secret service types came in and explained that Ford would box one of us in an exposition match. I volunteered.
    Next I teleported to a scene outside in an area that looked like the front of a capitol building, complete with a crowd and boxing ring. People patted my shoulders and led me into the ring. Ford came up and was going to do the whole photo-op thing. I felt the dream was wasting time with this, but the randomness added some ambiance, so I did not fight the story line. Then guess what? I freaking woke up.
    I think I never really wanted to punch a president. I will just have a nice hugging dream to meet the minor goal this month and leave the presidents alone.

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