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    Forging The Ring- Fail

    by , 11-16-2021 at 03:42 AM (427 Views)
    Yesterday my two kittens died. That night in a dream I was in my front yard and my step dad had moved some rocks. He found the bodies of the other 4 kittens. I looked at the bodies and one of them opens its diseased eyes. this was straight out of a horror film. In fact it was so shocking that I did not believe it. I remembered that the other four kittens had been adopted out, so this must be a dream. I decided to fly and it did not immediately work. My step father tried to tell me I was not dreaming or I would be able to fly. I pointed out that I was currently floating at least three feet of the ground, so I clearly was dreaming. I flew around and eventually thought I should try to do something useful. What was the task of the month? I remembered that I was supposed to forge a ring of power and see what it did.
    I decided that I would role play out this whole thing rather than just summon a forge and do a quicky thing imagine a ring and have done. I was still picturing the area around my house so I went into my shop. There is a wood stove in there so I lit it with my mind. I look around and come across some rings. I also find a can to melt the rings in. This seems like a good start. Perhaps these are magic rings and good material for a ring of power. I put 4 or so magic rings in the can and go to place it in the fire. I notice that smoke is coming from some place other than the fire. This led to me trying to put out a few shop fires and then I woke up suddenly. Nice vivid dream, but failed TOTM.

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    1. IndigoRose's Avatar
      I like how you went about it.

      I am sorry about your kittens.
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