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    Cities in the Astral

    Mystic Coulds

    by , 02-11-2018 at 05:01 AM (437 Views)
    02-10-18 Recall is coming up a bit, but I still should start working with write or recording key words. This was a WILD chained by 2 DEILDs and it shows how time distortion can take place. When I stopped I told my wife I had some amazing lucids for the last hour. She corrected me and said I was only out for about 25 minutes. The sweetest high point was I levitated laying on my back like in a recliner and lifted up past the power lines and into clouds. I then cruised forward at a pace but kind of casual and just enjoyed floating through the wisps of cloud which were amazing to look at. I also had a portion where I seemed to be recovering memories from early childhood. I felt as though the block I was exploring was representative of some place I had know as a young kid. In one part I floated up to the top of a church and climbed in to an attic area. I then looked down into the church where someone was playing an organ. In another part I saw two DCs running as if in play and a park was on one side of the road. Then a cousin of mine called me over to a picnic. We walked to a house and while there I could hear helicopters and one landed in the back yard. Everyone wanted to leave because they were afraid. Then we were in a car and I was the driver. There were way to many people in the car and my shows were gone. I dropped them off in a parking lot and summoned shoes. I had a whole pile and examine them, liking the 3rd pair and keeping those. I lost those latter though. In the very first part I went around and messed with DCs by using TK to make them do silly stuff like spill their drink on there head.
    The recall needs much work to get me back to functional LDing at my normal level. I am just getting tired of knowing I had two or three amazing LDs and by noon not being able to recall anything much. This was a good first step. I am writing this 10 hours after the WILD and got lots of it, but the sequence is mixed and I know sections just disappeared. This was maybe me 5th day of trying to get recall back, but only using auto suggestion and focus. I need to go old school and DJ for awhile, plus use a key word recall with a voice recorder.

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