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    Surgery Dream #1 Snake

    by , 10-18-2019 at 04:41 AM (130 Views)
    10/17/19 I just recently had a major surgery on my left arm/shoulder and am wearing a bulky protective sling 24/7. I just started P.T.
    In this dream I am talking to a female therapist (IRL it is a male) and she tells me she is going to put a snake on my chest. I get nervous. She brings in a 5 foot long rattle snake that is fat like it swallowed a couple cats. She puts it on me and it is very heavy, almost suffocatingly so. It starts slowly moving around as I lay on the table. I am worried it will bite me. She assures me that it will infact bite me, but not to worry. It bites my thigh but I am numb.

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