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    03/05/12 DILD Failed Task of the Year, Atomic

    by , 03-06-2012 at 09:54 PM (444 Views)
    LD 21: I tried a couple WILDs but had finally drifted off after the second one. I had got deep into some HH effects and started to be able to visualize my hands, then some how started a non- lucid dream that I don't really recall. I aproached a door at some point and a big lion came running out past me. I jumped back and did my levitation RC. Yep, I floated up into the air. I had that feeling that I was about to wake from the shock, so I decided to do something memorable as quick as I could. I turned into some kind of big cat but only as a image of a cat. I did not spend time with the transformation to really feel like a cat. I ran straight up a wall as a cat then pushed off doing a back flip and landing where I started. I quickly did it again. The very bazaar experience seemed to accually stablize the dream. Random imagery had place a big bath tub full of water in my path. I never tried to change back to human, it just happened when the tub distracted me. I said out loud to no one inpaticular, that I would make a geiser happen (water-bending) I focused on the sirface and as I pictured my energy reaching out and grabbing the water, it started moving around. I made waves and a big slaps rise out of the middle, I did the whole thing again. I said out loud, "see that's pretty cool." A womans voice responded, "that is not really a ggeiser, now is it?" Ok I put more focus into bending the water into a real geiser. I worked and looked good; it was about 3 feet high bubbling out of the tub.
    She says "Ok, now what does that look like?" I lost focus and the geiser stopped, "it looked like a geiser." She asks, "why would your mind have randomly chose to do that? It is trying to remind you of something, think what it looks like." I made tthe geiser again and realized it looked like the base of an atomic bomb blast. OH! I had wanted to complete one of the tasks of the year, and had choosen to watch the atomic bomb test. Ok, how to go about it? I looked around and most of the scene was just unfilled in, so I tried to imagine what I should see. I knew they had trenches so I tried to some up trenchs with people inside and it started to form. Now, there would be something in the distance every one was looking at, maybe a small tower, plus they had cheap building set up to see the damage. All of these things started to form.
    I suddenly was aware of my real lifee body and the pictures started to fade. I had never really to the time to stablize! Darn, I looked at my hands and rubbed my hands across my foore arms, they started to fade. I still felt a dream body so I tried dancing around blind pumping my elbows and knees. That kept me lucid for a few more seconds, but I ended up waking. Dur~4-5 min

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