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    Cities in the Astral

    Vampire Lucid

    by , 01-27-2019 at 06:39 AM (94 Views)
    Long crazy dream where I sailed along a cliff and found a tiny tunnel. I wormed my way through the dirt tunnel and came out in a tomb like church. I eventually end up across the street in a two story house. Lots of interaction with DCs until I figure out they are the thralls of a vampire. I was lucid by this point and created two big guns and had to defend myself. Later the actual vampire came in. A female wrapped her arms around him and told me to fire. This involved shooting through her. Some how I knew that her blood blasting into his body had killed him because of her self sacrifice. The weirdest part comes where I am in the front room but had to just watch through the eyes of the person I had been playing. A woman came in and he did not know if she was part of the bad guys. She approaches as I watch through his eyes. He is terrified and pointing both guns at her begging her to not make him shoot her. She says something soothing and gently pushes the guns aside and hugs him. He breaks down in tears.

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