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    1. Oblong pac man and a ghost

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:17 AM
      Two fragments today.

      1: I recall Pac-man, as well as other characters set to appear in the new smash bros, standing in a void and talking. Apparently, they had just finished defeating some powerful being. All the characters had body designs reminiscent of the TV show "The Oblongs".

      2. Throughout this dream, I was under the impression that I was playing a virtual reality video game. The game was a fusion of puzzle and survival horror. It consisted of me running from a relentless ghost, who, as you would expect, was capable of going through walls. At some point, it spotted me and chased throughout the haunted house. I was eventually able to go through walls myself and the rest of the dream consisted of it chasing me through a void. Due to "knowing" it was a game, I didn't feel any fear.
    2. Chasing blue in a maze. And, no zombis!

      by , 06-29-2014 at 10:17 AM
      This was probably my longest WILD yet: Well over an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I can't remember half of it.

      Began in a mildly decrepit house, where each room had four doors leading out from it. I immediately called out "opheliablue" and a blue light shined from one of the doors. I followed it into the next room and on the table in the center was the source of the light: a jewel fragment, with a similar appearance to the broken allspark from Transformers. I moved to pick it up, but the fragment darted away to a new room. I followed it to the next room and succeeded in picking it up. Just as I was about to put it in my pocket, it disappeared. Satisfied that I succeeded in my task, I went to do something else.

      I wish I could remember what they were.
      Fragment one: having sex with my college crush.
      Fragment two: Everything faded and I was stuck in a black void. I could feel my bed and my dream body was about to lie down and, I assume, wake me up. I caught myself at the last second, though, and, still in this void, focused on creating a beach. It took a lot of effort, and was mentally exhausting, but I was able to generate sand and mold it into a landscape. Biggest display of my dream powers, yet. No idea what happened next.

      Final scene: At the end of the scene before this, I remembered my intention to visit the Zombiu world and, hoping to test my powers further, I forced an otherwise normal puddle into a portal to that world. The world I entered had similarities to Zombiu: the architecture was as dilapidated and the game and the lighting followed suit, being dark and moody. There was something curiously absent from the land of Zombiu: actual zombis. Instead, a gang war seemed to be going on, with me witnessing the aftermath of a battle. Walking to a group of people, I heard an argument between them. One of the guys wanted to go Rambo on the other side, but his boss was having none of it. I was noticed at this point and subsequently drafted into their group, where I immediately lost lucidity and blindly followed orders. One such order was to accompany the would be Rambo to his house. We got on decently well, but upon entering his abode, we discovered it had been trashed. Despite broken TVs and other valuables being scattered about, he seemed most concerned about his ice cream: a blue labeled concoction that had been scoffed. This brought me back to lucidity, and after a snarky and, in hindsight, cruel comment about how sad he was over his depleted edibles, I decided it about time I woke up and did just that.
    3. Nintendo, computers and lava.

      by , 06-23-2014 at 08:58 AM
      Split into fragments.

      1. Playing through Super Metroid, only something is different. Sprites from the original nes game are spliced into this game. The most notable instance (and the only one I can accurately recall), is Kraid taking on his original chibi form.

      2.I'm fully aware there was something before this, but I can't remember it. Either way, A young woman with black hair who looked like an older version of Asuka from Tekken, in terms of facial features, had apparently helped me and my family out with something and we were now on opposite ends of a ravine. She gave a confession of some kind and narrowly avoided a rather sudden boulder, which destroyed the only bridge across this ravine and led to her falling in it. What was once a bottomless pit, turned into a lake of lava, with a rock platform bouncing up due to a geyser and catching the girl. The platform swiftly gave way, but someone in our party was able to save her at the last second.

      3.Me and my sister are stood outside a supermarket, waiting for someone. My grandma, wearing truly hideous clothes, walks up to the shop, gives a greeting to us and enters. A man who looks to be in his thirties walks up to my sister and they leave together. What follows is a third-person view of my sister and the man, who are sat next to each other, using different computers. The only image I can remember on any of the monitors is a card game that looks like solitaire. Periodically, he will glance at her monitor and make amendments to whatever she is doing. These include entering passwords, closing webpages and opening new ones.

      4. Outside my college, which has got a brand new park build right at its doorstep. Only images I remember are a bench and a view of the back wall of an interior courtyard.

      5. Me and my friends are in an IT suite playing various Nintendo games on PC. Only one that stands out is a demo of the new smash bros that I remember only displayed the title screen, which was a fusion of the two box arts, having the characters and positions of the 3ds version with the fire of the wii u version.

      6. Me and my friends are in a rush to get away from somewhere. A general feeling of panic is prevalent. We locate a plane and enter. The interior is typical for a plane, with the exception of the pilot's and passenger's area being conjoined with each row consisting of four seats. I immediately dash to the front of the plane, intending to fly it, but Mark (one of my friends) beat me to it, so I take the co-pilot's seat. Two others sick next to us. What follows is flight around Leads at a dangerously low altitude, whilst we joke, laugh and generally forget our panicked beginnings.
    4. A typical breakfast.

      by , 02-05-2014 at 08:37 AM
      Due to having to rush off to college shortly, this dream is a vague fragment.

      Firstly, a missed lucid opportunity. My favorite pair of trousers has the bottom of one of the legs slightly torn off. In the dream, said trousers had this part loose, but still attached, as opposed to cut off, like it usually is. I noticed this was unusual, but didn't become lucid.

      Secondly, I was in my kitchen, sorting out everyone's breakfast: hot cross buns, for whatever reason. Aside from being quite vivid, there isn't much to this dream, other than my mother informed me that I could eat them all. Apparently, she wasn't hungry. Before I could enjoy my meal, the alarm went off.
    5. Genie vs God

      by , 07-19-2013 at 02:48 PM
      I'm on a bus ride home. The bus, despite my protests, drives past my stop. Suddenly, lucidity. I immediately decide to indulge in numerous flips, twists and other cool aerial maneuvers, whilst staying inside the bus and, miraculously, dodging my fellow passengers. Haphazardly, but gracefully, soaring through the sky, I return home. I attempt to summon my dream guide, but am instead greeted my ominous, red clouds. The floating fluffs of doom coalesce into Jafar, from Aladdin, in his genie form. Giving a rather stereotypical, but no less disturbing, laugh, he points at a random patch of sky and all goes black, save for some unintelligible, white text at the bottom. A brief and effortless spark of willpower and I'm back home, with my towering antagonist glaring with annoyance at me. He fires an unremarkable, yellow energy blast at me. I psychically grab it and redirect it. Hitting him square in the chest, he tumbles into my neighbor's house. Regaining his composure, he fires another volley and I send it back. He dodges and the house takes another beating. Wishing to finish this fight, I grab onto the fence gate that leads to my home and convert it into a giant slingshot, firing myself at the nigh omnipotent titan. Before I can charge into him, I wake up.
    6. Hero in the big city.

      by , 07-18-2013 at 09:02 AM
      I started off lucid (thank you WILD), in my room as always. I immediately left my house and went down to the street below (my house is on the second floor, suppose its more of a flat or apartment). Here I decided to try and completely clear my mind. I got into the standard, almost stereotypical, position for meditation and, without closing my eyes (otherwise I might teleport), focused on a single spot and got on with it. For a time, nothing happened, but eventually, I felt intense, but not unpleasant, vibrations and everything went blurry. It solidified before long and I found myself in a skyscraper dominated city. It looked sorta bleak, but with an air of hope. Seeking to explore this bizarre world, I flew around the amazingly detailed metropolis and stumbled upon a beautiful woman. This next part is almost shameful, if only because my goal is to not be id dominated. I naturally had sex with her and woke up. I immediately reentered into the dream and discovered that I was being worshiped as a hero by the DCs because of the powers afforded to me through lucidity. I went along with this role and gradually lost lucidity. The next part consists of fragments. I remember when I was about to wake up, I saw part of my room towards the edges of my eyes and a creepy, metallic creature with a horrible grin. The experience allowed to be lucid, although I couldn't accomplish anything and eventually came squarely back to reality. My third dream of the night/ early morning returned to this city and the only thing I can remember is that it involved cats.
    7. From the forest to the academy.

      by , 07-16-2013 at 09:40 AM
      Started off in my room, with full realization of my lucidity and immediately went to the main room, Here I found my uncle and sister sitting down on the sofa. I immediately remembered my original intention and called for my dream guide.

      Both family members announced that they were my dream guide and I just sighed in frustration, having full knowledge that they weren't what they claim to be. Just then, a bright but not blinding light came from the kitchen. I turned around and saw a downright beautiful lady standing there smiling at me. I asked her the same question that my family were all too happy to leap on. Her reply? The softest, nicest "yes" anyone could have ever spoken. She immediately took us to a dark forest, blanketed in a beautiful starry sky. Awed by my the gorgeousness of this location, I eventually asked my guide "will you help me become lucid in all of my dreams?". Still with the beautiful voice, she replied "no, some dreams are meant to be non-lucid". With that she flew away and I resolved to explore this new world she had left me in. I eventually encountered a very bizarre figure. A 2-d animated ghost. Despite his incredibly odd appearance, he looked a friendly sort and so, I approached him. He asked me if I would like to buy this odd, floating sphere. I accepted, went briefly non-lucid and together we went to go fight a dragon or something. My recall is not so good here. Eventually, lucidity came back and I decided on another task: finding the dream views academy. I ran to the edge of the forest and there it was. A giant, castle, with equally high walls surrounding it, all on a floating, grassy island, surrounded by beautiful blue sky. I wandered the perimeter briefly, looking for a way to get in, but could only see a giant tower peaking from above the wall. And with that I woke up.
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