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    1. 4/29/12

      by , 04-29-2012 at 01:48 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Adding Up
      I remember being at church with my family. I was sitting at another table beside them. In the background, i could see people walking around and talking and laughing, meaning the service was over. My mom and I were adding up something on our notes paper, I don't know why. I remember asking her, "What did you get?"

      Seven Lanes; Really?
      We were driving home. It looked like I was in third person. But I wasn't looking at just my car, I was looking at others too. It was nighttime. I remember our car coming up to our turn that enters the neighborhood we live in. Instead of just two lanes, it looked like seven lanes; for about six cars were stopped in the last six, for I could only squeeze into the last one.

      There also was a stoplight here where it shouldn't have been. I remember thinking to myself, "this car should do this," or "that car should do that." The car to the right of us got tired of waiting at the stoplight and backed away, leaving an empty lane for another driver.

      I was with my family at my school. We were having some sort of really big event.
      I remember our gym grew into a big arena. I was a cheerleader, so I remember standing in the stands with all the other cheerleaders.

      The event hadn't started yet, so I decided to walk outside. For some reason my cat was walking around outside, so I picked her up. I carried her around to the courtyard. I heard a buzzing lawn mower behind me. My cat tensed up, scared of the loud noise.

      There was some steps up to a door leading to a classroom from the outside. I decided to walk up the stairs and enter the door. As soon as I did, my other cat (who's been missing for about a year) jumped onto the platform.
      My cat tensed up again and hissed at him. The other cat cocked his head to the side. I ran through the door and the other cat followed me. I reached some sort of dressing room that was inside the arena. My sister Ken was inside there holding what looked like a baby. Some kind of radio was on. I walked over to a table and put my cat down. Then the black cat jumped onto a table.

      Then my cat got so mad she blew up into what looked like different colored boxes. Weird right? The black cat did the same thing. I stood there, my mouth open, with Ken still listening to music.
      Then I woke up.

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    2. 4/24/12 Naga!

      by , 04-24-2012 at 12:31 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Dream 1: I remember being with my friend who was a guy. He didn’t seem that familiar, but he was my friend. We were riding my polar bear dog (This was probably Naga from the Legend of Korra)

      Somehow we were in school, but we had taken a break so I could go ride my mount. (Still unsure if it’s Naga or not) We dismounted, and I tied the huge dog near a fence near our school. Once we went inside, we were swept away by a moving bus that folded out of the school. We were on a field trip.

      We arrived at a gym about a couple of seconds from our school. Everyone walked in and sat on the bleachers. I sat with my friend and another girl who I knew. I was shuffling around trying to find a seat with my friends away from everyone else.

      We listened to the speaker go on about something. For all I know we just sat there for a minute or two and got up and left. We went back through the way we came, into the bus. We felt it lurch and fold out of the gym as it had folded in. I heard my guy friend say, “I like riding Naga better than being on this roller coaster.” I looked at his face. It was a slight greenish color, and he looked dizzy. “Hold on,” I said. “We’re almost there.”

      The bus folded back into the school, and we got out. We walked outside and the dog was happily sitting on its haunches waiting for us.

      We mounted, and walked down to the road. By this time the moon was out. The only lights out were the streetlights around the neighborhood.

      I grabbed Naga’s reins and moved her along, walking down the street. No one really took notice of her. My friend said that he wanted to steer her. So we switched places. Somehow I had grabbed some rope on the back of her saddle, probably misleading rope. My friend got her to jump into the air and start flying. They flew so high, but I wasn’t on there. I was still holding onto the unraveling string below. I was floating for some reason though.

      They came back down and I got on once more and took the reins. We took off on a run towards the city. We reached some buildings and some busy streets. We ran into oncoming traffic, but we just jumped over cars. Easy peasy.

      Walking our way was a couple of friends from school that I knew. They were running away from something, I don’t know what.

      I ignored that thought as we walking into some sort of restaurant. Naga was looking pretty tired so we just sat inside. All of a sudden, I saw Naga walking away. I followed her into a lit up alley. She layed down, but was getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Afterwards she retched, then lay limp on the ground as still as a puppet.

      I ran up to her and felt her. She was no longer there. I cried and cried. My poor Naga. :/

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    3. 4/20/2012 The Boat Ride

      by , 04-20-2012 at 12:33 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember being on some sort of small ship. My mom and I were sitting in what looked like a small boat on the ship, but we weren’t allowed to walk anywhere else. A man (the Captain) and a young boy (his son) were standing near us. The Captain was behind us controlling the small ship. From where we were, it looked like the small boat we were sitting in was in the water, and the ship was above us. It didn’t seem logical, but it didn’t trigger any lucidity.

      All of a sudden the boat lurched to a start, nearly causing some water to come into the small boat. “I assure you it is safe.” said the captain.
      The little boy came up to us to talk about safety rules. When he did, a little screen appeared in front of me that showed a Dr. Seuss-like ship about to tip over. Not only was it about to tip over, it looked like waves were fighting against the ship, so parts of it were breaking off. Among that ship were two passengers, running for their lives. They ran behind a building away from the camera’s view, so I couldn’t see what they did next.

      The little boy told us that that was one of the things you should not do. You should stay calm, grab a life boat or something that can float, and just hang tight.

      The dream sped forward. For some reason, we walked with the captain of the ship and his boy to their house. We walked inside, and I walked down the hall to see the rooms. I looked into one of the rooms and realized that my cousin lives here. Only, he doesn’t have a little brother. I didn’t think anything about it, though.

      I went into his room and started looking at all of the stuff he had.

      What looked like his smartphone was hooked up to these weird droid-like copper arm things. Whenever you moved the phone around in midair, the arms would follow it effortlessly, since they were attached to it.

      I sat down at his desk, where his phone was. I held it and checked his Twitter. I don’t know why I did. I looked at his statuses, and other things. Then I heard the door open. I quickly shut the phone off and turned around.

      It was my mom, telling me that we had to go. I breathed a sigh of relief and got up. Then I woke up.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. 4/16/12 Birthday Party

      by , 04-16-2012 at 12:03 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I was with J and E, also Sam. We were at J’s birthday party I had to guess, but we were at my mom’s house. It was weird. The only thing we did at the part was walk around in circles on our driveway.
      It wasn’t just us at the party; there were also some girls that J didn’t even know.

      In the midst of the party, my pastor was in charge of hanging up these gigantic balloons on top of his roof. In the dream, he lived across from us. The balloons were very hard to put up, as he told us later, and they kept falling down.

      The balloons looked like giant bugs for some reason. One was a spider, I think another was a bee, and the other I can’t remember.

      At the end of the dream, we all crowded around a small table inside a tent outside. On the table was J’s birthday cake. Our pastor was standing there.

      As we were all talking and about to eat the cake, the pastor randomly just starts putting salt on the cake. We stop chatting and look at him. He stops. Then he started again, and then it started to get all over it. “Stop.” I said, laughing.
      He chuckled, and grabbed the lighter.
    5. 4/13/12 Fragmented Dreams

      by , 04-13-2012 at 12:22 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I know I haven't updated in about a week. I've been almost too lazy to record my dreams. :/

      The Past
      I remember only parts of this dream. I was upstairs in a small library. This room seemed familiar for some reason. I found a cupboard full of past drawings I had drawn when I was little, and other scraps of paper.

      I decided to move all these somewhere else. I took each stack inside the cupboard to a table. I think I was going to sort them or something.

      By now, someone was with me. I don’t really know why they were there, though. I just remember them running downstairs and coming back up to tell me something important.

      Fragment 2
      This dream took place in what looked like a mixture of my two parents’ houses. This dream was blurry and fragmented, so I don’t really know what everything looked like. I remember going up to my little brother and asking him something in an upstairs room.
    6. 4/7/12 37th lucid: I'm far away from home.. and other dreams.

      by , 04-07-2012 at 02:48 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Technique Used: SSILD

      Clarity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I don't remember at what time I was lucid, but I guess I was right from the start. I looked around. I saw that I was in some kind of city. I didn't like it I felt alone. I decided to run up to a nearby eighteen wheeler parked in front of me and ask about my dream guide, since that is one of my ultimate goals. I started to run, but it seemed like my legs wouldn't work! It was like I was running in slow motion. I tried to believe I could run, anything is possible in a lucid dream.

      I finally made my way to the window of the large truck. A pudgy woman sat in the front. She looked down at me with a frown. I quickly asked her, "Do you know where I might find my dream guide?"

      "We have nothing like that here," she said. "Come back with a couple hundred dollars and maybe you can apply to this school here." she pointed in front of me at a school not too far away. It looked like a large private school.

      I sighed and walked away. Moving on, I decided to explore. I looked into a nearby forest. I walked down the slope, trying not to trip on any rocks or limbs. Then the thought came to me that I should stabilize. I remember Mzzkc's method of stabilizing, taking a bite out of a tree. I didn't take a bite out of it, I just picked a small limb off of a tree and tried to take a bite out of that. It felt really weird in my mouth, like it wasn't supposed to belong there.

      It only raised my vividness just a tad. I continued on. I found a small shack, well it wasn't really a shack. It was just an awning with people under it watching a TV. There were four guys. One I recognized, my youth leader. Only he was skinnier, and was growing out this long gotee looking thing. I watched what they were watching. It looked like some kind of show that was supposed to embarrass the people on it. The first person was a girl who was supposed to sing a song, a Taylor Swift song actually. She sang horrible. Next there was a girl that was supposed to dance a weird dance blindfolded.

      The dream ended shortly after.

      Working in the Mall
      I remember walking around a mall, looking for something to do. I eventually found some kind of little restaurant with pool tables and such. I found a waiter who looked just like Gibby off of iCarly. He told me about a waiter job he had to do in Chicago that got him embarrassed. I don't remember the story though. He was telling me this while leaning over a counter.

      The Lesson
      I was at my mom's house with a couple of guys I knew and one of my friends. I'm not sure what we did, but we did something bad. That resulted in my dad teaching us all a lesson. I was supposed to drive a car or something. I got in the car, ready to drive it. I started it and was going. Once again, I forgot where the breaks and gas pedal were. I found them.

      As I was going, I was trying to remove the stuff on the dashboard so I could actually see. I heard my dad in the back go, "Good. Good." I swerved to get into the right lane, while almost hitting a couple of cars. Instead of the breaks, I hit the gas, and I sped up a tree on the side of the road. The car fell back down on its side. I got out of the car and said I was okay. It scared me to death though.

      Then my dad had to drive us home, showing us all the obstacles that he could easily maneuver or something.
    7. 4/3/12 Who is this mysterious guy that keeps popping up in my dreams?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 12:38 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember being with my friend, S, and we were going exploring I think. A couple of boys she knew were going to come with us. They were playing football or something while we were walking. S and I started running ahead, to this place in a forest. I started running really fast, but not as much as I wanted to.

      Once S and I reached a certain point, one of the guys had already beaten me, and was now smiling at me like it was nothing. I laughed, but was a bit embarrassed.

      We walked for a while through the forest. I’m not sure what we were looking for, though. After a while, it started turning into more rocky parts. Then we were under some sort of cave with vines hanging down everywhere.

      S got lost from us, so we were looking for her. I can’t remember much of what happened, but we split up and I was with the guy that had beaten me at running. Now that I looked at him, he was kind of cute.

      We eventually found her with some weird animal.

      Bombs? Really?
      I was with a guy I had a crush on I guess. I forgot what we were supposed to do, I just know that we had to get to my house. Along the way, we “teleported” into several houses that looked exactly like mine, and looking outside to see which one was my real house. They were side by side each other, down the street. I don’t know why.

      Finally, we teleported into another one. I looked out of the window.
      “Look, there’s a hill or wall thing.” I pointed. There was what looked like a tall mound of grass almost blocking my window. Our deck was gone, though.
      The boy walked outside and I followed. I saw the familiar house beyond ours on a hill.
      “Yep. This is my house.” I said.

      We walked a little more out. All of a sudden, we looked up on top of the far hill by the trees and saw what looked like a pirate ship just sitting there.
      I heard voices, concluding that there were actually people on there!

      Then I heard a man yell in a pirate-like voice:
      “We’re gonna bomb ya, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do ‘bout it!”

      I looked to my crush. “Oh no.” I breathed. “Get inside!”
      As soon as we got in, the first bomb was fired from their cannon. Since they were far away, it wasn’t even close to reaching the house. Looking out the window, I saw the pirate ship moving forward slowly.

      “We don’t have much time!” I yelled.
      Looking up at the fireplace mantle, I saw a rectangular TV that showed the pirate ship outside and how close it was to the house.

      The boy went outside, trying to confront the “pirates”.
      I didn’t want him to, but he didn’t listen to me.

      I heard a loud knocking on my door. I ran to the door, and opened it. I found four of my neighbors. One man was carrying a pistol, and another carried one that looked like a machine gun. I quickly hurried them inside along with their wives.

      “You need to get to the basement, quick!” I urged. I heard more bombs going off in the distance.

      The women were almost in tears, hanging on to their husbands for support. The older man was talking to me about something, but I couldn’t hear him over the bombs exploding.

      I turned to the mantle and my mom was now standing there watching the TV. I walked over to her. Then I turned back to the couples and tried to get them to put their guns away and go to the basement for safety.

      As soon as I turned back around, a bomb went off, and it blew up the camera’s screen, so we could no longer see very well on the TV. With that same bomb, my crush was hurtled at the window.

      I woke up.
    8. 4/1/12 To the death!

      by , 04-01-2012 at 02:03 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember being at my school. I was outside, along with everyone. There was a small tent arena thing outside where our courtyard was supposed to be. I walked inside and found half the school running around inside the perimeter of the tent.

      A woman walked around carrying a small green scanner.
      “Ticket?” she asked me.
      I looked at her scanner. “Um,” I hesitated. “I don’t have one.”
      She sighed. Annoyed, she said to me, “You need to get a ticket at the front lobby. Go. Now.”

      I quickly rushed out of there, and headed back inside the school. Heading to the front lobby, I looked around. I only saw these weird boxes full of frozen food and pictures on them. Confused, I went and asked the secretary where I could find the tickets. He was talking to a family when I came in, and looked a bit annoyed when I said,

      “Where are the tickets?”
      He sighed, and pointed. “Right over there. In the middle.”

      That didn’t solve my problem. I walked back out over to the table where the frozen food was. My English teacher just happened to walk by. She was strict so I was afraid to ask her. I did anyways, and she angrily pulled out a box of tickets in the back. “Here.” She said.

      I took one, and ran back outside. I entered the arena, but instead of running around in circles, people were fighting. There weren’t as many people here as there was earlier. I learned that as many fights you do, or what you do in that fight, affect how much percentage you get on your ticket. And that percentage affects your test scores or something.

      I walked around the arena, looking at who was fighting. Two people that didn’t look familiar, both drew fists. Then they started swinging at each other.

      It was my turn. More people started to empty out of the arena. I was paired up against a guy with blonde hair, who looked like he was in the band One Direction. No one was supervising the fights, so we just sat there, gaining percentage by doing nothing. We talked while doing it, and even pushed and lightly punched each other to speed up the process.

      Eventually, I heard the people around us starting to count down. “10, 9, 8…”
      I ran to the ticket lady, and handed her my ticket. She scanned it, and said, “Thank you.”

      The dream sped forward. I was in the mall, walking down the wide hallway surveying the stores. I looked into the window of a particular store. I saw the same blonde haired boy. He smiled at me, and waved. I smiled back.

      Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, I kept walking and went to the sunglasses store. One of the employees kept trying to set me up with different sunglasses, but I just told her I wanted to look.

      Then the dream ended.
    9. 3/30/12 Trying new tech - SSILD: immediate results!

      by , 03-30-2012 at 04:40 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Clarity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Oh my gosh. This technique is amazing!
      So last night, I woke up after 5 hours of sleep, went to the restroom, then got back in bed. I did about, 5 cycles (If I remember correctly.) Then I got comfortable and did one cycle for some reason. After a few minutes I turned over once more (now on my stomach) and fell asleep.

      I woke up.. and my body was completely paralyzed! I could not move. I think I could open my eyes, but I didn't want to! I got really scared (as I always do with SP. T-T). I heard these weird wind sounds in my ears or something, and my body just felt heavy and numb (it was a bit hazy at this part, can't remember much). I just decided, "What the heck, I'm getting out of this!" (I've done this before, and I ended up in a FA) So I tried wriggling my head, then my arms, then my fingers, and finally "broke" out of SP. I lay motionless , still lying on my stomach in my bed. Then I thought to myself, "Crap. I shouldn't have done that." But then I RCed out of reflex, and what do you know, I was in an FA! I got really excited. Still laying on my stomach, I used my arms and "pushed" me out of bed. It was extremely hard to do this. It was like pushing a rusted lever or something (kind of like I was "stuck" to the bed). Then I saw it was dark in my room so I got scared once more (I'm always afraid of seeing scary things in my dreams, like weird shadows and such).

      I sat on my bed, looking around in the darkness for my lamp. I shouted, "Light!"
      Nothing happened.

      I remember that electronics do not work well in dreams, but I turned on the lamp anyway. Light immediately flooded the room. I wanted to see myself in my full body mirror, but was too scared. So I kind of "danced" in front of it to blur my body but see myself in it anyways. I didn't take notice of all the details in my room, I just simply walked into the bathroom and tried to turn on those lights as well. Once I turned it on, the lights shone very dimly. I walked into Sam's room and did the same. Dim.

      I shook her awake (at least I think I did), and told her I was dreaming, and to come on with me. She muttered something, but I was too excited to listen to it, and ran out of the room. I stood on my balcony, looking down. It was almost daytime now. I said I would jump off of it. I was afraid I would get hurt. But it was a dream; it couldn't hurt me.

      I jumped off of the balcony, landing on my feet. I only felt a mild shock travel up through my legs.

      I then walked out our front door, which was a large archway with no door. It was daytime out now. I looked up at the sky, it was clear and crisp. Then I started losing lucidity bit by bit, but I didn't notice. The grass was as green as ever. I saw my mom sweeping the pavement, and my dad was just walking around.

      I tried to fly down the steps. Instead, I hovered down them and hit my toe on every single one of them. Since they were brick stairs, it hurt a little. Then I tried to fly around the front yard, but I wasn't making any progress. I tried with all my might to "flap" my arms, but to no avail. Not even if I ran and jumped could I fly.
      I gave up and walked over to the side of the house. My house was bigger than usual. I heard my sister, who was outside now. She yelled to me, "Imagine something!"

      Good idea. I tried to summon a Lamborghini. Big mistake on my part!

      I turned around and visualized what I wanted. A Lamborghini. I wasn't specific, though. I turned around and faced the garage. A really long car, like a limo, was there. It was an ugly shade of green and yellow, and looked like it was made out of coke cans. Ugh.
      I tried again, this time it was a longer car, but was an ugly shade of blue. Somehow, the green car had rolled itself down into someone else's driveway.
      I tried once more, this time being specific. But it didn't come out as I wanted. A brown car appeared, and it looked like a Model T. I gave up. This was just too hard!

      The dream sped forward. I was with a group of people in a grassy field. My lucidity level got even lower, I could hardly control anything. I just had to go along with the story line.
      All of a sudden, a nest of "cracker jackers" broke open and swarmed around us. Someone yelled, "Get the powder!" (Apparently, this powder was supposed to ward off cracker jackers) I imagined this white powder. It started raining down from the sky, and the cracker jackers swarmed away. It was kind of like bug spray for mosquitoes I guess. We were careful not to step on the dead ones. They could still sting.

      The dream sped forward once more, and I was sitting with a group of people. My lucidity was almost gone now. They were being rude to me. I just walked away, not knowing what to do.

      I woke up. I remember going throughout the morning, kind of sad that I didn't have any more time to use the technique in the night, because of school. My mom handed me a piece of a Reese's. I tore the Reese's apart, and it revealed rich peanut butter and chocolate chips! Then the dream faded. I woke up in my bed.
      I was paralyzed again! I just decided to really get out of SP now. I did, and I didn't have an FA.
      I looked at my clock. All of this happened in less than 2 hours. Wow.

      Dream: Don't kill them!
      I was at my dad's house. His house was made into some sort of arena, and they were going to kill two innocent people. A little tanned skinned girl, and a tall boy. I don't really remember the most of this dream, I just remember that they weren't really killed. The people in charge of killing them were playing a trick on everyone.

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    10. 3/29/12 Red dreams..

      by , 03-29-2012 at 02:41 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Are you sure that's not something else?
      I looked into the mirror. My eyes were very red in the whites, and even my irises turned a slight reddish color. “Holy crap,” I whispered. “Maybe I should get some sleep.”

      Formal, right?
      I was in a crowd of people. Everyone was dressed in the same color: red. But apparently, everyone was supposed to act formal. I saw Ken, my sister. But in the dream she wasn’t my sister. I slowly made my way through the crowd to the opening where Ken stood. She was very formally dressed. She held out her hand and I shook it. She told me her name. Yep, my sister alright.
      “I’m not formal at all.” I said, glancing back and forth between her and the people behind me.
      I can’t remember what she said, and the dream ended.
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    11. 3/28/12 Ah.. My Beautiful!

      by , 03-28-2012 at 02:43 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember having a project due (which I really did have due), so I decided to do it. I made it look really cool, even making a small border/mural to surround the poster. I was proud of it in the dream. I remember setting it all up at my dad’s house, and I remember it being a bit dark in the house, except the kitchen light was on. Someone was observing it, putting his hands behind his back and smiling. I think it was my teacher (though my teacher is female).
    12. 3/27/12 3 From parties...to driving...to hiding?

      by , 03-27-2012 at 03:26 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Dream 1: Dinner Party
      I remember being around our small town. A party was happening all over the place, it was some kind of dinner party. I was walking with my friends, when all of a sudden we saw some people running in front of us as fast as they could. Looking ahead of them, they were trying to catch some weird guy. We decided to follow them, wanting to see what would happen.

      When we got there, out of breath, we saw that it was some sort of crackhead, or autistic person that they were chasing. He was acting weird. We walked away from the scene.

      Looking around for a spot to eat, I saw these weird flat trees all around me. They kind of looked like Minecraft trees, but with flat tops.

      At the end of the dream I vaguely remember the crack head coming up to Sam and licking her. (ew…)

      Dream 2: Driving... Again?
      I was driving a car on the highway. Of course I was scared, it was almost night time and for some reason I was swerving violently. I was unsure of what to do. No parent was in the passenger seat, or in the car for that matter. I had, I think, two other people my age in the car.

      I would make sudden stops at the stop signs or cars in front of me, because I failed to break earlier. My way of driving seems like I would have been intoxicated.

      The dream just went on like this for a while.

      Dream 3: Shh.. I'm hiding!
      I don’t know why, but I was hiding from someone. One of my friends. I was at my mom’s house. Sam was with me. For some reason, there was a crack in the floor that I was able to fit through that ran along the wall. I squeezed myself into the fetal position, checking in the corner (where my back was) for spiders. Sam stood above the crack, watching for the friend.

      He came up towards Sam, looking for me. Sam smiled, and then he looked down, and noticed me. Busted.

      Then the dream ended.
    13. Creepy Baby Clown

      by , 03-25-2012 at 06:12 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      After a party, I grabbed Sam and we ran outside of the building. We found a very dark building, in which I assumed my little brother to be. He was an orphan. I don't know why, but he was. And I missed him.

      We ran towards the dark building, and knocked on the door. No answer. We pushed the door and it was open. We walked through, just in time to see about 7 kids running through the hall. "Excuse me!" I yelled. "Hey!"
      The kids turned around and looked at me. "Yea?" they answered.
      "Have you seen Tom?"
      They shook their heads.
      "Oh, okay then," I said. "Would you happen to know if there is another foster home in this town?"
      They nodded, and pointed me in the right direction.

      "Okay, thanks." I said. We walked out through the doors, and crossed the street. There we found the other foster home.
      As we walked in, I noticed this foster home looked much nicer. It kind of looked like a hospital inside.
      I asked the lady at the front desk for Tom.
      "She looked down the list. Can anyone please bring out Tom?" she yelled.
      Tom walked down the stairs, guided by one of the women there.
      He looked about 5 years younger, but the same height. We hugged him. "Come on." I said.

      We walked out of the building into a small wooden shack. There were a ton of these around. Inside were two bunk beds, and nothing else. We put our stuff on the floor and decided to sleep.

      We were "awakened" by a loud boom sound. I peeked out the door of the shack, and looking up, I saw a humongous baby. In fact, it was a robot.
      It was super creepy, because the next thing that happened was it shouted, "Mommy!" In a demonized voice.

      It was looking for its mommy.

      I quickly woke up Tom and Sam, and I told them we had to move, quick. We grabbed our things and raced out of the shack, trying to avoid the stare of the gigantic robot baby. Too late. After it saw us running as fast as we could out of the town, It yelled "Mommy!" Again, only deeper and angrier. As it tried to walk, it fell, crying as it hit the ground with an ominous cracking sound that shook buildings around it. Looking back, I see the crushed shack we were in only a few moments ago.

      At the end of the dream, I was looking out of the eyes of a baby. It was sitting on a bed, in a tall building, looking at the fallen robot below through a window. Shaking its rattle, this baby cried, "Mommy, no!" In an even deeper, more demonized voice than the robot's. It crawled up to the window, and smashed it with its rattle.
      Tags: baby, orphanage, party, sam, tom
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    14. Field Trip! Who wants some hot chocolate?

      by , 03-20-2012 at 12:31 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Field Trip!

      I was standing outside a fairly large church with my sister, Sam. Staying fairly close together (even though there was no one around us), we walked up to the front doors and entered. There was no lobby, only a large room. The lighting was dim, and at the far end of the room you could see a stage. We walked closer and noticed that a ton of people were around us now. I saw my friend, E, walking towards me. She said that she was happy that we were here.

      Before we walked towards the stage, we turned around and faced some stairs. They were stock white and led up somewhere. There we found my other friends standing by the stairs.

      We turned back around to head back to the stage. But before we moved, a loud voice could be heard over the microphone:
      "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this man right here!" He pointed to the now spotlighted stage. The spotlight was pointing to some man, but I don't remember his name.

      "And then later, John Cooper is here to sing for all of you!"

      Everyone screamed and applauded. John Cooper is the lead singer for the band Skillet.

      The music started. We ran to the stage and saw the man from before start to sing. As soon as a guitar solo came on, E jumped right on the stage and started playing some weird guitar fret thing (she was playing it wrong). She stood up there for a couple of seconds. I was thinking, "Is she allowed up there?"

      Sam and I walked out before John Cooper could play. Darn. We went to "register", like we should have before. We walked down a road and realized, that we were going the wrong way.

      "Where are you going?" I asked Sam.

      "I was following you!" Sam replied.

      I facepalmed, and then turned around. We found our way back and entered the registering lobby. We were put in line with these other 2 girls. We were supposed to walk out in that order.

      Somehow we found our way out, and started walking up those white stairs. We found D, and M, playing ball on the stairs. D walked up to the wall, and just as he did, M threw the ball and it nearly missed him. D screamed, and it was hilarious.

      Who wants some hot chocolate?

      A man peeked his head in the door.
      I noticed I was in a small white room, and it almost felt like I was on a ship. I was on the floor messing with something.
      The man asked me, "Do you know what tastes better? The hot chocolate powder from the flying birds or the birds on the ground?"
      He meant, what tastes better, this hot chocolate powder from this company, or this powder from this company.
      "Well," I said. "The bird in the air's powder tastes not like chocolate at all. It's just disgusting. I tried it, and my hot chocolate still tasted like milk.
      "The bird on the ground's hot chocolate, however, is the way to go. It's perfect."
      The man nodded, and closed the door.
    15. 3/16/12 Sleepover at School

      by , 03-16-2012 at 12:40 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I started off in my school's gym. There were a lot of girls in there, playing some sports and running around and stuff. It was like a sleepover kind of, at the school. For some reason, our weight lifting room was converted into a little shop. They sold clothes in there, and everything. It was cool. I walked in there, and a weird man I had never seen looked down at me and frowned.
      He was dressed in all black attire, and kind of buff. He carried some weird stick/prong thing, that was black as well. His hair was a brownish black.
      As I walked back out to the gym, he followed me. I thought that was weird. I looked back at him.
      "Why are you following me?"
      No answer.
      He sliced the air with his "staff." I guess he was showing me what he could do with it, if he ever got really mad at me. For some reason he was, and I did NOTHING wrong!

      He pointed it at me.
      While I was distracted, he kicked me in the abdomen.
      "What the heck was that for!?" I yelled at him. There's no logic to this, but I guess that's because it was a dream.
      He just stared at me, pupils dilated.
      I turned around and walked off a bit.
      Then I turned back around and he wasn't there. He was far away, standing beside the bleachers.
      I ran up to him as fast as I could, and jumped up in the air. I tried to kick him, but his staff stopped my foot.
      I fell to the ground.
      I looked up at him. "What did I do wrong?"
      He still looked angry.

      I acted like I was walking away. I turned around once more and his back was turned to me. Bad idea.
      I ran with all my might, jumped and kicked him in the back with the full force I didn't know I had.
      He reeled over and fell on his knees.
      "That's payback." I panted.
      He got up, rubbing his back. Looking at me now, his face relaxed. Instead of becoming like a demon, he smiled.
      "Follow me." he said.
      I followed him, kind of shocked at that change.
      We went back into the shop. He showed me these boots hanging up. He told me that a little boy had left them here, and I could keep them if they fit me. (I think I hit him REALLY hard..)
      We compared the boot to my foot, and the boots were way too small for me.
      "Thanks anyway." I said. Then walked out.

      I walked back into the girl's locker room. Instead of lockers, they were replaced with showers. There were also some bath tubs along the walls. I saw my classmate AR walk beside me.
      "Hey," I said. She stopped and looked at me. "Did you take a shower?"
      "No, I took a bath." She said, and pointed to the one she just used.
      It was colorful. There were towels draped over it. Also there was a rubber ducky floating on the water that was now going down the drain.

      I walked over to a nearby shower. I quickly took my clothes off, grabbed my towel, and stepped in. The water was luke warm, so I backed up against the door, waiting for it to get warmer.
      Just then, one of my friends mom's asked from outside the shower if I had enough towels. I draped the towel I was holding over the door. Then I had another one in my hand, and I showed her.

      Then I woke up.
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      non-lucid , memorable
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