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    The Cusp

    Jiren, you beast!

    by , 01-08-2018 at 12:33 PM (597 Views)
    I'm in my high school, where they are holding the lamest school election ever. It's long, drawn out and super boring. Meanwhile, I'm preoccupied with how to defeat Jiren. Goddamn universe is about to be erased and these idiots around me are playing make believe! I've been elected part of the council who has the final vote, but it's so mind numbingly dull that I leave.

    How to defeat Jiren? That beast will kill me with one punch! Then I remember he's not allowed to kill me, so I figure I might as well at least try to fight him, I might get lucky. I go find Jiren and we scrap. I put up a pretty good fight, but I clearly have no hope in hell of winning. As I'm fighting, some friends show up and tell my the bachelor party is starting, so I abandon this hopeless fight in favor watching strippers.

    We walk to where the bachelor party is being held, and I'm a little concerned about my clothes, which are all torn up from my fight. We arrive at a building, go up a long set of stairs to a bar that seems familiar. There is a small blond stripper with a squeaky voice who hands me a large book someone wrote about her. Worst stripper ever.

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