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    1. Gotta go!

      by , 01-10-2018 at 11:53 AM
      I need to pee IRL as badly as I need to in the dream. I'm in an apartment store, and rush into the bathroom to pee. All the stalls are taken, and there are no urinals, so I whip it out and begin to pee in the sink. I'm peeing and peeing and it just won't stop. After a few minutes, it sinks in that there are no urinals, and I look up to see three women staring at me aghast. "He's STILL doing it!" one of them says in disgust. They think I'm a flasher, and I try to explain that I'm not, but the fact that I'm not putting my penis away would seem to indicate otherwise. I just can't stop peeing!

      I put my dick away and run out of there before the cops show up. I run outside looking for somewhere more private to pee. Down the street there is some sort of NFL billboard with a talking robot dude which provides a bit of cover, so I go to pee there. The talking robot sure swears an awful lot as I go. For some reason my penis keeps getting longer every time I look at it. "Impressive", says the robot, "want me to hold that for you?". I actually think him holding the end might be a good idea, since it's now so long it's difficult to keep straight, and the pressure is making it hard to pee.

      At this point, it's almost 5 feet long, and I'm considering cutting it off since it's obviously some sort of alien parasite.

      End up at a friend's house, still peeing non-stop, before I finally wake up and pee for real.
    2. Don't trust myself

      by , 01-10-2018 at 11:45 AM
      I'm captaining a starship, and recieve 10 warnings from what I assume to be my future self. We avert the crisis, then I realize it was not my future self that sent those warnings, but a PARALLEL self! I don't trust this parallel self has the same ideals and self interests, to I take measures to insulate myself from such interference.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Prepping for the End

      by , 01-09-2018 at 12:11 PM
      It's an unspecified apocalypse. There are giant rocks falling out of an ominous sky, and the first zombies are starting to spread. Shit is going to get very bad, very soon. I'm focused on gathering supplies and getting out of the city, and am leading a small group.

      People are already fighting in the grocery stores, which have almost been stripped bare. I focus on raiding unattended stores and gas stations, houses that look empty. In one house, there are canisters of supplies, guns and ammo, food. As we grab the canisters, a little +10 or +5 appears in the air like when you pick something up in a video game. That almost tips me off that I'm dreaming, but I get distracted with my mission of gathering supplies. There's a nice rifle with a scope in the basement of one house, I'm the first one to spot it, and I lay claim to it by announcing "That one's MINE!". Morgan disagrees and grabs before I can, and I tell him I'm willing to fight him for it. He's being a total dick, the kind of person who gets people killed, and as we fight, I regret not having any of those knives I scavenged on me.
    4. Audrey Parker is a Bitch!

      by , 02-28-2016 at 01:20 PM
      Audrey Parker from the show Haven, a few others, and myself, have been on an epic mission. At this point, we're infiltrating the enemy camp, getting closer to our goal. It's touch and go, sneaking around, and we eventually get separated briefly, but we're headed to a building and I think we'll all meet up there. I get inside and it looks like a cross between a church and stadium seating. The rest of our team is there, but no Audrey.

      Worried, I leave with some other guy, instructing the rest of the team to wait for us there. I'm running myself ragged looking for her, and when I finally spot her walking across a grassy field, I collapse to the ground, exhausted. As I lay there panting, Audrey won't even acknowledge me, and I feel severely betrayed. After everything we've been through! I spent every penny I had in support of this mission, and now I don't even have enough for a bus home! She walks right by me, not even acknowledging my existence, and I think to myself "Fine! I'll walk home".

      I pick my sorry ass up and begin the long walk home. I cut through Fellowe's high school, which is empty but for some students working on some project. I go past them, past a teacher, and into a hallway on the other side of the building, which leads to the exit. There is dead cat smeared all over the hallway, and I accidentally put my hand in some. It fucking reeks!

      I exit the school, and next cut through a Harvey's. It too is empty and deserted, yet the doors are open. I go through it, then start my long walk along the highway.

      What a selfish bitch she was!
    5. The Dy Lake

      by , 02-25-2016 at 12:33 PM
      I'm doing Dry Lake runs (a level in the game Path of Exile), laying waste to hordes of enemies. Some of the bosses are smart, and it gets personal.

      This eventually evolves into a zombie/demon siege on a certain house I'm at. That scenario keeps resetting, and my knowledge from previous iterations are not very useful n dealing with the situation.

      I always find it difficult to extract detail from a dream when I'm doing the same thing over and over.
    6. Heist Repeater

      by , 02-13-2016 at 01:22 PM
      I'm on the beach, with normal beach stuff happening, and walk across the bridge to the Quebec side. On that side of the river, the majority of the women on the beach are topless, and I think to myself "I fucking LOVE Quebec!".

      I run into Jason, who has a couple of people with him, and I follow them inside a building as we walk and talk. Once inside, Jason and his boys start looting the place. Seems like they are competing with each other, the first to find something good gets to keep it, so they are running around tearing the place apart, looking for stuff to steal. Since I seem to already be involved, I join in. They rest of the guys are on the main floor and the basement, so I run upstairs hoping to get a head start on them.

      I was heading for the bedrooms, but I see glass display case in the main hall upstairs, filled with various expensive looking trinkets, which I stuff into my pockets. There's also some bags of money, how convenient! I stuff my pockets until they are bulging, then try to get downstairs, which is confusing, because there are four staircases connecting the first and second floors (it's a big condo/mansion). At the top of one set of stairs, a bunch of suits are piled on the stairs, with money on top, which I take.

      Having taken everything worth taking, we head outside, but there are police EVERYWHERE! The rest of the guys get pinched, but I manage to blend into the crowd on the beach. I try to pretend to be checking out some tents selling leather armor which look like they belong in a renaissance fair, which was a bad move. I though the vendor section ran all the way down the beach, but there were only like 3 or four of them, and beyond those, the beach was deserted, leaving me wide open with nowhere to hide. The police swarm in, and I'm busted!


      The dream resets to the beginning where we have just entered the house to begin stealing. I understand that this is going to keep resetting until I get it right, although I have a sneaking suspicion "getting it right" involves a moral lesson, which is "don't steal". I'm more focused on the thrill of the chase however, and use my knowledge from last time to go right to the good stuff, only taking the money so my pockets won't be bulging, which is what gave me away to the police on the last try. I get upstairs a lot faster this time, and encounter a guy in the house! He chases me into an elevator, which I just manage to close in time. He beats on the door, almost bending it open.

      I go downstairs and run out. The police are still there, checking almost everyone. Everyone except a guy in an expensive looking suit who looks like he belongs there. "I need a suit!", I think to myself, then remember the ones piled in the stairwell. Next time! I manage to sneak/bluff my way past the police with a confident gait, and make it across the street, where there are more police. To avoid them, I lift the bottom of a construction fence and roll under it, then enter that building. It's a car dealership, and I try to blend in by letting the salesman try to sell me a car. There's only weird looking race cars, and I tell him I was looking for something I wouldn't kill myself in on the first day. My ploy didn't work, and the police swarm me. Busted and...


      I know the easiest thing to do is just not get involved, but by this point, I'm hellbent on solving this puzzle. I avoid the guy, grab the cash, and dodge the cops. On this try, I get across the street, and past the building with the cars, but the po-po are still closing in. I'm running down the street and make it all the way to my apartment, where there is major construction going on, and I can't get the front door open. The cops are close behind, so I run up the arm of an excavator desperate to get away. I hear someone talking, saying how nobody can get into the building unless someone unlocks the door from inside, and there is nobody inside. From the top of the excavator arm, I jump and grab onto some hanging wires, flip over to some other wires and use them to swing into an open window on the second floor. Instead of getting angry for running on their machinery, the construction workers now think I'm a hero for getting in. I've narrowly avoided the police, I'm safe and sound, VICTORY IS MINE!!!!
    7. I love Lydia

      by , 01-31-2016 at 01:09 AM

      Assorted bad guys and monsters are after Lydia from the Teen Wolf television show, and my gang and I are trying to keep her safe, with a few romantic interludes between her and I.

      There's a wanted poster with Lydia face offering a reward, and now even ordinary people are tempted to turn her in, so we hide her in closed store. I leave her there for a bit and head outside when I see a giant approaching, searching for her. A REALLY BIG giant! I probably only come to the top of his toe. It's crushing everything in it's path, and I book back to where Lydia is, almost getting stepped on in the process. Luckily the giant isn't interested in me at all.

      I go back inside to get her out of there, when soldiers dressed all in black pour in and point their guns at us. Just as I wonder what to do, I see the flash standing against the wall. He zooms us all out, then goes back in for the soldiers. He phases himself out so you can only see his suit, but not his head or hands or anything, which confuses the soldiers (and me too).

      Next thing I know, we're all waking up in some basement after having hid out for the night. I wonder if Lydia is still into me, or if it was just a spur of the moment thing. I am like 20 years older than she is after all. But she leans over and gives me a kiss, and I'm ecstatic!
    8. Hometown Shoot out

      by , 02-13-2013 at 04:05 PM
      Shoot out
      Recall: 4/10
      Sleep: OK
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in the small town of Bourgette, and I love how quiet it is. I walk down the street and don't see a single person, then turn around and walk back and forth a few times, still not seeing anyone.

      I go to find my uncle who gave me a ride here, and he's taken cover behind an overturned car and is shooting it out with the police. The townsfolk tell me he only has to hold out for a certain amount of time, after which the police are no longer allowed to enter the town. That time is 1AM. I look at my watch and there are 7 hours left. It doesn't look good for him lasting that long, but the townsfolk are helping by "crashing" their vehicles in front of the police to get in their way.

      I go into the local hotel/bar, where I see pictures on the walls of all kinds of celebrities and royalty who have been regulars here in the past. The rules that outlaw police presence in this town have made it a hotspot for partying, and people come from all over the world for a little lawless fun.

      I haven't lived here since grade 2, but when I go up to the bar, the bartender calls me by name, which I find awesome.

      The police were after my uncle because he killed a man, some kind of royalty who was supposed to marry a princess. With him dead, it turns out I'm the last remaining person with the proper blood line to marry the princess, who is hot and smart. We get married.

      I go back out to where the shootout occurred, and some people are cleaning up. Turns out the locals set up the murder of that man, framing my uncle, so they could recover some treasure during the cleanup process.

      Should have taken notes on this dream, it was way more epic than my recall made it out to be.

      There were three major influences for this dream yesterday

      1)Saw a girl I went to school with in that down posted new pics on facebook, and I was impressed wiht how hot she was. This set up the location

      2)The Donner shootout, which mirrored the shootout with my uncle

      3) An episode of Ultimate Spiderman where the Wrecking crew would attack the city, then steal by sneaking in with the clean up crew
    9. The White Tardis

      by , 01-27-2013 at 05:44 PM
      I watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night which inspired a Doctor Who dream. Wait, what?

      Since Sherlock Holmes in the new Doctor Who series is a lesbian lizard woman, and Doctor Who is my favorite show, sherlock holmes has a strong connection to Doctor who. It's elementary!

      Dragon Doctor
      Recall: 4/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I enter into this strange old man's apartment. He acts really strange, he's not human, only posing as a human.

      There is a white lazyboy chair in the middle of the room, but it's not really a chair, it's a camouflaged Tardis! The old man is trying to find this tardis and gain entry to it. He begins demanding that I let him in the tardis, threatening violence, so I retreat inside the Tardis chair. It's bigger on the inside than the chair would have been, but still only the size of a police box on the inside.

      The old man begins pounding on the outside of the tardis demanding I let him in. My tiny little box shudders under the fury of his onslaught, and the whole house shakes as he pounds on the walls of my white Tardis.

      Then I'm outside in the hallway with the Doctor and a few of his companions. We knock on the door and the old man answers. Suddenly everyone becomes a dragon. The Doctor is a 5 headed hydra, his companions single headed adult dragons, and the old man is a tiny little pygmy dragon. He's so cute! Looking at him, you just know he's harmless.

      Turns out the old man was just a stranded alien who was lost and confused and desperately wanted to go home, which is why he wanted in the Tardis so bad. The Doctor gives him a lift and all is well.

      -At some point I realize I'm the new companion in the TV show. I find it a little odd that I'm a male companion, but it's not the first time it's happened. I also find it odd they picked me to be on TV. But then I look at myself in the mirror and realize I'm pretty good looking.
      Tags: doctor who
    10. Saving the world (again)

      by , 01-23-2013 at 04:38 PM
      Three Showdowns
      Recall: 5/10
      Sleep: OK
      Sleep Position: Left Side (right brain)
      I'm standing with some people when a zombie Frankenstein's monster grabs me and throws me violently against the wall. Then it begins to choke me, still pushing me against the wall. I punch it in the head and manage to knock it back a step and evade it's clutches. But the frankenstein monster is not alone, there is also a zombie, and a zombie werewolf.

      The people with me have weapons like swords, so I just evade the monsters and leave the killing to those better equipped to deal with it. Once they've dispatched their monsters, I'm still left with my three attackers. They tell me that I have to defeat them myself.

      I run around dodging and landing big hay makers when I can. It takes a long time, but eventually I kill one of them. Then another. With only one monster left, I can focus on my assault more and finish him off more quickly than the others.

      Victorious, we discover this is the first of three monster encounters we have to defeat for some reason that is unclear. The second fight occurs on the river in my home town on a set of rapids known as "Lovers". We're able to work together to defeat this single creature. Once it falls, huge banks of stone rise up out of the water, changing how the water flows and sending a violent torrent of water rushing towards us. I lead my part to safety, narrowly avoiding being washed away.

      Now, on to the third fight! But I notice we are all unarmed, so I take everyone to my house to gear up. I pull out a sword, a machetee, throwing knives, a fire poke, a large crow bar and some metal pipes. Armed and ready, we hop on a school bus to our third fight, but on the bus I notice our weapons are gone again.

      On the bus, a young Bevan is sitting across from us acting like a retard, and I lose patience and call him one. His face changes into a monkey monster, somehow tied to the evil we are fighting, and I get up and sit at the front of the bus next to some friends. Chris sees some guy on the street eating some kind of chocolate bar he's never seen before and exclaims "OMG! [name of chocolate bar]". Next thing I know they are outside the bus in front of a store eating one.

      We arrive at our final location, a large hotel. As we walk towards it, large structures and statues rise up from the ground changing our immediate landscape into something like an ancient temple. Again, I'm annoyed with our lack of weapons, but it's too late now. The final showdown is about to begin!

      Dammit, I woke up before the final battle!
    11. Military Pursuit

      by , 10-16-2012 at 11:27 PM
      Finally remembered something! Just a fragment, but it's a start.

      Fragment: Military Pursuit
      I'm being chased by a group of soldiers. The only reason I manage to stay ahead of them is because I'm in my hometown and am familiar with the territory and am able to use that knowledge to my advantage. I run onto the train tracks and look back to see the soldiers wearing pink uniforms. I run, but the tracks are messing up my stride. Setting my feet on ever second wood beam is too short, but trying for every third is too long.

      The soldiers come from watching Franklin and Bash before bed, they were in military court. The pink uniforms were from watching a football highlight where all the teams were wearing pink in support of boobs or something.
    12. Dull Dreams

      by , 01-19-2012 at 05:21 AM
      Had a lucid last night, but it wasn't that interesting and I didn't bother commiting it to memory.

      I recall a fairly long dream where I had a mexican girlfriend, but it wasn't that interesting either and I don't feel like writing it out.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Orgy of Heroes

      by , 01-16-2012 at 02:02 PM
      Orgy of Heroes
      Recall: 4/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Switching back and forth, left side and right side
      I'm in a mall, fighting off a bunch of super villains with a group of people. I don't seem to have any super powers, other than the power of being bad ass. I've got a bo staff that I'm whacking enemies with.

      I see a couple of my allies duck into a store to chase some woman, and when I look in to check on them, they are being held immobile by some woman with white hair and wind powers. I can see the wind pinning my allies down. I charge in and beat the wind woman in the head with my bo staff.

      My side prevails, and we end up at some house. I launch some sort of movie or program, and we end up with a bunch of female pornstars, which leads to an orgy. It's a hell of a good time, and when it's over, I replay the scenario.

      In the next iteration, I try to hook up with the girl I was with last time, but she goes off with someone else. I settle for a blonde, and figure I'll get my girl on the next go. But on the next round, there is no sex at all, and I begin to recognize there are key points that are randomized.

      On the final reset, I'm still wanting to nail that first girl again, but instead the homeowners show up. They don't like seeing a bunch of strangers in their house, but I take control of the situation and persuade the husband that it's no big deal. He's no longer upset, there was no harm done, and we all leave the house.

      Multiple versions of the same dream are always tough to recall for me. I didn't quite capture just how awesome that dreams was.
    14. Loss for Ron Paul

      by , 01-06-2012 at 05:51 PM
      I'm watching the US presidential elections on a Risk like map of the United States. Ron Paul seems sure to win until there his a hiccup in one state and Ron Paul loses in that state. This creates a panicked reactionary effect that spreads out from that state, infecting the other states like a virus spreading to a cell. What was a sure victory becomes a massive loss as people vote not on the best candidate, but vote in response to how everyone else is voting.
    15. Post Apocalypse

      by , 12-04-2011 at 04:22 PM
      Post Apocalypse
      Recall: 7/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Left Side (Right Brain)
      Some friends and I are walking along the beach, which is littered with small blowholes that vent clouds of acidic steam. We have to be careful not to get hit by them or breath in the acid. A little reptile runs up to a blowhole with what looks like a blue crystal carrot in it's mouth. It dips the crystal carrot into a blowhole so the acidic steam will erode the hard outer layers so it can eat the nutritious inside, and pull is out just before the acidic steam blasts him. It keeps doing this, but finally gets blasted by an unexpected steam blast which kills it. It's body is absorbed almost instantly into the ground and some mushrooms grow where the body was.

      The mushrooms are dangerous because the attract poisonous predators who eat them. We try to avoid the mushrooms as best as possible, but come across a section that is thick with them. We run across quickly with no causalties.

      We come to the land of the tank people, who capture us. In this post apocalyptic world, they have built their camp at an old tank base. They lead us through a building and point our a trio of super tanks that no longer run, and tell us their history. These people only have a handful of lesser tanks that still run.

      Once of the guys with me says he can fix the biggest tank and get it running again, so we sneak off and repair it. We use it to fire a shell at a neighboring settlement with whom these people are at war with, which triggers a final battle. Our captors win, and since we were responsible for their victory, they allow us to stay with them freely.

      We are in a mall with several food stalls. Some of them have a single glass of beer, and I gather as many beers as I can. Then I find out later they all had working taps to dispense beer. I see Jason sitting at a table, and he spills his beer on Andrew, who gets mad. The spill was sort of but not really my fault, since it wouldnt have happened if I didn't talk to Jason, so I take the blame before he beats Jason senseless.

      I decide to leave the tank people and end up where the schools were in my hometown. There was a bar/restaurant nearby, and I head there hoping to scavenge some food, but when I arrive, it's pretty bombed out and there are mad max looking kids all over. I find a broken knife blade, attach it to a metal pole and make a nice spear.

      Some guy with a big wolf come, and all the kids scatter. The wolf man is killing them all. I run for some mansions on the hill which seem pretty intact, and wonder why nobody is living there. When I arrive, I see about a dozen heads on the ground, all fused together and still alive, guarding the area.
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