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    1. Native Curse

      by , 02-14-2013 at 03:04 PM
      Recall: 7/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      For some reason I've called up Jimmy, and ask him if he knows any indian medicine men or sorcerers, maybe he has someone in his family who has that type of knowledge. He doesn't seem into the idea but I talk him into it and he finally tells me to come over.

      I go to his place, he invites me inside, then all these indians start giving me a hard time. An old woman giving me dirty looks that could kill, muscled goon indians trying to intimidate me. I know where I'm not wanted, so I go to put my shoes back on only to find thumb tacks inside them. I remove the tacks, put on my shoes and leave.

      But it's not going to be that easy. They follow me and start using some sort of reality altering magics or curse on me. Everything is just going crazy in a very bad way, hard to describe. I begin to use dream control without being lucid to counteract their efforts, and manage to calm things down. One of them comments that they are surprised I managed to calm things down so quickly, then they launch another attack even worse than the last one. My reality falls apart into a crazy fractal. I do my best to keep my focus so it doesn't get the better of me and try to get out of there.

      I leave the apartment building but they follow me, so I try to lose them by hopping on a bus that happens to have stopped near me with the door open, but they still follow. On the bus, my trials continue. At one point there is some sort of deformed mutant kid at the front with a donation box, and the old indian woman hands me 15 dollars to give to him. I'm about to put it all in his box, when I think I'll need money to pay my bus fare and keep 5 for myself, giving the kid 10. The old indian woman is absolutely disgusted by this, and even I concede that was a dick move. I know this isn't real, and I couldn't even give to the poor cripple kid without thinking of myself.

      This hellish mind fuck of an assault carries on, and
      I finally realize I'm dreaming. Rather than try to salvage this mess of a dream, I'm like "fuck this, I'm outta here!" and wake myself up.

      I'm having too many dreams where I use dream control without being lucid. Going to have to try to do something about that.
      lucid , nightmare