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    1. The Taste of Broken Glass

      by , 02-26-2016 at 03:31 PM
      My parents and I go to stay and my uncle Denis' for a week. There's some kids there, and they're fighting for my attention, especially the girls. For some reason, my mouth is full of broken glass, which I'm constantly spitting out.

      I'm about to go to bed, when I see a kitten jump into a laundry chute in the wall. I open it to look because I want to pet the kitten, and see more kittens jump in it. Then some woman comes in with even more kittens, these ones smaller. She keeps finding smaller and smaller kittens and putting them in the chute, until they kittens are about the size of ants. Then she accuses me of squishing one and gives me a dirty look.

      I go to bed, still spitting broken glass, and find broken glass all over the bed. I pull off the sheets, and find it's just covered in broken glass. Not just loose pieces, there are chunks of window glass embedded into the mattress, sticking out with sharp jagged edges about 4-5 inches. It looks like it was done on purpose. I go find my uncle, in a room with everyone else, to call him out. "DENNIS!" I yell, and he pulls his hat over his eyes and pretends to be asleep. I grab the mother fucker, tell everyone about the glass, and say he either did it on purpose, or he's just a complete fucking idiot. I'm still spitting out broken glass the entire time, and my tongue and lips are getting sore from all the little cuts.

      Dennis grabs some bedding and goes to set me up somewhere else to sleep, and I follow. He lays out a mat and some blankets on the sidewalk, and I lay down. I lay there for a few minutes, looking around, watching some people in the park before deciding this is some bullshit. He expects me to sleep on the sidewalk right next to the street? Fuck that shit! I get up and storm back to the house. Entering the house, I see a kitten in the doorway, and the more I look, the more kittens I see.

      Once back inside, I see the kids again, and notice there's something off about them. They look like inbred mutants. I notice one of the girls has a penis, but one that looks like a weird animal penis, it's just disturbing. They are also evil and have powers. They are the ones responsible for all this broken glass in my mouth, which I'm still spitting out.

      I begin to realize all the adults in this house are at the mercy of these evil little monsters. The situation is just so fucked up, that I become lucid! I fly down a hallway and see an opening to some sort of store. I fly inside and see bars on the walls, behind which are the store's limited wares. There isn't much, but up high on the wall I see a large machine gun behind some metal bars, and figure that's a great start for any lucid dream. I fly up, rip off the metal bars and take the machine gun. It's monstrously huge, and would make a gatling gun look small.

      I land, and make my way out of the building, mowing down anything in my way with the gun. Once outside, I drop the gun and take to the air again. I fly in a standing position and have no problems controlling my flight. I'm very careful not to look back or let my thoughts dwell on the previous part of the dream, lest I make it real again. I land in a park next to a stage, hoping there will be a concert, but it's too late and too dark.

      I either forget what happens next, or got woken up by the neighbors. That breaks a lucid dry spell I've had for almost two months!

      It didn't seem like I did much with my lucidity, but I'm proud of how I didn't look back, like the biblical story of Lot's wife, surely that was a lesson about dreaming. Everything requires your attention to exist in a dream.

      The mouth full of broken glass likely comes from a magic spell based on the princess and the pea I suggested someone use yesterday. Only I suggested broken glass or thorns instead of a pea. Never going to post publicly about that kind of magic again

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    2. Brief Lucid

      by , 05-29-2015 at 01:17 PM
      Ive just fallen asleep, and I notice the dreamscape is still kind of dark and shadowy, not fully formed yet. I realize this means I'm dreaming!

      I see that I'm at work, so I try to levitate into the air to begin flying, so that I can use the power of momentum to solidify the dream. Only instead of my body rising into the air, a ghost or spirit form of myself rises out of my dream body. Close enough. I completely ignore the spit that just happened, and focus completely on flying, and even looking back at the "body" I just left behind.

      I dip and dive, building speed, my flight control gets better, and I randomly float down to the ground. While wondering what do do next, I spot my new co-worker. I get the idea to try and somehow leave a mark on his real physical body by messing with this representation of him in the dream world. I had read of people waking with red marks from doing this, and I wanted to try it. I figured I'd put my hands on his arm or something, but then he began walking right at me.

      I throw up my hands and push against my co-worker's chest, but I have no traction, and he just keeps walking, pushing me along until he plows me into some work benches and the impact wakes me up.
    3. Native Curse

      by , 02-14-2013 at 03:04 PM
      Recall: 7/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      For some reason I've called up Jimmy, and ask him if he knows any indian medicine men or sorcerers, maybe he has someone in his family who has that type of knowledge. He doesn't seem into the idea but I talk him into it and he finally tells me to come over.

      I go to his place, he invites me inside, then all these indians start giving me a hard time. An old woman giving me dirty looks that could kill, muscled goon indians trying to intimidate me. I know where I'm not wanted, so I go to put my shoes back on only to find thumb tacks inside them. I remove the tacks, put on my shoes and leave.

      But it's not going to be that easy. They follow me and start using some sort of reality altering magics or curse on me. Everything is just going crazy in a very bad way, hard to describe. I begin to use dream control without being lucid to counteract their efforts, and manage to calm things down. One of them comments that they are surprised I managed to calm things down so quickly, then they launch another attack even worse than the last one. My reality falls apart into a crazy fractal. I do my best to keep my focus so it doesn't get the better of me and try to get out of there.

      I leave the apartment building but they follow me, so I try to lose them by hopping on a bus that happens to have stopped near me with the door open, but they still follow. On the bus, my trials continue. At one point there is some sort of deformed mutant kid at the front with a donation box, and the old indian woman hands me 15 dollars to give to him. I'm about to put it all in his box, when I think I'll need money to pay my bus fare and keep 5 for myself, giving the kid 10. The old indian woman is absolutely disgusted by this, and even I concede that was a dick move. I know this isn't real, and I couldn't even give to the poor cripple kid without thinking of myself.

      This hellish mind fuck of an assault carries on, and
      I finally realize I'm dreaming. Rather than try to salvage this mess of a dream, I'm like "fuck this, I'm outta here!" and wake myself up.

      I'm having too many dreams where I use dream control without being lucid. Going to have to try to do something about that.
      lucid , nightmare
    4. Space Pirates

      by , 01-23-2012 at 03:42 PM
      Space Pirates
      Recall: 7/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in a tiny cramped little space capsule with Donald. We're calibrating 3 satellites that each have 3 green blinking lights. Suddenly I feel our space capsule begin to fall and spin, lurching out of control. Not cool! I begin to panic a little, and then I realize I'm dreaming!

      The out of control capsule is making me feel nauseous, so I figure I'll fly out of it through the roof. I put my hands over my head in flying position, and bump my fingertips against the roof of our capsule. I look down so I can't see what is stopping my fingers from going through, and manage to get move them through the roof. I then grab onto the outer hull to brace myself against our momentum. This lessens our spinning out of control somewhat.

      I say to myself "remember, it's just a dream, think of it as a dream", and that stabilizes the descent of our craft even more. I repeat that a few more times since it seems to be doing the trick until we're just falling without the sickening spinning sensation. I see outside and our craft is almost level with the tallest buildings, and yell at Donald "Fly this damn thing!". He holds off a bit longer, then lands the ship on the ground.

      We get out and I see we have landed in my the school yard. I walk through the school, and go onto the stage where I get suckered into being an extra in a school play. I'm playing the role of a slave on a pirate ship. Those in charge are killing us slaves like there's no tomorrow.

      I wander into a room and see the table is covered in ancient books and ingredients for a blood magic spell. I go to the end of the table where I find the finished product, a bowl of blood from on of the pirates. I pick up the bowl and drink down all the blood, which makes me invincible.

      A pirate walks in as soon as I finish, and pulls out his musket and shoots me, but it has no effect. I walk up to him and kill him. It's my ship now!

      Another lucid I didn't do much with. Going to have to get some new lucid goals soon.
    5. Space Pirates

      by , 01-23-2012 at 03:41 PM
      Double post, stupid DJ won't let me delete.
    6. Dull Dreams

      by , 01-19-2012 at 05:21 AM
      Had a lucid last night, but it wasn't that interesting and I didn't bother commiting it to memory.

      I recall a fairly long dream where I had a mexican girlfriend, but it wasn't that interesting either and I don't feel like writing it out.
      non-lucid , lucid
    7. Hotel Lucidfornia

      by , 11-29-2011 at 06:20 PM
      Hotel Lucidfornia
      Recall: 7/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown

      I'm at some sort of festival/party where everyone is lucid, but we are still in the real world. As we walk to check into our hotel, I see subtle pyramid structures build into the buildings, and wonder if they were intentional.

      We check into our room, which I'm sharing with Andre and his son. They go over to the wall, put the tips of their fingers against it and try to push it through. "If this is a dream, we should be able to push our fingers through the wall". I join them in trying to push my fingers through the wall. Not working for me, and before I can consider how to shift my attention to pull this off, Andre yells "I'm doing it". I look over and his hand is halfway through the wall. As I look closer, the wall rearranges it's self so his fingertips are no longer in the wall.

      I say "This is how you put your fingers through the wall!", and begin to punch through the drywall. I lead with a couple of soft jabs to make sure I don't hit a 2x4, the unleash a series of left right punches until I have the whole section of the wall caved in.

      When I turn around, I see our butler sitting there in a lawn chair. He says "Shall I put my dick in the wall sir?". I laugh and say "Whoa Geeves! At least wait until the party is rocking and we're getting our freak on!". "Very well sir" he replies.

      Andre and his son leave the room and a zombie wanders in the open door. I lead it back out the door, then slam the door shut. THe zombie pounds on the door, and I notice there is a foot and a half gap on the bottom where there is no door. I drop down and punch the zombie's shins, breaking them so that it falls to the ground. Then the zombie tries to crawl under the door. I punch it's head until it gets crushed against the floor like a broken egg shell.

      I look at the mess and figure the zombie and the hole in the wall will be gone when I return, since it's a dream. I head downstairs and everyone is gathering in the lobby. The hotel staff tells everyone to group up and give their cards to their partner. One person gets 5 fantasy type cards, and the other get a single boring card. I figure the 5 fantasy cards offer more possibilities for fun in a lucid dream.

      Those of us with the 5 cards head to a vertical maze. The first 2 people attempt to bring their cards to the top, but die and turn into skulls that drop to the ground. I try next, and I too turn into a skull halfway through, but I don't drop. I can still move. I figure that was the trick, our partners had to so something before we coudl finish the maze, and mine had done it just in time

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    8. Giant Slug Monster

      by , 04-11-2011 at 06:16 AM
      Giant Slug Monster
      Recall: 5/10
      Sleep: Poor
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in an underground building with some people, in one room that is flooded with water. I know there is going to be an earthquake that will cause the stone roof to crumble because it's a re-run of a television show I just saw or something. I try to pull myself out of the water, but my arms are trembling and I can't quite lift myself. Stones begin to fall off the roof, and I stand back ready to dodge them. The stones fall in the place I was trying to climb out, and now being safe, I get out.

      Our group leaves, and travels down some train tracks in a car. They are all now my friend from back home. As we come to the road, there is a television screen in the car showing an anime show. There are two characters about to fight, and my view flashes back and forth from the TV screen to outside the screen.

      Next thing I know, there's a 50 story tall giant purple slug/leech monster.
      The monstrosity is enough to let me know I'm dreaming. The giant leech thing appears to have 6 breasts hanging from it's belly. I point, laugh, and comment on the huge monster titties to my friends, and the breasts stretch out to become large penis like apendages. "Fucking anime" I think to myself.

      The giant slug penises rip off and begin to move around on the ground like snakes, each one the size of a bus. The back part that ripped off is hollow and begins to swallow everything up like giant bags. They come at me and I take to the air flying. I fly around like crazy trying to avoid the 6 snakes and giant slug, and I have to fly really fast. I can feel my flight wavering, so I concentrate entirely on flying and lose focus on the monstrosities attacking me, so I no longer see them.

      I wonder briefly how I'm going to fight this giant leech that makes Godzilla look small, when I notice a van full of guys I know.
      I land and ask them what's up, and they convince me to come to a party. I go, and it's a really cool party and and I have a great time. It's hosted by one of the girls from the beginning of the dream who was with me where the rocks were falling.
    9. Failure to Launch

      by , 02-18-2011 at 05:27 AM
      Failure to Launch
      Recall: 9/10
      Sleep: Nap
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      My brother, mother and I are riding bikes to my brother's house. We arrive, and my brother asks wants to ask to do something because his wife doesn't like my mother. I say "How about instead I do whatever the hell I want because this is a dream!". I think for a moment about what tipped me off that I was dreaming, but can't think of anything in particular. Just spontaneous lucidity I guess.

      I try to fly, but it doesn't work. I try levitation to get things started, but that doesn't work. I try jumping really high over and over, but keep falling back to the ground. As I'm picking myself up from the ground, I see a mother and her young daughter getting out of a car. They were walking my way until they saw me jumping around like a fool. They mother say "Let's get out of here!", concerned I'm some kind of lunatic, which I am!

      I go up to the little girl and say to her "How would you like to fly with me?" I take both her hands and try for the both of us to fly, but still no go. I try jumping, and it doesn't work again. I then grab the little girl and try throwing her up into the air a few times, but that doesn't work either.

      The little girl finally says to me "Your bottom half is too dense." SHe then tells me there is a man inside the temple they were going to who can help, who can open my third eye. She has me intrigued, so I follow her inside.

      Inside is a cavernous game dungeon, and I see a few other players running around. I go deeper into the maze of caverns and see players belonging to a griefer guild run out of a tunnel. I check to make sure this isn't a PvP area, and it's not, but then turns into one, and they attack me. Being badly outnumbered, I run for it.

      those asshole greifers are lucky I wasn't still lucid, or I would have fucked them up with wounds that never heal.
    10. Lucid, Zombies and Nukes

      by , 01-25-2011 at 05:03 PM
      Lucid with the Boys
      Recall: 6/10
      Sleep: Poor
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm with the hometown boys when I become lucid. I tell Rosein that he's dreaming, and we all befin to fly. I head off on my own, flying above the trees at night and get separated from the rest of our group. I consider going back to them, but figure they were just dream characters anyways so I continue my solo flight. I'm flying pretty fast and enjoying the rush when Rosein flies up to me.

      We fly off and land in a house where we both pick up scissors. I brandish my scissors and grin at Rosy, indicating I want to fight since it's only a dream. He looks a little nervous and says "I'd rather not, just in case." I figure that's probably a good idea, since with my knowledge of dream control, I would completely own him.

      The last thing I remember is yelling at the boys "You guys better remember this!"

      I'm not really in touch with those guys anymore, so I suppose it would be weird if I contacted them asking about their dreams.

      The Zombie Nuke
      Recall: 7/10
      Sleep: Poor
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in a field at night, and it's crawling with zombies. There are some Russian secret service there, with one guy who looks like Dolph Lundgren. The zombies are chowing down on people all around me, and I fight off a few and make it to a jeep in the middle of the field. I get into the jeep and lock the doors. Zombies try to get in, but I pull a blanket over myself so they can't see me and go to sleep until morning.

      I wake up and the zombies have cleared out, so I run for the road. There is almost no traffic at all except for a few survivors driving like maniacs to try and get away from the zombies. A few zombies begin to lurch towards me, so I run for it, and end up getting captured by the Russians.

      The Russians lead me into a building with a nuclear bomb they are going to detonate. I'm not sure if the bomb is to deal with the zombies, or is just an attack. Either way it's not good. The Russian's superiors end up betraying them and leaving them do die in the nuclear blast. Faced with their own demise, they forget about me and I get away. Away from them, but how can I get away from a nuclear explosion?

      I run around desperately trying to find shelter from the imminent explosion. And then it happens, sort of. Instead of a huge blast, there is instead this weird pulse in the sky. The pulse knocks the blade off a ceiling fan which flies down and embeds it's self deep in my shoulder like a machete. I barely feel anything since I'm preoccupied with finding shelter from the shock wave I'm expecting. But no shock wave come, just more of those weird pulses, and then it's over.

      I stagger out into the street and everything is destroyed. I go into a building with a few survivors where I encounter two girls I know from college. Luckily for me they have medical knowledge and try to help with my massive shoulder injury.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires and UFOs

      by , 12-14-2010 at 05:41 PM
      These DJs need a semi-lucid tag.

      Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires and UFOs
      Recall: 6/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Left Side (Right Brain)
      My uncle shows up at two in the morning insisting that I do find him a belt for his car. I try to tell him nothing will be open at this hour, but he insists he needs it right now. The only place I can think of is a garage that is attached to a family run restaurant. There might be someone from the garage still there we could convince to find us a belt. Luckily for my uncle, some old woman says she'll buy us pizza, so we have a reason to go there.

      My uncle Rick and I run down the highway, and we begin to pass zombies. Severely decayed zombies at first, with no legs. But the farther we go, the more zombies we encounter. There are also people fleeing in the opposite direction we're going. They zombies are trying to get us, but we're avoiding them so far. Up ahead I see a police car, and I think they'll be able to help us, but as we get closer I see they are zombies pretending to be police. Since we seem to be running right into the heart of the zombie infestation, we turn off the main road and head into the woods.

      We come across a little house or cottage, when suddenly we're attacked by werewolves. Werewolves with swords!!! They are leaping all over the place, making it hard to keep track of them all. One of them grabs my uncle, and I run up and punch it in the head, then grab it's sword. The sword is almost axe like, with a thicker heavier part at the end of the blade which really chops well. I sever werewolf limbs and chop off their heads. We defeat the werewolves, and decide to get out of there.

      Next we come upon our original destination, the restaurant that is more of a bar at this time of night. We enter the bar, and I don't recall much of what happened inside, but I discover it's a vampire bar and want out of there. I know they're not going to let me leave, but I make my way towards the exit anyways. As I leave, the vampires are offering me all kinds of cakes and deserts, trying to fatten me up. I eat some, then try to get out the door but they block my way. So I fight my way out, and the hordes of vampires don't stand a chance.

      I'm feeling very powerful as I fight the vampires, I'm probably semi-lucid, and make it outside where I see all the human's coats piled on the ground. I dig through to find my leather jacket while all the vampires come out to surround me. I'm still feeling insanely powerful, and I rise off the ground and fly way from there about 12 feet off the ground.

      I'm impressed my flight is stable this time, and figure I should gain some height and speed so the vampires don't jump up at me. But as I start rising, I see power lines directly above me, giving off the occasional blue spark. It's hard not to fly into them, as they run directly above my flight path.

      I fly through a major underground bus terminal, and the vampires attempt to ambush me there one last time, but I evade them and make it out of there. Now I just have to worry about the UFOs...

      There are UFOs in the sky, and they're after me too. There is no running from these craft, so I fly straight at them like a bullet and smash into them with my body, knocking them out of the sky

      Pure awesome!!!!
    12. Divebombing Zombies

      by , 11-14-2010 at 02:37 PM
      Dive bombing zombies
      Clarity: 5/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Right Side (Left Brain)
      I'm in a bar in my home town, hanging out with various people I know. I leave with Jason and Rosein, and Jason buys various sweets at the bar on the way out. Once outside, we're attacked by zombies and various other undead, vampires included.

      That's enough to tip me off that I'm dreaming. I try to fly, levitate off the ground, begin to pick up a little speed, then lose it and slump back to the ground. I try again, this time with a running start, and I leap into the air like superman. Again I pick up a bit of speed, then begin to slump to the ground. So I arc my body so that I curve upwards, gaining height and speed. My flying finally sticks.

      I don't do much with my lucidity other than dive bombing zombies. I fly at them and punch them in the head, fly off gaining height, and zoom in on the next zombie.

      Fragments: Allin
      I'm hanging out with Allin, even though we've sworn to fight each other. The weather is hot, and I spot a nice little curl in the rapids below us and want to go for a swim. I think it's awesome getting to swim this late in the fall. As we leave to go get changed into shorts, Allin asks me about the fight. I tell him it probably won't happen now that we're getting along. But he really wants to fight, in a friendly way. I think of the damage I could do to him, and think a friendly fight is a bad idea, but eventually agree to it anyways.

      Fragments: Sherman
      I'm riding in a yellow sports car with Sherman at the wheel when we spot a police cruiser up ahead getting ready to pull us over. We pull into a gas station with some horrible nonsensical plan to avoid them.
    13. Shamanic Lucids

      by , 10-26-2010 at 04:55 PM
      I had two shamanic themed lucids last night, but lost the first one to taking dream notes during a false awakening. Lost a lot of detail on the second one to that as well.

      Shamanic Lucid
      Clarity: 5/10
      Importance: 8/10
      Sleep: Good
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in TV's M.A.S.H., when Honeycutt, Radar and I get word from our shaman trainer to report to Japan. Since this is extremely short notice, I only have enough money to pay for my flight there, and nothing left over to live off of once I arrive. But I know I have to trust that these things will work themselves out somehow. Poor Radar doesn't even have enough money for the flight, but Colonel Potter hands him a wad of bill collected from everyone at the MASH unit and tells him they've got his back.

      The three of us begin to paddle across a lake, each in our own separate boats. I think there were some lucid moments here, possibly some underwater scenes, but my recall of this part is poor. We arrive on the other side, and some guy meets us on the beach and gets us in an airplane to Japan.

      We arrive in Japan and disembark in a mall. I enter a store, but inside is the most breath taking landscape I've ever seen. It's pristine nature with no sign of man at all. This place is so beautiful,
      it makes me lucid. This place is so spectacular, I don't even have to worry about losing lucidity, it's sheer beauty is a constant reminder. I forget what I did in this place, but I eventually leave and enter into another store containing a mountain landscape. This one is equally breath taking, with gentle mist hanging in the air and the sky a bright sunrise red. I don't recall what I did in this one either.

      I leave the second landscape, and enter into a third store containing a forest landscape. I remember flying until my powers of flight give out and I land in the edge of the woods at a pool of water. I figure I'll try walking on the water, but looking as I put my foot on the water isn't working. So I look straight ahead and slightly up so I can't see the water, then try it and it works. I'm walking on water! Beneath my feet it feels like I'm walking on thin ice, and my heel keeps breaking through the ice. I look back down and see the thinnest possible layer of ice beneath my feet. I reach down and pick up a chunk which isn't even a millimeter thick.

      I begin to eat the ice, then reach down for another piece. I turn this next piece into red candy and eat that. Then I see a cake in front of me on the hill and I begin to chow down on that too. I worry momentarily that I'm eating too much junk food, then realize that's silly because this is only a dream.

      This was probably my longest lucid ever, but I don't recall most of my lucid time.

      -We return to the MASH unit, and upon seeing Radar, Colonel Potter picks up the phone and says they need to adjust Radar's pay again.
    14. Strange Atmosphere (lucid)

      by , 10-06-2010 at 04:42 AM
      Strange Atmosphere
      Clarity: 8/10
      Importance: 6/10
      Sleep: Nap
      Sleep Position: Unknown
      I'm in a bar with my brother, but sitting alone and not drinking. Sue, who's working the bar, buys me a drink, and I wonder if she's hitting on me. I go outside, walk for a bit, then want to return to the bar. I run down a grassy hill towards it. Along the way I pass another bar and grab the corner of it, dragging the whole bar towards the one at the bottom of the hill. The bar I'm pulling begins to slide and it's corner collides with the corner of the other bar. Everyone on the patio spills their drinks from the impact, and I try haft heartedly to tell them about me dragging the other bar here.

      I hit it off with this one girl, and we're having a good time when this bitch comes up and tries to ruin it. She says something about the girl I'm with being friends with my older sister from their college days (don't have a sister), and she's breaking some rule or trust being with me. We ignore her.

      The girl I'm with comments on the strange atmosphere, and I notice it too. "It's almost like something is about to happen" I say. That something is a small army of sentient lawnmowers that cruise around outside. The lawnmowers encounter a group of zombies, and the lawnmowers and zombies pair off and begin to dance.

      I'm now walking down the city street, and that strange vibe is still in the air. I cut through a path in the bushes and encounter a strange creature, so I back off to the street again. There I a evil looking 40 foot giant with elvish features, and retreat back to the bushes to hide from it. That first creature is gone, and I cut through some yards and back to the street away from the giant. I reason that these strange creatures are from a movie poster I saw, and I'm somehow playing out the story.

      As I continue my walk down the street, I see a large transport truck collide with a tanker carrying gasoline, one of three gas tankers in a row. The impact ruptures the tank, and gas begins to gush everywhere. I see some flames, and fearing the coming explosion, run the hell out of there. I hear the explosion behind me and a sewer lid in front of me explodes upwards with a blast coming out of the sewer.

      I continue walking down the street at night and notice my shoes are like wooden clogs, only made of large hollowed out carrots. Shortly after, that peculiar atmosphere tips me off that
      I'm dreaming!

      Lacking clear lucid goals, I just force myself to levitate and take off on the first attempt. I rise higher and higher, starting to move forward slowly until I lose my power of flight and crash to the ground. My bare feet slap the pavement painfully on impact. I think of summoning some shoes, or finding a place to get some, then think that's a dumb idea. I don't really need shoes, and the pain I felt can be avoided by not thinking about my bare feet.

      To prove that point, I fix my attention on a car driving down the street towards me. I run towards the car, jump into the air, and drop kick the windshield, putting a large hole in it. I felt nothing on my bare feet this time. To further test this out, I kick at the jagged edges of the windshield with my bare feet, making the hole bigger. Maintaining the proper focus, I still feel nothing.

      Another car is driving down the road towards me, and I charge towards it and slam into the front with my shoulder. The car stops dead, the back end lifting up then crashing back down. Having sufficiently flexed my lucid muscle, I take to the skies again and fly around.

      I fly through a window into someone's apartment, expecting them to freak on me, but nobody is home. I walk through the apartment into the hall
      and my lucidity ends. I now think this is the building I live in, and go to my apartment. There is some dream unstability with the layout, rooms changing and not connecting properly.

      I go to my bedroom, and it's really tiny, just room for the bed. On the floor is a machettee with the ends of peperonis stuck to the blade. I think it's gross I left meat on the floor and begin cleaning it up. Then I clean my bed and large amounts of dust come off the blankets.