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    Night of Friday 1/19/24 (Comp Night 14: Final, WBTB DILD)

    by , 01-20-2024 at 06:07 PM (106 Views)
    Party Memories:
    I'm at a wedding party, but I don't know whose it is.
    The party is being held at an outdoor venue, and it looks like a mixture of IM's (from the Tots) and MM's (from highschool) backyards.
    It's night-time, and there is a hot tub on my right. I see BY from highschool in a full suit, and wonder if he got the memo that this was supposed to be casual.
    There is a sliding door on the left, and it goes into the sitting room from my previous home.
    I set up an area there, sort of "my spot" where I can feel less socially awkward, and gather up the people I know at the party.
    I'm in a local bar called Cornish Pasty. I'm sitting at the bar with MW from highschool.
    We're sitting where I sat a few months back with JV in waking life.
    He's there because I am getting married soon.
    MW tells me that there might be something in the mail for me, implying he's bought one of the wedding registry items.
    I'm feeling awkward, looking for a conversation topic, when I remember that I was at his wedding party recently.
    I bring it up, and he remarks how drunk everybody was, and how we are all singing.
    I tell him I remember that, but I don't.

    I'm waking up in my bed, and I remember that I had just returned to sleep from my 6hr/20m WBTB.
    I do a nose reality check and I can breathe.
    I'm dreaming.
    I'm in bed, but I can't move. I try to blink-teleport, imagining that if I can just change the dream scene I'll regain my movement naturally.
    So, I close my eyes and imagine a vast blue ocean.
    I open my eyes.
    Nothing changes, still stuck.
    The dream fades and I wake briefly.

    Loki and Oreo:
    I false awake into my bed again, knowing to reality check.
    I'm lucid again, but still can't move.
    This time I try something else. I imagine my old Doberman Loki (rest is peace, he was the best boy).
    The idea is that he will jostle the bed enough to kick my body into gear.
    I call for him "Loki! Are you here?" and he comes bounding into the bedroom and jumps into the bed.
    He, of course, lays down next to me because he always was a big lazy boy.
    He looks up at me, inquisitive as ever with his dopey eyes and large snoot. He looks so real. I laugh, and wonder if my girlfriend can hear me laughing in waking life (I asked later, she could not).
    My plan worked, when Loki jumped on me, that was enough to give me my movement back.
    I looked back down, and now Loki had changed into a different childhood pet.
    My longhair black and white cat, Oreo (also rest in peace, she was top-gangsta thug).
    I get out of bed and say "C'mon! Let's go!" and Oreo gracefully leaps off the bed to follow me.
    I see her characteristic "gangsta-prowl" as she moves and marvel at how well my brain is recreating my old pets.
    Finally I leave the bedroom and realize that I should stabilize the dream soon, worried that it might fade.
    The dream is a near-perfect recreation of my house, but it has blue hue to it.
    Otherwise, the best way I can describe it is "thin". I think to myself, maybe I am low on REM sleep.
    I start to narrate what I am doing as I do it "I'm walking in my hallway, I'm stabilizing the dream, I'm touching the walls..."
    It occurs to me that I need to spend less time in my own head, or the dream is going to fade.
    I make a concerted effort to engage with the environment, and not internalize too much.
    As is tradition at this point, I lick the wall to help stabilize. It tastes like wall.
    All this seems to help a bit, but I believe that I was simply low on REM, so the dream was going to be unstable no matter what.
    Then I remember that it was the last night of competition, and I had defined some goals.
    I recall my first goal of the three-step is to "summon" and then "ask for advice" so I go to summon Jordan Peterson.
    But wait, I changed my mind earlier on the plan. I struggle to remember, but then I do.
    During my WBTB 20 minutes, I decided instead that I would summon Daniel Love, because he would be able to assist me with a teleport.
    I start to imagine Daniel Love in my house. I call out to him "Daniel! Are you here? Daniel?"
    For a moment, no response.
    But then a head pops out from behind a door down the hallway on the right, where the bathroom is.
    "Yeah yeah I'm here!" he says, a bit flustered.
    But, before I can ask him for advice on teleporting, the dream fades out.
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