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    Night of Friday 11/17/23 (DILD)

    by , 11-25-2023 at 07:00 PM (208 Views)
    The Bulldog:

    I'm sitting on a patio chair looking out to a sunrise. I'm high up, a few stories above the ground.
    The patio is made of large wood pieces, similar in style to Frontier Land from Disneyland. Within the lore of the dream, we had just built it (my Dad, sister, and I).
    I looked at my left hand and noticed that it had three fingers, and I looked at my right. It had four.

    I become lucid. The very next thought is that I want to learn more about my dreamworld, to serve me better later.
    So I decide to keep looking at my hands. They keep changing in finger count wildly, not fast or as if morphing, more like my brain kept trying to convince me that they had 'always been' said count.
    It was more like my perception was in flux than the actual visuals. Tough to describe.
    This activity doubles down on the fact that I truly am dreaming.

    I decide to get up and look around. I see a man down below in a pool, he's singing on a platform in the middle.
    Also, across the way there is another man singing. I listen to them for a while, but I can't recall the tune now.
    I noticed a bulldog down by my heel. I feel a massively comforting presence. I don't recognize this dog but I feel the comfort anyway.
    He is wearing some sort of skin(or should I say fur) tight dog-shirt.
    I remember that I should be stabilizing the dream, so I run my hands across the wood railing a bit.
    I notice that the patio is missing some pieces, and get concerned about the stability of the structure.
    I decide to go the the side of the house, and once I turn the corner, it represents the side of the house I'm living in now.

    The bull-dog is sitting in front of the gate that leads to the front yard. I go up to him and start to pet him.
    "Are you a bulldog?" I ask.
    "Yes, I am!" the bulldog replied with a British accent.
    "Can you tell more more about you so that I can find you in my world?" I ask.
    "Ohhh you shouldn't do that...because I have...my issue." the bulldog replies ominously.
    I notice he is drooling a bit.
    "Well, what is the issue?"
    "I....tend to wet the bed." the bulldog admits with some shame in his voice.
    I start to comfort the bulldog, but then I begin to lose lucidity.
    Instead, I start telling the bulldog a story of a recurring dream. It's about not making finals for marching band back in high-school.
    I try to recall the name of the girl who was our drum major who broke the news, but I can't remember her name (just her face).
    This isn't actually a recurring dream.
    An Asian girl appears behind him as if in response to the story, but she doesn't resemble anybody from it.
    At this point I seem to get my bearings, and I start to narrate what has happened up to now, to the bulldog.

    "So I've spent a lot of time in this dream letting things flow on their own, observing, doing RCs, keeping it low-key. Do you think it is OK if I try some dream control now?" I ask the bulldog.
    "Yes, that seems reasonable." the bulldog replies matter of factly.
    I walk forward and open the gate leading to the front yard.
    It's night-time over here.
    I remember that I want to try the teleport-sprint from another dream, so I position myself on the street with plenty of runway space in front of me.
    But there is a festival happening on the street. Lots of people. This prevents me from having space.
    I get the impression that the dream characters are not fans of what I am about to try, slightly hostile.
    They don't stop me when I went to find a new position, but one guy did bump me as I passed.
    I don't visualize a particular place. I break out into a sprint with the night-road in front of me and close my eyes.
    I feel my body shake, similar to the first time having a WILD transition. Feels like going through a wormhole.
    When I open my eyes, I see blackness. I assume I have woken up.

    I'm back on the patio with the sunrise, but this time I think I am awake.
    "Wow! What a cool lucid dream, I'd better go record it before I forget!" I think to myself.
    I enter the house through a doorwall and go to a computer.
    This home does not resemble one I have lived in.
    The computer has three or four monitors all setup, and looks super cool.
    Dream-me has a program setup that will record my dreams as audio, and then auto-tune them.
    So I narrate the previous dream as it happened in its entirety.
    I mess up the recording so I have to start and stop a few times.
    As I recorded it, the computer generated an animated movie, with the audio, as a musical.
    The graphics resembled Final Fantasy VII: Remake's.
    I'm invested in making the video good.
    I'm back in my actual bed. My girlfriend is by me, and so is a dog. It may have been a german-shepherd.
    Strangely, my sister is at the foot of the bed.
    We're awake because we are concerned that there is an intruder in the house.
    I felt safe, because the dog would be able to alert us if there was a problem.
    My girlfriend tells me I should give my sister the larger pillow, and I tell her that she is already asleep so there is no point.
    I reflect that the dog with us is not giving me an allergic reaction, so maybe I can have a dog after all.
    I'm back at my childhood home, and I'm talking about the intruder with my Dad.
    I look at the thermostat, and it reads '60 degrees'. I think it is low, but my Dad tells me that this is how it has to be.
    I look over to the living room and see my Mom playing a video game. She's losing so she calls me over to help and I do.
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