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    Night of Monday 11/20/23

    by , 11-25-2023 at 07:24 PM (122 Views)
    The DILD Fanclub:

    I'm in a study-room, resembling one from my college years.
    There is a girl with us who has pink hair. She looks like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim.
    Within the story of the dream I fall for this girl hard.
    I'm in a place similar to a Vison-Works glasses store.
    There is some sort of zombie-game that the class is to play as a group.
    The game is a 2D-sidescroller, where the group teams up to fight the zombies.
    Glasses are required to play the game, but since I don't have them, I'm concerned that I'll cause an issue.
    I go to the front desk and try to get a prescription.
    I return to the Vison-Works later to see if my prescription is ready, but it is dark. Probably closed.
    I'm with my friend D at something like a dungeons & dragons night at his childhood home's basement.
    Danny from Game Grumps is sitting nearby, and I ask him if he was born in 1989. He replies with something about 90's kids.
    I notice D has some software open on his PC. It's an old-style big grey monitor from the 2000s or earlier.
    The software is showing a home-page for a fan club. There are dollar values for money to donate to him, listed into themed tiers.
    One of the tiers is 'pancankes' and shows a stack with some butter on it.
    It's labeled the 'DILD' fan club, which my brain does not connect as dream initiated lucid dream.
    Later we are outside and it is so rainy that we can barely see a few feet in front of us.
    Despite not being able to see, I get the impression that we are in a futuristic city area with tall skyscrapers.
    D is supposed to fly me somewhere. He can fly freely, and I need to hold onto him to fly.
    I tell him that the raindrops will feel like bullets if we try to fly fast.

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