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    Night of Thursday 9/7/23 (Comp Night 7)

    by , 09-08-2023 at 06:24 PM (114 Views)
    Sword Fight With Kid Me
    I'm at home, in the gameroom area, by the big round table.
    My past self is there. He looks maybe 8 or 9 years old. About the age when we went to Disneyworld.
    He says "Are you doing that dreaming stuff?"
    I tell him "Yep, trying to!" but I don't become lucid.
    Then we decide to have a sword fight. We're just imagining that we are holding swords.
    I take a few stabs at him, taking care to not accidently hit him with my arm.
    I chase him around the house a bit.
    At one point I sit down to rest and he remarks about how lazy I am.
    I say "Yeah, having a job will do that to you."
    There is a cat in a cat-carrier on the floor near the gaming table.
    I think to myself that I should let the cat out.
    I recall that the cat talked to me and asked me to release it, but I don't know if that actually happened within the dream.
    My sister's boyfriend N is there too.
    I let the cat out and tell N that he'll need to help me catch the cat later. He agrees.
    The cat saunters out lazily and lays down nearby. Totally chill. It seems satisfied that we helped it.
    I sit down by the fireplace near the cat. It splays its paws and I play with its footpads.
    My sister M is there, and they are talking about one of the third grade teachers from elementary school, Mr. A.
    I say "Oh! Is he still teaching?"
    M says that Mr. A used to call the place she sat the "Bitch-Chair".
    I think about how Mr. A was very perceptive, but don't say it.

    Recorded at 6AM, 66% through sleep cycle 5.

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