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    Night of Friday 9/8/23 (Comp Night 8) Lucid!

    by , 09-09-2023 at 04:55 PM (339 Views)

    Frieza from Dragonball Z is at a Home Depot store.
    Recorded at 5AM, at the beginning of sleep cycle 5.


    During my 10 minutes of wake-time, I planned what I would do if I had a false awakening at my home. After taking the 8mg Galantamine and using the bathroom, I walked down the hall doing my series of reality checks. Then I rubbed my hands together. I also decided I should interact with the environment in some way, so I licked the wall. Yep. Gotta commit man. I wander around the house a bit, and decided I should find ways to teleport to the forest (step one of "The Plan"). I decide that I will summon an image of a forest on the living room TV and then step through it. Path forward established and my 10 minutes spent, I was content to lay down in bed. I tossed around for awhile and thought about just about every current life problem I have. Maybe I was too awake. After what felt like forever, I finally drifted off. No WILD though unfortunately.


    Seeking The Elusive Fantasy Forest™
    I'm waking up in my bed, and I immediately think to check for a false awakening.
    I can breathe through my plugged nose.

    I'm dreaming!
    I decided to cycle through some more RCs just in case.
    I look at my hands, and I have far more than five fingers on each hand. Yep. Dream.
    I tried to see my nose on the left and right sides and I can. So according to that check I am awake.
    To be fair I've never done that RC before so I didn't really know what to expect.
    I default back to another nose-plug RC and I can still breathe. Definitely dreaming.
    I recalled my plan from the WBTB prep, so I rubbed my hands and licked the wall. Yep.
    It tasted like the real wall. Like paint.
    I then find myself back in bed. Another false awakening.
    I repeat the RCs, but this time my vision isn't quite coming to me.
    I try to will my eyes to work. Nope.
    I say "Heal my eyes!" It works a little bit. I say "HEAL MY EYES TIMES 1000!" It works a bit more.
    This goes on for some time, and I'm getting annoyed.
    I recall another technique where I "take off glasses I didn't know I was wearing".
    I do this and clarity improves a lot.
    Eventually my vision stabilizes to the point where I can focus on other things. Like my goals.
    I can recall "The Plan" in it's entirety. Step one is to teleport to the fantasy forest.
    I wander over to my living room, which now resembles a mixture of my actual living room and my friend M's.
    My girlfriend S is there on the couch. I decide to play it cool and not tell her this is a dream.
    Instead I say "Oh hello! How are you? I'm going into the TV now!"
    I don't recall actually going through the TV, so I may have wandered away.
    I find myself lucid in the garage later. I'm looking around for the Elusive Fantasy Forest™.
    I look down, and hope that when I look up, the forest will be on the other side of the open garage door.
    Vivid green grass and neighborhood. At least that is consistent. It looks similar to how it did in my previous lucids.
    I checked around the garage some more, looking for a door or something else I can use to teleport.
    I find a storage cabinet and try to teleport Narnia-style, but no luck.
    I lose my focus for a bit, and I end up walking out of the garage door and preparing to fly.
    I kick off the ground hard and take flight. I specifically notice that my right leg doesn't hurt as I jump (In waking life I am recovering from surgery so jumping is normally out of the question).
    I zoom around and enjoy the view. The grass looks even more vivid from up here. It takes on a pastel-like painting aesthetic.
    As I take in the view I come to a realization.
    There is nothing other than vivid green grass and dots of homes that look like legos from this high up, for as far as my eyes can see.
    Maybe the reason I can't find my forest is because this entire goddamn dream-plane is a neighborhood.
    I zoom around some more, and find myself using air-swimming to control finer turns. Haven't tried that before.
    Also unusual, I land without losing lucidity. I remember that I still need to try this stupid teleporting thing.
    I'm back at my garage now and I remember reading a tutorial somewhere on DV about "scrolling the world".
    So I raised my hand as if I was about to swipe the world like an image in my phone pictures gallery, not really expecting this to work.
    Except, against dream-rules, it does work despite my negative expectation. The entire world, my current view of it anyway, swipes to the left, and a new image slides in from the right, teleporting me somewhere new.
    But of course, not the elusive Fantasy Forest™.
    I see a big, vivid, blue ocean in front of me. The waves are almost caramel-like. They move too slowly. In other words, their viscosity is higher than it should be. They crash down lazily.
    My family may have been there too, I can recall my Dad being present for sure.
    I briefly consider exploring the bottom of the ocean because who knows what my brain would put there!
    But I ignore the ocean and my family: I am on a mission dammit!
    I turn to walk away from the ocean and I notice it is raining behind me, and there is a forest in the distance.
    But then a car drives by in front of it. IT ISN'T A FANTASY FOREST! IT'S A REGULAR PRESENT DAY FOREST!
    I start to think about other ways to reach the forest. In particular, I imagined it might be easier to seek out a campfire and go from there.
    But despite my best efforts, before I reach the Elusive Fantasy Forest™ I find myself waking up, thinking I should try to record before I lose memory of this dream.
    I wake.

    Recorded at 7:45AM.
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Nice man! You finally got it (Well, maybe not the EFF™ but a very nice lucid! ) How long was this one time-wise?

      Answered the Dream Control questions in to the main thread
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    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      Thank ya! This one felt like about 20 minutes but hard to say for sure
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    3. Oneirin's Avatar
      That is one awesome lucid! Really long!! Congrats man. When I was a teen I used to have waves in so many of my dreams and lucids - they were so beautiful - good you got to enjoy some of those experiences : ). Haha licking the wall was great too. I remember Xanous talked about making out with the sidewalk years ago to stabilize - I remember trying to kiss the sidewalk one time - didn't work that well haha.
      theshirecat likes this.
    4. theshirecat's Avatar
      Thanks man! Before kissing or licking any inanimate objects in the future I'm gonna make sure I take a full bite so it counts for the points