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    Night of Tuesday 3/19/24

    by , 03-20-2024 at 05:00 PM (84 Views)
    Something about my friend J from the Tots.

    I'm at a baseball diamond. The plate is part of my driveway. I am up to bat.
    There is something going on strategically, such that the pitcher is forced give me an easy pitch.
    I'm nervous because my team is expecting me to nail these.
    I mess up the first one. Strike. Then the second. Strike. And the third. Out.
    I'm mortified and leave the plate. I go to the side of my house, through the gate to sit down.
    I'm sitting over where the trash cans normally are, on the rocks.
    I'm trying to remember what the strategy that forced the pitcher to go easy was called but I can't.
    J from work comes over to me. I open my conversation with him similar to how I do in waking life:
    "So, dumb question but..." I don't recall his answer.
    I'm feeling nervous because I recalled that I still have to perform my band solo tomorrow.

    I'm in a warm-up room at a school with my sax.
    It's Solo and Ensemble, where I will be performing a classical music piece
    similar to this one for a judge.
    My brother is there too. He's already warming-up. It's the same solo piece (with piano) I will be performing.
    I'm concerned about whether we are allowed to warm-up yet.
    I'm in a small bar.
    Lifelight, from Super Smash Bros is playing on the Karaoke machine.
    There is a DJ off to the left. The music is low quality over the speakers.
    The DJ leaves and I go over to his station. I try on the headphones and notice that the music is low quality there too.
    I reason that the original file might be low quality, not necessarily just the speakers.
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