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    Night of Wednesday 12/6/23

    by , 12-07-2023 at 11:50 PM (106 Views)
    Learning to Drive:

    It's night and I'm leaving a game night at JM's (Tots) house.
    I'm with EP from highschool combination rackets. Her dad is coming to pick us up.
    The car is a beat up old Expedition. We sit in the back.
    We get to EP's home and it is a small condo/apartment. It's dirty as well.
    I see a large smartwatch adhered to the wall, meant to act as a regular wall-clock.
    There is a bag of fast food on the ground. It might have been Firehouse Subs.
    Later I'm downtown somewhere that reminds me of Las Vegas. I'm near a parking structure stairwell.
    My girlfriend's Dad is supposed to meet us at a restaurant soon.
    There is some sort of event related to car sustainability going on.
    I'm at my high-school parking lot.
    I've just bought a brand new car, but my Dad is in the driver's seat.
    I'm very annoyed that he is trying to drive it before I do, so I ask him to give up the spot to me.
    He does, but when I get in, I notice that he has only partially moved out of it.
    He is sitting in the passenger seat, but his left leg is still under the wheel.
    I'm struggling to fit in the driver's seat, and my Dad is struggling to fit in the passenger seat.

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