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    Disease would be the them for tonight

    by , 11-03-2010 at 12:11 PM (549 Views)
    non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

    03/11/10 I am playing battlefield with a couple of friends, but we are more than usual and the difference is that we are actually there. I manage to find a good spot and snipe a couple of my friends before I run out of ammo. I throw a grenade or two, jump into the river and swim across, I have been spotted by one, but I throw my last grenade at him and keep running. I get him. I run back behind a building and find them at the same spot, but now I have the high grounds behind the wall above them.
    I get compliments from the guys.


    Something about having to change hotels because my mum, me and Åse (friedn of the family) still had traces of Salmonella so we had been booked into a different hotel.
    The logic baffled me
    we had already come home from holiday
    why do we need to switch hotels
    in fact I am lying in my bed right now
    ah she must mean a different trip
    and I am actually not in my bed
    I can see that now

    (Nominates himself for lucid miss of the year! ^^)
    Something about cooking some food, although we were in a hotel, running around the rooms like mad.
    We were back at an old house my father built and there were loads of signs of him extending the house thoroughly. Marie was there and I was pointing out that now she could see for herself how much he was improving the house.


    I was with a girl in a city setting that reminded me of Amsterdam. There were a lot of canals and we were heading back to my place. In the mean time the girl was contemplating if she really wanted to come as I had chickenpox and she hadn't had them yet. We were chatting a bit and our lips touched, not quite in a kiss as she was still a bit unsure, but she purred with excitement. She really wanted to come and in the end she sort of justified it with a “well they might be airborne within 10 years anyway”. We were on a really weird route back, a route that involved climbing across windows that where adjacent to the canal. At a certain point she tried to push me in, but I managed to grab hold of a rail, but I quickly realised that the rail I was holding on to was too high for her to reach, she quickly decided to just jump into the canal and follow that way. She had a ball that she threw at me while I was hanging up there and I laughed saying “I knew you were gonna do that”. I was looking forward to getting back with her, but I noticed the dream starting to fade (even though I never became lucid, even at this point) and I was a bit disappointed.

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    1. INeverWakeUp's Avatar
      And the winner for Lucid Miss Of The Year is...Vesterguard!