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    End of Dryspell - 5 lucids in a night (albeit limited control)

    by , 10-04-2010 at 09:36 AM (577 Views)
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    03-10-10 I am at a Casino, winning loads. I also take chips left behind, as no one is there. My dad comes and cleans the place up. The chips I have won turn into metal for me to cash out. Something is wrong my dad goes on a run, I follow, he ends up running over a house. We get noticed by the people inside, I spot a parcour route I could take to get on to the roof. A mother and daughter catches me (not litterally) and tell me my dad ruined their floor, I assure them he will fix it. I end up going through the house, but I am hit by a buzzing sensation, I ask what is causing it and the mother explains that it is the incense sticks. I reply I have never felt anything like it before, they make the sticks themselves, from “yogi trees”, the mother invites me to find one, but the daughter explains how they are nearly extinct. This doesn't seem to bother the mother, but the daughter and I don't like it.

    I am in a house that in some way reminds me of our family house in Hornslet. We are playing some sort of game and 2 eastern European women are there, playing the game with us. They are discussing the pros and cons about being a prostitute. One of them a blond girl sort of fancies the idea and as the little party goes on, we scatter and she ends up having sex with an old English friend of mine. They start out on the table. Simultaneously the rest of us are spending time somewhere else. I am talking to the other girl really interested in getting in her pants, but she lets me down and while I am taken somewhere else to deal with something, she starts a conversation with a quiet sensible man, whom I do not previously know. In the end they too start having sex and I feel a bit down seeing as there is only 3 rooms upstairs and 2 of them are being used for sexual exploits and I am not part of anything. I have to go to the toilet, so I spend a bit of time in the hallway connecting all the rooms and I can see the second couple on the bed and I can hear the first, the woman complaining that not even my Friend can satisfy her. She contacts me and asks if what I think about her having sex in my house, I say I love the thought and she asks me if I could fix the table for her as she could feel it breaking when they started. Apparently the table did it for her. I agree and is getting quite excited up until she says “Oh there is just one catch, R (my English friend) will be doing the tuffing”. To which I am quite disappointed.

    I end up summoning a demon in the form of an old English friend of mine to fulfil my sexual desires, her boyfriend is a good friend of mine.. PM me if you need further details...

    I am locked to something between a safe and a steel frame, but for some reason I am able to move. This is a good thing as I am being stolen by some badies and I need to discover their location. I end up getting myself hooked to some strange hook in the car which leaves me in a position where I am halfway hanging out the car running on the street as they drive down the road. I am thinking shit I am outside my flat and I don't have my keys, I check my pockets and they are gone. I react by thinking to myself “Oh yeah I am dreaming, I need to just expect them to be there” I check my pockets again and they are now there.. Can't remember exactly but I think I keep going down the road...

    I am experiencing flashes, which I think might be HHs. They are of Vala Maldaran of SG-1 and as they continue I am thinking “Vala, hmm alright I'll go with it” (I have been such a pig this night ^^). As they continue I become aware that she is lying unconscious in a corridor as am I in the form of Daniel Jackson (I am not able to shift, but I am just casually aware that I might frighten her if I am myself, and I just become him). The HHs eventually grow to a full dream, I try to move around, but this seems to destabilise the dream so I decide to go with the plot and just pay attention. I am captured as a fraud by Daniel Jackson, as this is confusing I choose to refer to him as Michael Shanks (I decided this in the dream) while I remain Daniel Jackson (Nods to myself, yes!). I am taken through a window to a large garage and I pride myself in the amount of details I can produce and in particular I am proud of the lighting effect cause by someone welding in the background. This looks rather spectacular on Richard Dean Anderson and the variety of tools, boxes, gates, nets and other military/technical equipment in the room. I become elated and am about to jump up a table and start dancing as I am awoken by noise in my physical surroundings.

    A continuation of the dream with the two eastern European women, I ask what I have done to offend them and they tell me I have thrown away one of the person's clothes. We are at a pool side and I manage to drag one of them down into the pool after her having taken off her blouse, in a playful manner. I am vaguely aware that I am dreaming and tell them that I can easily recover the clothes. Turns out I am still horrible at summoning stuff and they discard me as an idiot and I just forget about them.

    At the side of the pool my first girlfriend (if you can call her that, didn't last longer than 3 months) looks disappointed at me and ask me if I still have the bag she gave to me in another dream. I consider my answer and decide to go with the truth that I have completely forgotten about it and alas don't have access to it. She tells me that there are huge parts of her identity in there and it was my one chance to get to know her. I tell her I know she likes to dance, she smiles and agrees. I ask her if it is only the traditional dancing or spontaneous individual performances as well (Which I have enjoyed doing since we parted) and she tells me she loves it and grabs my hand in excitement. I wake up to the same aforementioned noise.


    There is a lake, I am lucid and the water of the lake is bright blue, as in so blue you cannot see beneath the surface. I attempt to shrink (last month's task) with some success and I dance through the water at molecular level with loads of electrical activity around me. I am only able to shrink in the water at least to the minuscule size I am at that point. When I exit the lake the blades of grass is about as big as me and I attempt to go back to molecular size but can't. I can easily fit myself in one of those neck supports you buy for sleeping in a sitting position during long flights (recently saw these, as some of my family brought them on a 10 hour flight to Thailand). There are two or three lying at the grass by the side of the lake.

    Notes: Quite a good way to end a dryspell, although my lucids are now frequent they seem to be very short and my control is rather limited. I think I need to refocus on my dream world as I have been on holiday and been ill before it, during which time I have been relaxing too much.

    However I was pretty drunk and much of my sleep was disturbed by a mate of mine moving about on the sofa, I am not sure whether this was a helping factor or not although I suspect it helped with attaining lucidity, but shortened the duration.

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