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    Flat Hunting, Nazi Hunting, short Chichen Itza bursts

    by , 08-10-2011 at 12:03 PM (416 Views)
    10-08-11 (This might be a non-REM dream) I am at El Castillo, I am hundreds of dreamers floating around the pyramid. I hear a woman's voice shouting “My daughter, she is lucid take her vision” I think am sort of waking up myself, but I try and see if I can lock onto this girl and find a vision “inside the dream” to stabilise. In the meantime I can feel that some of the dreamers, that are me, have found a way inside the pyramid. Everything is growing darker and darker and I wake up.

    The HH tests! (the following contains some weird ass HH happenings that deserve attention, especially considering I was lying in bed for almost 6 hours this night without being able to fall asleep)

    I am somehow involved with a vampire in need of aid and I am presented with a choice. I can find someone else to help her or I can do it myself. I know she needs blood to survive, though I think I am a vampire myself and I know I am experiencing either HHs or non-REM dreams.

    Hence I know I am in no danger and tells the narrator that she can have my blood. So I open a hole in my arm of about an inch in diameter and let her loose.
    . - .

    I am smelling sulphur, which to my understanding means presence of a demon. I have never experienced olfactory hallucinations before and decide to take precaution. I envision my body filling up with light and address the demon.

    “You are not welcome here, you have no power here, this isn't your realm, this isn't your home”.

    After having said this in a fairly firm tone the smell is gone and I feel quite relaxed and comfortable.

    I am lying in my bed and all of a sudden I feel myself being pulled towards the light. I feel somewhat feminine, but I know I am dreaming and I know I am headed for the pyramid. I scream something silly like “Weeeeeeeeeee!” in excitement about actually managing to go there on my first attempt.

    Until. I am punched in the stomach
    on my right hand side it is not a physical punch, in fact it reminds me of of the energy I felt, when I was relaxing my body earlier, except stronger and not under my control.

    The energy doesn't stop there it travels in a quick violent wave up my spine and exits just on the left side of my neck, just above the brain stem, cutting my connection to the light and the dream.

    Notes: I felt this “punch” for quite some time throughout the night, though this could easily be explained by being in a permanent state of vulnerability to HHs.

    I am looking at an apartment for my mate, Tim. He can't be there himself so I explain that to the people who lives there. The house looks crooked and unstable a bit like Charlie's from the movie with the chocolate plot.

    I walk around inspecting things while the couple living there tries to sell it to me. I am not particularly impressed and I tell them this. They ask if it is because of the mess and I take a quick look around to see if that could have somehow formed my first impression.

    But it isn't the mess. In fact as I look around it the second time it looks bigger than what I have previously thought.

    I go upstairs to a ledge and ask how one would go outside to the balcony I saw from the garden. The man explains that you can't.

    I explain that I will give my description of the house to Tim, but I find it highly unlikely that he would want to live here.

    The man tells me that it is nice that I am honest, so they don't have to guess at my reaction. Then they explain that they are actually owning the place and that it was meant to get rented so they had a little extra for when the baby arrived.


    I speak with Tim and explain how the house looked and he confirms that he would have no interest in living there.


    We are trying to go somewhere and we have a plane, the rain is pouring down and we can't see a thing. We are driving downhill trying to take off, but we don't have a strip and we don't really know what is in front of us due to the heavy rain.

    I stop the plane as I don't dare keep accelerating as we are driving blindly. We get out and notice that we have stopped just in front of a high way.

    I am in a shoot em up computer simulation and it would seem like my team can't really get further than what they have done so far. I decide to join in.

    The first obstacle is that we have to get to this little bunker on the beach. I have to go into this and do something in order to capture it. I have an old school sniper rifle with me, which I use to shoot a rather large kid looking in the doorway.

    I keep shouting to my team that they have to listen out for something, think it may be glass breaking or something, in any case it has to do with the little bunker I am in.

    I think we fail the first time, in any case I have to go into the bunker again and the second time we are successful, though the kid doesn't appear from the door this time, but a window which means he has gotten around a team mate of mine who is supposed to watch out for that side.

    I miss the first two shots at the kid, but luckily I have an updated semi-automatic sniper rifle now. The kid was ducking down outside the window, dunno if he remembered my previous weapon.

    There is a similar station further up the beach and that will have to be our next check point where a similar action will have to take place.

    I start out by zooming in to see if I can pick out their shooters. The zoom works different to the first gun, where I got the classical circle vision with a corsair in the middle. However the new gun allows me to see up the hills and my entire field of vision just moves closer. The corsair is a white dot.

    I start picking out soldiers who seems dressed like Nazi soldiers. There is a building or a city behind them and this is the final goal we have to reach in order to win. But before that we will have to get to the next station where we have a man under cover or hidden.

    I make my way there and make contact with him, but he is pinned down at this moment. He is a werewolf and the only reason the other werewolf or guard dogs haven't picked up his scent yet is that they have been 100% focused on the assault that has been going on thus far.

    I devise a plan to get rid of the dogs so he has more room to play. We lure them towards us and drag them down into a black maelstrom that leads them to another world. I jump through and they follow me in. There is water on the other side, which only helps my plan as I am going back through as soon as the dogs are with me and closing up the vortex. I trust this will be done though I have no knowledge on how to actually do it.

    Next section is very blurry.

    The plan works and we have now taken the next station. Our werewolf goes nuts on the soldiers, but it would seem that they are fairly immune to his bites. I may actually take on the POV of the werewolf as I am biting and tearing.

    I get something coming out of my back that I can't quite describe, it may be a pair of extra hands or enhancements or it may even be some form of blades. Though I think in the end it settles for something like steel enchants for my arms.

    We are at the leaders base now, there is a metal platform and railing, with stairs leading down to the beach, which is where they were planning to escape to. There are 3 or 4 of them all wearing orange jail suits.

    I use my arm enhancements to kick the crap out of all of them. While I do so the perspective briefly switch to 3rd person as I am hovering out over the beach looking down on myself. Focus switch back and I start throwing people over the railing, it is clear that I have won.

    I do the same with the leader and jump on him leaning my arms over his throat. At this point the dream has taken on a personal feeling rather than a game oriented and I want to make sure that all the people that have been killed are avenged.

    The leader tells me that without my enhancements I can't do him no harm. I keep pushing at his throat knowing that they will be out again soon enough. They come and he gets scared and I push on his throat harder.

    My team mates shout to me he isn't worth it but I keep pushing till I hear his Windpipe snap, though I think I wake up at exactly the moment this is supposed to happen.

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