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    Fragments - very disrupted sleep

    by , 08-09-2011 at 10:31 AM (435 Views)
    09-08-11 Frags:

    In a sofa with Kaiser, lying with our heads in separate ends. The sofa is far too small for us. Naomi comes by and walks through a window door, someone is with her. She tugs us in starting with me. Then Kaiser. He texts me who she is and who Gispo is, it is the guy walking in with Naomi, but otherwise I know nothing of him. The dream is very dark.

    Running into Sine on the central train station. She has become a mother and her demeanour is very relaxed and blissful. She is walking towards an escalator and I ask if the baby carrier can handle that and she say yes. I try to initiate helping her out, but...

    My Niece is talking and Minka is sat right next to her. She says something along the lines of “This is how I not speak” I look towards Minka and see a surprised look on her face. I then look towards Mette and without saying anything check if she herd that. She says that it was just random sounds. Then my niece repeats herself, and Mette proclaims in astonishing surprise that it is quite a feat to be talking at 6 months of age. The dream takes place by one of the larger doors in the arts class of my high school.

    I am at a station switching trains. However I realise that all the trains from this side of the station is going towards Sweden and Germany (WTF!). So I tell my sister that all of us, we are quite a large group traveling will have to go back to Copenhagen Central station and change to go to where we are going. There is a few complaints as it is quite a large diversion from our planned route, but there is nothing to do.

    I realise I have forgotten a thing or two and I quickly scan the station to see if I can find it. I find some of it which apparently is a rather long rectangular black and red casing to hold a guitar. But all my notes and white bags are missing.

    I bring up my phone and call my sister and tell her that she should just continue on the train and that I will have to catch up to her later. I am going back towards the central station, but the time it has taken me to scan the station means that the train has been and left again so I will have to wait another 20 minutes.

    She doesn't sound sad or surprised, but just reprimands me to pick up the missing stuff and get back home. I am a bit disappointed that she doesn't sound sad or offers to help, but hey.

    I am at my old high school and I am running into one of the old red brick buildings on the left of the entrance. I am looking out for the changes they have made.

    The changes primarily consists of adding reclining walls to the stairs section meaning that as you get closer towards the end of the flight you have almost no room to spend on the stairs. I take the first couple, but after a while of trying the last one I give up as I am too frightened.

    I turn around and see Anders H sitting outside by a window with a book. I explain that it is a pretty stupid solution they have made for these stairs. He agrees. There is much more conversation but I don't remember it.

    I go out into the yard and head over towards my class room, which is the old art class. I run into a girl I know and tells her the new changes are quite rubbish. She agrees and smiles at me. I then go on to boldly admitting my fear of stairs with narrow steps. She laughs a bit, but not in a mean way.

    I continue towards the Art room and when I get down in the cellar where it is supposed to be I realise they have painted the hallways dark pastel green. Furthermore they have implemented quite a lot of walls to increase the number of rooms down from the one large that used to be the place.

    I find Cyrille walking around apparently also looking for something. I tell him I am happy that I am coming here a day in advance, at this point the idea sort of crystallize for me that it is Thursday and that our classes have been planned so we have the entire day off. The reason I am here is to pick up some papers that I have left. (Have a strong feeling it is the same papers from the previous dream) but I know they aren't here, they are somewhere else I can't remember.

    As I am walking into the room that is my new class room Cyrille mentions that there is playing going on. Which I notice and let him look through the doors first. There is a boy there playing the violin or guitar, but class isn't in session.

    I don't seem to be the only one confused about the new layout as lots of people, including the teacher, are missing. I somehow know that the confusion is to blame.

    I briefly speak with a girl before the dream ends.

    I am looking at a monitor and in one of the corners of the otherwise white website there is a video. There is also a narrator proclaiming that this is the famous Stephen LaBerge documenting a lucidity experience.

    The video is essentially just recordings of someone's feet. I realise that they are my feet and that I am dreaming. However I am not in my dream body completely yet and the video is almost halfway through.

    I manage to turn it into full screen and enter my dream body and sit up. Prepare to get off the table I am sat on and play. But I know the video must be nearly over by know and the scenario ends. I try desperately to bring it back and manage to cling onto a very small part of it.

    Namely my body posture. I can feel myself sitting up and trying to will the dream back.

    This section might actually be a continuation of the above, but if so I will have lost my lucidity.

    There is a smallish woman standing in front of me by a river. Her hair is black and she is rather good looking. She tells me she is Stephen LaBerge, but in the country she is from her name is something else something beginning with a “P”, pretty sure the letters “I” and “T” are also included.

    She is taking me up a river on a slow moving boat. The sun is shining and at one point she bends her head towards the water and allow for one lock of her hair to form a half circle against the reflection of the sun in the water.

    The sight reminds me of how I would imagine a portal to look like.

    All of the time I have a feeling that I am waiting for the perfect time to realise I am dreaming, but that I am not quite ready yet.

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