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    Fragments - coughing phase of a cold

    by , 07-04-2011 at 12:12 PM (350 Views)
    04-07-11 Fragments. I remember being involved with Kiersti from my study, started out with just saying Hi to her as she was sat on a sofa. Then progrssed to a kiss and after that we had a walk where we agreed that we needed to talk. We ended up doing some major petting in her hallway, but nothing more than that. I remember the various ways I tried to kiss her all felt a little different and I was trying to get the right balance of tounge.

    Duki wanted to know how it went with her the day after that (note: he has played an awful big part in a lot of my dreams recently).

    Something about watching a football match at a mates house. We are watching on the small telly at first, but decide to switch it over to the big one. However the owner of the TVs is being a cock and make the image roll up behind the screen as we are watching. For some reason I actually find this football match interesting although normally I wouldn't.

    Something about kaiser on the phone talking to me that we should meet up at our destination and I should try to bring beers, or maybe he was going to try bringing beers.

    I am in a house with a lot of funny angles and shapes and for some reason I have keys to all the rooms so I walk around opening pretty much any door I come across. At one point I bump into Daniel's little brother fully dressed in the shower. He asks me what I think of the house and I tell him that it is a bit weird with all the funny angles, he said that he likes that and was struggling for words and I finished the sentence “it is what gives it it's charm” for him.

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