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    The great train wrecking scheme

    by , 08-25-2010 at 10:01 AM (484 Views)
    25-08-10 There were three particular characters who each had to derail a train. One was an Angel in the shape of Ryan Kwantee, another some freaky psychic, who could remove trains with her mind or turn them into trucks. I might have been the third, or hoping that the third player would enter the stage quickly as I wouldn't know how to do it and the time was approaching. Ryans plan was to jam a pack of insulation in the track changing system, it somehow wasn't his own plan He might have had it handed to him. Won't pretend to even understand if there was a plan behind the way the psychic was chased into the fields by a runaway possessed train until she decides to mentally teleport it back to the tracks. I check the wheels and they are tires, but it is driving the tracks now behaving like a good little train. As for the 3rd Train I remember slamming my body into it as it was in motion a couple of times without much success.

    In a somewhat related setting I am driving a car and I swing past the school area sort of expecting someone there that needs a ride. There is a girl who has to go somewhere quite out of my may, but I decide to give her a ride. She keeps saying something I can't quite understand so in the end I ask her to just direct me as we go along. This becomes a pain later on when Thure and Pil decides to join in the party and keeps shouting where to go. This becomes worse when I decide to make some turns that I have planned, but that they don't understand. In the end I pull in a petrol station, turn around Look at Pil directly and at the same time in the rear-view mirror (yep, missed that one ^^) I shout “You get to say it only 2 times more” implying that on the second he will get kicked out. He doesn't believe me and pulls two straight away. I stop the car (again ) open the door go out and pull him out of the car.

    There are some kids in a train, they are all dressed like fictional characters, many of them have poorly painted moustaches. They talk about how people pretend to be them, as in a reversal of the actual situation, where the superheroes are pretending. They seem powerful, but not in them having the powers of the heroes... different. Scares me a little, quite freaky!

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