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    Three dreams, a failed WILD that lead to amazing recall (non-lucid)

    by , 08-26-2010 at 12:50 PM (387 Views)
    26-08-10 Pre DVA: Something about milk cartons hanging from trees, they were cold and delicious.

    post DVA. M playing up to have sex, really having it with K/Random guy. I get invited to a party through someone else. We are hunting 4 specific monsters that makes their victims go insane by presenting themselves as hallucinations. When M completely rejects my approach, first by saying my left hand is disgusting and cold she gets really mean and says she will only spend her last time with someone remotely good looking like K and the guy from the party. The searches for the monsters is really thorough, Sam and Dean Winchester are also there. We are hunting the day after the party, when I see the first apparition appear I am amazed at how she just appears, there is a slight electrical buzzy sound to the scenario as well. After we are done hunting the guy that have invited to the party needs a towel I go get one, and he tells me he owes me an apology for being a dick, especially since some random guy he met a couple of years back is quicker to help out than his friends. “No sweat” I say “No really” he goes on “Never a chore” I finish the argument. On my way home I am in a bus and I notice that the weather is really bad, in fact it is so bad that a tornado is on the horizon, there are huge electrical storms (Wait, hang on a minute wasn't there something I was supposed to do if I saw an electrical storm?) I knock the thought in order to capture the tornado on a picture. It is too late we are practically under it now. The bus starts shaking and some glass break, I am remarkably calm for this and go to the middle of the floor on the second floor and lye down between the seats protecting my head. We spin around the booming thunder is ear sundering. We get past and I look around outside the windows that the tornado has cause quite the damage. There are some small dogs involved in the dream and before I go on the bus the guy that threw the party befriends me on facebook, He does some odd moves and changes status all the time, in the end he is abandoning the ship by sending 2 green dragons/wyrms out over a waterfall and a 3rd creature is close by to create the black whole that will destroy the entire landscape (this seems like a computer game).

    26-10-08 I was in a very tall building, I came in and went to the lifts, all of a sudden there is a really strong smell of cannabis. I wonder why this is and I look at the floor and next to the lift is a backpack and right on the floor there is a small plastic bag with some weed in it. I pick it up and head for the lifts, I have to wait a bit and I keep pushing the button. As I enter the lift, there are two lifts right next to each other I see another backpack which makes me think that there are more than one person and that they will be coming back for their weed: I go up, I am amazed to find that I don't quite remember what floor I live on but something tells me it must be the 44th, I remember it as being 4th but the numbers don't go that low (!). I go to the very top and as I travel I keep dropping lower and lower numbers, sort of remembering where I am going. I realise that the lift will be stopping at multiple floors, which scares me because I want to keep the weed and if I run into the guys I will have to give it back to them due to my moral code. Almost at the top the lift comes to a hold and the two lifts merge into one, which at the time doesn't seem strange at all. I go out and decided to take the stairs down to where I am supposed to live. When I get to the floor all of a sudden I realise I don't live there any more “thats right I moved in with Drew” I laugh to myself. I then go to a bathroom that for some reason has holes in the floors all the way down to the main floor. I start easy enough by jumping from one sink to another, but it gets progressively more challenging at one point I have to sit down in order to hang from the sink as the drop from standing position is too big. I feel intense fear as there is almost no room to sit down compared to the other drops. I decide to step into the sink (as opposed to on the table next to it) to get a better foothold to get to the hanging by the arms position, I am successful. I drop down and am now naked (dream sign missed) but I quickly find a towel to wrap around my waist. I go towards the lobby I believe I am in the showers associated with the gym of the building. As I go out I realise the lights are out and the gym must be closing as I go through a set of glass doors I see the keys are still in the door and I quickly think that with those keys I have access to the entire building. I leave them in the door, it isn't my style, and a short while later a manager of the building comes out, look at me and says “Ah another one of those” not sure I entirely understand what she means I just say “yeah” and smile. No reason to make her suspicious about my doing in the bathroom and how I got there. I carry on and in the lobby there is a man, played by the same character that play Zacharia in Supernatural, who starts yabbing on about the quality of the gym. I decided to tell him the truth about my adventure in there after commenting “Very high to the ceiling”. He explains that he admires that and let me go.

    As I walk I see a woman talking to an older woman, she tells her “no matter what you are going to die in that accident, not even he can help you” she looks at me and I am now a character played by Hoit (spelling) from true blood. I get a really strong sensation of deja vu, I have seen this before. A car is going to loose control and crash through the window killing the woman. I pay little attention to it and carry on. As I walk the scene starts playing out and I see the woman has tried to get out of the building quickly. She sees the car and tries to run back, but her and a crowd of people are held back by two police officers. As the car approaches it kills the crowd, but I am thinking to myself constantly “lie down” as it will make the car fly over her (sort of spiderman style) and she does so averting death. I rush to her shouting commands to people to call an ambulance. The woman is still conscious and I tell her not to move as she might be injured she moves around a little and hugs me, I fully embrace it although I try not squeezing her too much in case something will get broken.

    There is a shift I am now back to my old self and I walk into a place where my parents, Kaiser and two older friends of mine (don't know them IRL) are. My friends are talking about getting some hash, and I say I have some from earlier although it is weed and I don't have a lot, I have no intentions of smoking it due to the paranoia I tend to feel when smoking cannabis in a crowd of people so they can have it. As I pull it out of my pocket and backpack simultaneously (!) it goes everywhere and I realise it wasn't a plastic bag, but rather a transparent smoking maker. I apologise and start scouring through my backpack and to my amazement there is loads of weed on long sticks in there not even in a bag. My friends get excited and Kaiser asks if I bought it when Ronja and I went to Amsterdam, I explain that only Ronja brought some back and in no way near that quantity, the truth is I have no idea about how it got there, not even a false memory. My parents somehow note that we might have to have a chat about my interests, but I ignore it and finally realise that I shouldn't let my choices be influenced by them. I pass out the dope and starts bagging it. We start a conversation about the woman situation and how Kaisers dad had an important role to play as the writer (prophet more like) of the setting, and there is some debate whether he was actually a consultant or the writer. I decide that he was the writer, although he sometimes does consultancy (as he does IRL).

    I am walking across the street of the building, where previously a scene with the woman from the accident with a guy that worships her has played out. There is supposed to be something between the two, but nothing yet. As I walk across the street I have a strong feeling she will be there and I am dying to see her again. I walk in and she is in therapy with a shrink and the guy from before. The main part of the conversation seems to be between the guy and the therapist and the woman is by the side on a chair in morning robes. I walk over to her and she smiles fantastically to me when she sees me. She has to be reminded that it was I who helped her after the accident (for some reason I am now me, not someone else). We talk and joke a lot, we hug, and through the entire exchange I keep stroking her on the outside of her upper legs. At a point the therapist and the other guy looks over and the therapist tells me that her patients are supposed to rest and be protected. The woman looks at her “he is cool” and returns her attention to me. Are you happy I ask, she looks at me does a joke about how she just needs to sort something painful out in her upper back, hugs me and then says “there, perfectly happy”.

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